The illuminati Jews took Adam Yauch (MCA from the Beastie Boys) in 2012 - he didn't die from cancer he was just taken by the Japanese. MCA was trying to free me from the illuminati cage. He was organizing other people in the Jewish community to help me. They also took Ad Rock and Mike D but they replaced them with imposters.

The Japanese make MCA peform for them in their House of Horrors. The Japanese hate hit hop. They don't understand it at all and they can't rap. Many hip hop performers have been taken and put in concentration camps. The Beastie Boys were able to avoid this for a long time because they're Rich Jewish kids and they have a massive following.

But in 2012, MCA was taken. In 2016, 4 years later, the Japanse took founding Beastie Boys guitarist John Berry. They had been attacking him physically for years and then abducted him and said he died of frontotemporal dementia. Berry had been critical to breaking the Beastie Boys - he played guitar on License to Ill.

We will get no more Beastie Boy music because the illuminati decided to end the band for everyone when they took Adam Yauch. Part of why Adam was taken and the Beasties shutdown is because of their Album - to the 5 boroughs. The beastie boys truly love NYC and they knew that the illuminati had caused 911 and attacked their city.

After they took Adam and the rest of the group, Beastie Boy music has now started to be used in commerials and movie trailers. I know from cutting movie trailers that before 2012 you couldn't use a Beastie Boy song in an advertizement no matter how cool the movie was. They did not want their music being reused to support selling things.

Adam Yauch became a very devoted buddhist. He did not believe in making money on this earth. He believed in living creatively and expressing yourself. Fight for your right to party may sound juvenile. but it became an anthem for young people's rights in many ways.

The Beastie Boys created the entire Hipster look by shopping at goodwill. They were all rich jewish kids but they knew what was cool and they created their look and sound out of different parts in a very "postermodern" way. Hip-hop itself is post-modern since it creates music by juxtaposing bits of other peoples music and then rapping over it to create somethign totally knew.

The Beastie boys took that reusable ethic and applied it to clothes too, which radically changed the course of fashion at the time. All the goodwill hipster fashion, trucker caps, etc would never had happened if the Beastie Boys didn't shop at goodwill. They created a young people's fashion scene that was legit and cool and not forced on kids from the top down.

Most fashion up until that point had focused on telling kids what cool was. The big fashion labels like Guess and OP of the 1980s who get young stars to wear their clothes and then become a thing. The Beastie Boys inverted all that. They found their own clothes and then the fashion industry started copying them. Dov Charney was just recylcing the beastie boys look when he launched American Apparel.