The atomic bombs are so fast that they let off a wave of light that literally burned people into embers immediatley. The atomic blast left shadows on the walls that were permanently burned into the walls. These shadows, like Pompeii showed the Japanese catalog of sin - rape, murder, pedophilia, bestiality, human sacrifice.

Here's the atomic shadow of a bicyle on the road. The Japanese covered up their atomic shadows and painted over them. It's very hard to find any examples online anymore because the Japanese Illuminati have taken them all down. But if a bicyle makes a shadow, people killing people with knives does the same thing. Just like Pompeii, the Atomic Shadows of Japan were a catalog of illuminati sin.

Mt Fuji is actually erupting right now. The Japanese illuminati are covering it up. They've set up a world wide media blackout on the story. Fuji is 100 KM from Tokyo. Tokyo is getting destroyed right now by Fuji. 33% of it has already been covered in Lava. The Japs are hiding it all.

They won't admit Fuji is erupting but they are admitting to some of the other volcanoes also erupting for the first time since the 1700s. A volcano in southern Japan has erupted for the first time in 250 years, and authorities set up a no-go zone around the mountain. Mount Io spewed smoke and ash high into the sky Thursday in its first eruption since 1768.

Japan's Meteorological Agency on Friday expanded a no-go zone to the entire mountain from previously just around the volcano's crater. The volcano is part of the Kirishima mountain range on Japan's southern main island of Kyushu. The area is about 620 miles southwest of Tokyo. Another volcano nearby also erupted violently in March.

Mt Fuji is a very sacred place in Japan. It is considered one of three Holy Mountains. It was where the Samurai practiced and had their sanctuary during the height of their importance (before the Yakuza murdered them all).

It is also where the Nichiren school of buddhism has their temple. Unlike other Mahayana Buddhist practices, Nichiren expounded the Lotus Sutra and chanting Nam-myōhō-renge-kyō as a way for anyone to obtain Enlightenment regardless of one's position in life, condition of circumstances, gender and occupational role as well as not necessarily waiting to be reincarnated into another future existence.

Mt Fuji is erupting because Japan has fallen so low and lost all their honor. The Yakuza murdered the Samurai and the Nichirin School of buddhism which is now run as a front for Japanese satanism. They are being punished for their insolence towards God their creator. They refuse to acknowledge this and think that just by hiding it from the rest of the world that it isn't happening. They are ostriches with their heads in the sand.