The guys in this picture are part of Donald Trump's real estate racketeering group. Cohen - as Trump's lawyer - runs the real estate racketeering for him with the guys in this picture. All the guys in this picture have property in Donald Trump buildings. One of them is Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank works for the Russian Mafia to launder their money for them. Russia borders Germany so it's a convenient place to launder money.

Organized Crime and the illuminati often use real estate to launder money. You buy a property in cash (cash you got from the mob), then sell it a couple of years later and now the cash is legit, not tied to organized crime.

Trump's job is to launder money for the Russians by taking their investements in his real estate projects. New York is a prime destination for Russian and Chinese Mob money as the New York Times wrote about in 2016. Manafort did the same thing for the Russian mob - that's why he and Trump worked together. Paul Manafort bought property for the mob and laundered their money for them. is the man who manages Donald's mob properties for him.

Cohen is using an Illuminati hand sign. The Illuminati is real and they often use this hand sign. That hand sign is really to protect their vaginas. It's a downward pointing triangle that covers their vaginas. Ironic Cohen and all have cigars since none of them have penises or balls. I guess that's just a metaphor for all the dick they like to suck.

The Anti-Christ Donald Trump uses the same Illuminati hand sign.

Here's another variation of Trump doing the Illumiinati gesture, like his God Hitler used to.

Many Illuminati World Leaders flash this illuminati hand sign during press conferences. It is commonly known that Theresa May and Angela Merkel are both part of the Illuminati.

Oprah - Dark illuminati Jew - also does the same illuminati hand sign alot.

Warren Buffett, Jay-Z and Kanye West all do the illuminati hand sign though they do the upwards triangle version.

Here's the Illuminati Hitler doing the upwards version of the hand sign.

The Illuminati has a lot of hand signs. They also use the Devil Horns a lot. The Bushes and the last Pope liked to use the Devil Horns to announce their allegiance to SATAN.

It's no coincidence that Harry dressed as a Nazi for Halloween. The whole Royal family are Nazis. They wanted Hitler to win the war.

The Clinton's also use the Satanic Hand to announce they are Satanic Illuminati.

On January 2, 2018 Chelsea Clinton exchanged New Year's wishes with the Church of Satan. Chelsea denied worshipping Satan, but it's pretty strange to say Happy New Year to the Church of Satan. Chelsea is a child murderer and satanist like her mother. Hillary taught her how to conduct satanic rituals. Chelsea is a pedophile and schizophrenic. Her mother and father have severly damaged her mentally retarded mind.