8 people died in a Florida Nursing home during hurricane Irma and yet no one has been prosecuted for manslaughter. The illuminati allowed those people to die, they killed them intentionally and then used the storm as cover. That's why there has been no prosecution related to the deaths at the nursing home.

The guy who managed the nursing home in Florida still owns stakes in 11 other nursing homes in Florida. The illuminati totally let him get off without any consequence for his negligence. That wasn't just an error, the illuminati wanted him to kill those people. The Illuminati paid him to kill those people.

Lawmakers hammered the owner of a shuttered Florida nursing home, saying that in the wake of resident deaths in Hurricane Irma they could not understand how he was still able to hold an ownership stake in at least 11 other facilities.

During a Thursday House committee hearing to explore abuse, neglect and subpar care at nursing homes, experts from several government agencies were asked to testify. One hot topic: Concerns about a lack of oversight after a dozen-plus residents died last year at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, FL, following Hurricane Irma.

Rep. Gregg Harper (R-MS) expressed dismay that Jack J. Michel, M.D., the owner of the nursing home, still holds an ownership stake in “at least” 11 other healthcare facilities.

Hollywood Hills was terminated from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services programs, but nothing stopped Michel from previously taking part in a healthcare fraud scheme at a Florida Hospital, and then turning around and buying a nursing home, Harper said.

“It can't be emphasized enough that it should not take a tragedy like what we've seen at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills to make CMS mindful or take action in response of conditions at nursing homes that threaten residents' well-being,” Harper said.

Harper asked whether more can be done to keep Michel from participating in government payment programs. Kate Goodrich, M.D., chief medical officer for CMS, said nothing prevents him from having ownership in Medicare facilities. It can only bar someone who has been convicted of a felony or is on the OIG exclusion list, she said.