The Japanese are attacking Johnny Depp and try and make him ill. They want to make him so ill they can claim he died and kidknap him. They then want to relocate him to their House of Horrors where they already have Robin Williams, River Phoenix, Audrey Hepburn, Aretha Franklin, Richard Pryor, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Dave Chapelle, John Belushi, James Brown and many others.

The illuminati under the leadership of the Japanese have recently begun to steal a lot more people from America. They faked the deaths of Anthony Bourdain, Jonathan Gold and Kate Spade. They are taking people who have a particular relationship with me. I have own Kate Spade bags since she opened her company. All of these people are still alive, they have just been abducted by the Japanese and forced into concentration camps and prisons. They are not being killed but imprisoned.

Johny Depp is another person who's getting attacked because of me. Johnny is an Irish traveller - who are the same people who my mother is part of. He is related to me through my mother. Johnny is a great guy and he's been framed numerous ways in the last couple of years because he has been trying to help me get my freedom.

They made Johnny wear this outfit in the photo. It's all a message to me. FUGLY LA is a reference to me being ugly. Stay HUMBLE or be HUMBLED is a message to me to submit or be murdered. The Japanese are irrational. They can't control me so they take all their anger out on innocent people who have done nothing wrong. The Japanese can't stop me but they want to rob the world of all the people I admire.

The Japanese attack on Johhny is just the latest case. River Phoenix was taken at Johnny's bar because both River and Johnny were advocating for my freedom. Winona Ryder is also a great person who has advocated for my freedom. They are attacking her now too.

I spent a week with Johnny Depp and his family a long time ago just after I became a dad. I had just had a kid and Johnny used that to mobilize a little coup in the illuminati. The Irish suppressed the other sides of the illuminati and Johnny showed up at my door randomly one night. We had a drink at my house and he invited me to join him the next day on a trip to France.

Johnny and I went bike riding through Southern France. Johnny and I bonded and I got to see his true self and can vouch for him personally. Johnny's a great guy and a great dad. A super smart and intuitive person who cares deeply about people. He has always tried to protect people from the illuminati like he tried to protect River Phoenix before the illuminati took him.

After my week trip with Johnny and his family, I came back LA and the illuminati wiped my entire memory of what happened. They actually burned part of my brain out so that I can never recall the memory. I had a dream about it though even though they burned it out. God replayed part of the weekend for me in my dream.

Johnny Depp has paranormal powers. He has magical abilities. Besides being a great actor and great person, he has magical ability from his Irish background. The illuminati are using other Telepaths to attack him similiar to how they give people crohn's. Recently, Johnny's health has gotten much worse because the illuminati is not only attacking him telepathically but poisoning him with radiation.

Radiation is one of the few things that hurts me. It's like a weaker version of kriptonite for me. The illuminati have been giving me radioactive water for 3 years now. It doesn't kill me but it can make me feel sick.

They are attacking Johnny the same way. They are trying to kill him with radiation poisoning. That's why he looks sick in the photo above. They are also using an imposter performer in his band to cover up how sick he's getting.

Johnny asks that you all pray for him and keep him in your thoughts. Johnny is really a shy person who loves to entertain people. He has had strong mana until recently when the illuminati went on a smear campaign against Johnny.

Alice Cooper has already been replaced by an imposter. The guy pretending to be Alice Cooper is telling everyone that Johnny Depp's imposter is healthy. Neigther of them are who they say they are. Alice Cooper has already been abducted and they're trying to abduct Johnny next.

Johnny has had a wave of bad PR lately. The illuminati is trying to destroy his reputation and career. They set him up with Amber Heard who's a backstabbing pathological liar. Amber Heard murders children. She is an evil satanic witch succubus. The illuminati assign her to people to seduce them so the illuminati can control her targets. Immediately after her marriage with Johnny she moved on to Elon Musk.

Amber Heard is a user and a liar. She is a gold digger who was going after Johnny's money to try and drain him financially for the illuminati. She did a good job screwing over Johnny so she was rewarded with Elon - a dumb baby with a lot of money she could easily manipulate.