harvey treatment our prisons are a jungle harvey didn't do very well in the jungle

harvey light bulbs - said he was smarter so they decided to see how many light bulbs they could put inside him

he resorted to telling the other inmates how smart he was and how rich he was and how he was better than them the inmates decided to see how smart harvey was they ran a social experiment where they put lihtbulbs up harvey's asshole and vaginas until they were all full they asked harvey how many lightbulbs he thought it would take to fill him up? harvey got angry and started threatening to murder everyone in the prison sot he prisoners tied him down first they gang raped him in his vaginas and asshole in order to open up harvey's orifices to allow teh light bulbs to go in easier. and then they started putting lightbulbs in his asshole and vaginas they used little tiny lightbulbs (whihc they have long imported into the prison specifially for their torture properties and the fact they are a lot easier to smuggle into a prison than regular size lightbulbs) they fit 69 bulbs into his vaginas and asshole before they couldn't jam anything up there anymore. harvey was bleeding like a fire hydrant the whole time he was screaming for his mommy and his brother (who he calls Mommy too) afterwards the prison had him taken to the prison hospital

the whole thing had been allowed by the illuminati to teach harvey a lesson. harvey is the kind of animal that only understands his lessons when they are physically taught to him. he has to be raped in order to be submissive. So the illuminati wanted to teach him the limits of his power by letting him get gang raped and sodomized with light bulbs

that's why harvey was limping so bad when he's come out of prison for trial.

the illuminati are all scared by what happened to harvey. harvey was like the unrepentant asshole satanist who never listened to the people above him in the illuminati. now he can't walk right anymore. that's a direct lesson to all the illuminati about ultimate consequences and ultimate reality. most of these illuminati are so mentally retarded, narciisstic, delude and mentally insane that they don't understand what's really going on. harvey walking out of prison with a limp because his asshole has been cut millions of times by little shards of glass helps concentrate their attention.