Burt Reynolds isn't dead, he was taken by the Japanese.They gave him to the Queen of England who has him in a prison in Scotland.She thinks he looks like Sean Connery and she get imprison Sean so she wants to keep Burt Reynolds instead.

The Japanese don't like Burt Reynolds for a number of reasons.His movies advocate freedom and his manliness is threatening to them.Burt is the idea of what every Japanese man wishes they looked like and none of them look even close to as rugged as he does.

Burt also personally advocated for my liberation and Anastasia's liberation after he found out the Japanese had her kidknapped and thrown onto a glass roof.

Burt Reynolds is a mix of Native American and Gypsy. He specifically protested the Roma allowing Anastasia - who is a Roma Princess - to be taken and tortured like that. Because Burt stood up for her, they took him prisoner and are forcing him to play out scenes from Smokey and the Bandit.

Staz and I are ready to get married. When will the world let us?

Sally Field by the way was taken a long time ago and replaced with a clone. The woman acting as Sally Fields is not Sally Fields. The real sally Fields was taken before Forrest Gump. They took a lot of people around the time of Forest Gump including Tom Hanks, Gary Sinese, and Robin Wright. Forest Gump was taken out of my head as a story. All the actors taken were advocating that I be allowed to make a movie. That's why Forrest Gump has never made any money according to Hollywood Accounting - the illuminati doesn't want to recognize my success.

It's time for the illuminati to wake up. They can't just take all of our people because they're upset with God. God determined that I am the messiah and part of my job is to be a story teller. I am also meant to be with Anastasia Thomas who is my soulmate and like me immortal and the product of space age technology. The illuminati is over, free ANASTRASIA..... FREE STAZ!!!!!!!