The ILLUMINATI intentionally attempted to wipe the Plains Indians Out

The Illuminati Masons intentionally murdered all the buffalo that the plains Indians relied upon for their primary food supply. The Plains Indians followed the buffalo herds and murdering the herds killed their food supply. It was an intentional act of genocide by the Illuminati. They wanted to kill all the Plains Indians.

The Illuminati would send hunters out on trains and the hunters would shoot the buffalo from the trains. They'd then come back on horse back and collect all the skulls and pile them up into pyramids. The pryamids were a message to the Native Americans that the Illuminati owned them - that they would either be their slaves or all be murdered.

They took pictures to gloat about the murder and genocide. It wasn't to get paid, that's a myth the Illuminati made up. How could you count the amount of bison shot if they're all piled into a pyramid?

No the pyramid was an intentional message from the Illuminati that they owned the land now. Why go to so much trouble to pile up the skulls into a pyramid? You can see that the bones have been piled in a pyramid that has clear sides - why go to all that work? The reason was that the Illuminati wanted to leave a pyramid since that's their universal symbol.