"Engrish" is a word that is used to describe the misuse of the English language by the Japanese. Engrish describes examples of careless English on signs or clothing in public places or in businesses where proper language is expected.

Unlike the Chinese, the Japanese have a lot of trouble translating English. Their little minds can't handle the more complex language of English. They especially stumble translating their own crazy idiomatic expressions into English.

They also mispell words constantly and generally make their signs almost all but intelligble. The Japanse pretend to be a sophisticated intelligent culture but really they are dumb robots who can't develop any culture themselves. Look at how they imitate western styles neurotically from hip-hop to swing dancing culture. They see things they like, then they copy them.

They can't create things though and their own Japanese Language like French is mired in antiquated usage and dumb idioms. They are a slave to their past and never innovate because their minds aren't able to innovate.

In contrast, English speakers have more sophisticated minds and are more intelligent. The Japanese don't even realize how bad their "Engrish" is. They think their translations are impecable. They just don't realize that they are translating their own crazy language back into english and they're ending up with "Engrish" - a confused bastardized english with surreal odd expressions.

The Japanese like to accuse the Chinese of the same thing but really the only Chinese who do Engrish are the Chinese who are Japanese slaves. The Communist party in China, who are all Japanese monkeys with tails would do Engrish but not the educated people in Hong Kong. Hong Kong doesn't have any problems with its signs whereas Tokyo has a shitload.