The Japanese are horrible xenophobes. They are much more horrific mass murderers than the Germans, they just did a better job of covering up their atrocities from WWII.

One of the worst recent cases of their racism is what happened in Peru in the 1990s to 2000s when the Japanese controlled Peru through Fujimori.

During this time, Quechua people - the descendants of the Native Incans - were targetted for forced sterlization and genocide. 26 million women were forcibly sterilized throughout Peru.

Quechua women and in smaller numbers men, were forcibly taken to the hospital, drugged an operated on without their consent. Their ovaries were often removed. These surgeries were done in substandard conditions with the intent being that many would die after the surgery from infection - which many did. The victims of this genocide live in the most rural parts of South America. They do not have access to the internet or any means to make their voices heard.

The women targeted under the program were usually poor, indigenous Quechua-speakers, who were often told they would not receive food or other support if they, or their husbands, did not consent to be sterilised. Many of the women continue to suffer emotional and physical pain from the operations, which were often badly done and in unsanitary conditions. There are actually a whole lot of male victims too but they don't want to talk about it because of the shame of no longer being able to have children. The men feel as if their manhood has been taken away so they don't want to tallk about what happened to them.

The Government has refused to deal with what happened and the innocent women and men have received no compensation for what happened to them. Fujimori, who is in prison for human rights abuses and corruption, claimed he wanted to reduce the birth rate to alleviate poverty. The former president, and others in his government, have always denied anyone was forcibly sterilised.


1995: President Alberto Fujimori modifies the General Population Law to incorporate voluntary surgical contraception (sterilisation) as part of the contraceptive methods on offer

1996: Reproductive Health and Family Planning Programme starts and Mamerita Mestanza dies following a tubal ligation she did not consent to

2001: Inter-American Commission on Human Rights awards a settlement to her family, opening the door to other cases

2003: Prosecutors start investigating allegations of forced sterilisations

2009: Investigation shelved for lack of evidence

2011: Investigation is re-opened

2014: Second probe shelved for lack of evidence

2015: Investigation re-opened again, Peru's government creates a national registry of forced sterilisations

The Japanese still run Peru with Fujimori's daughter Keiko just barely losing her run for the Peruvian Presidency in 2016. Fujimori has just been released from Prison on a pardon. Now the Peruvian people want to try him for the death squads that he ran that murdered political dissidents in the 1990s. They are also trying to proscecute the Jap Fujimori for the forced sterilizations as well.

Alberto Fujimori was pardoned in 2017 as part of a political coup by his two children Keiko and Kenji. Keiko had videos leaked that showed the man who defeated her in the Presidency, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (Russian spy), involved in a corruption scandal. Alberto Fujimori was originally brought down on a corruption charge by a similiar sort of video. When I visited Peru they joked that all of their politicians were corrupt and they all had videos that could be leaked at any time. That's how the illuminati Japanese has controlled Peru - they have blackmail material on all of their politicians.

So Alberto's daughter Keiko - who just lost the popular vote - used a leaked video to try and take down the guy she lost too. Pedro Pablo was about to face a corruption vote that would have destroyed his Presidency when Kenji - who is also a politician - comes in and says he can stop the corruption vote from happening in exchange for Japan's continued control of Peru and the pardoning of his father Alberto. Days later Alberto was pardoned.

Peru is corrupt all the way around - there are no heros for the People to rally behind. The Japanese have destroyed Peru like they destroy everything. Alberto Fujimori's longtime spy chief, Vladimiro Montesinos, would secretly record himself paying cash bribes to media moguls, military officers and politicians in efforts to gain leverage over potential rivals and boost his almost unlimited power. Soon everyone was doing the same thing. So now the Peruvian government is like a mexican standoff where if anyone crosses anyone a video is released that ruins that politician's careers.

The Japanese did not want any more Quechua children and said the Quechua were too numerous so they should be killed and sterilized. The Japanese look at other humans from certain groups like African-Americans, Africans, Aborigines, Italians, Spanish, Muslims, Latin Americans, Quecha and many others as animals. To them this behavior doesn't seem horrific. To them it seems like putting animals down. Here are some of the "animals" they want to put down.

The Quechua culture is a great culture with massive historical achievements. The Incans fought the Spanish in the 1400s and 1500s successfully holding off Spanish Colonization for 200 years. This is while the Spanish had gunpowder and guns and the Incans only had native weapons. They were so succesful partially because of their great fortifications suhc as Machu Pichu.

I have been to Peru personally (I spent 6 weeks there in 2002) and found the people to be very warm hearted and open. I had a great time in Peru particularily in the areas around Machu Pichu which are almost 100% Quechua.

The Incans were not actually completely defeated by the Spanish in the 1500s. They withdrew first to Machu Pichu and then to another fortress in the heart of the Amazon. There are still aroudn 1.3 Native Incans living in the Amazon. They avoid all contact with the western world and live like their ancestors did.

For those who think this impossible, consider that Machu Pichu and the Incan Trail were only recently discovered by westerners in the early 1900s. And Machu Pichu wasn't in the middle of the Jungle. You can't see the Amazonian Machu Pichu from the sky because the jungle hides it and part of it is subteranean. When the Aliens finally come these Incans will come out of the Jungle and surprise everyone. Their are also 14 million Tibetans living in Shangri-La in the middle of the Himalayans as well.

The current Dalai Lama is actually an imposter. In the 1950s the real Dalai Lama was murdered and the Chinese put in an imposter. China is currently trying to exterminate the Tibetan people and their culture.