The illuminati has agreed to leave America after our Midterm Elections, but they always break their agreements, so we must be vigilant in pushing them out. They will not leave willingly. They will not give up attacking America.

One way the illuminati plans to attack America is through our open borders. America has always been an open country that was created through immigration. The illuminati thinks this is a weakenss because they can send their people into America to disrupt our society, economy and democracy.

In the 1990s, the Illuminati Japanese, the Rothschilds and the Catholic Pope decided to destabalize America by increasing immigration from their Catholic controlled Mexico and the rest of Catholic Central and South America. Bill Clinton - illuminati Jewish President and half Rockefeller - helped oversea this lax immigration policy that lead to downward pressure on living conditions and wages for poor Americans - both black and white, as illegal latinos came into America wlling to work for nothing.

Meanwhiel these latinos were chosen to immigrate because they were hard core Satanists and pedophiles deeply involved in the Catholic Church pedophilia and drug running system. Along with the people who just wanted to work came the MS-13 and the Mexican Mafia who took over the underworld from people who weren't illuminati like African American gangs.

This is not the first time the illuminati has tried to undermine American democracy and society by creating an influx of illuminati immigrants. The same thing happened in the early 1900s with italians, the irish, greeks. Prior to the 1900s most of American immigration was from Nothern and Central Europe with England having defined most of our cultural norms.

Back in the 1910s-1920s there was also a massive influx of illuminati Catholic immigrants. Back then as well the rest of America was afraid about it's "national identity." Calls were made to restrict immigration and persecute Catholics who were arriving. Despite this crisis, all of those people are now considered assimilated into American society. Nobody is afraid of the Irish and the Italians the way they are scared of latino immigrants now and yet back 100 years ago they were just as scared of them if not more so. Today's latinos are treated as a cheap form of illegal labor and are welcomed by rich white America as such. Back then rich white America has no desire to have a both of Irish and Italians come into America.

Our open borders are an issue. They do allow the illuminati to flood us with their Satanic cult members who attempt to weasel their way into our businesses, our politics, as well as the crime world of America. Despite this, our open borders are also our greatest strength. America is the greatest country on earth because we have so many people from so many parts of the world. We are God's melting pot.

We do need to protect our borders, but a wall is not the right way to do it. America should be a country without walls. The old world built walls to separate people and ghettoize people. America is a country of freedom and choice. Almost all of us in America come from people who have immigrated to this country. Building a wall along our border, North or South, would be a horrible symbol of our own loss of freedom.

The reality is that the wall is just a Donald Trump snake oil product. It's an unworkable solution. Donald Trump sold everyone on it initially by claiming that Mexico would pay for it. Now we all can see that was just bullshit Trump was saying to make a ludicrous idea seem more reasonable. Walls can have drugs thrown over them easily. Walls can have tunnels dug under them allowing for people to be smuggled in. These tactics are already used along areas of the Mexico border that do have a wall. Walls are useless.

The reality is that no one crosses our border without the Illuminati's permission. Even the single mom with two young children looking to find work as a maid in the US is part of the Illuminati's records. The illuminati knows exactly who is coming in, how many children they have, whether they are pedophiles or drug runners or rapists. Overall, the illuminati is not sending us normal people from South America and Mexico, they are sending us their worst people. They are sending us people who have done enough evil things that the illuminati knows they can control them with blackmail.

Walls are an old world solution to our immigration problem. Today we have drones and satellites that could watch every inch of the border both above ground and below ground through infrared technology. All we have to do is watch for people crossing and then stop them. Once they are apprehended we need a strong immigration system to handle the case loads quickly. One of the big problems we have right now is that the court system for immigration - controlled by the illuminati - is drastically underfunded. That's why it often takes 3 years to resolve simple cases.

Once the illuminati in Mexico, South and Central America realize they can't just send anybody they want anymore, they'll stop trying. In 2025 they will be gone forever from the Earth when Niburu comes to destroy Japan, the Vatican Germany and France. There is no reason to build a long term wall for a problem that we only have to deal with for 7 more years.