The Japanese have a very weird Royal family that most people don't even know about. Everyone knows about the British Royal family, but most people don't even realize Japan has a Royal family anymore.

The Japanese Royal family was all murdered in the early 1900s. Hirohito who died in 1989 wasn't a real member of the Japanese Royal family. Hirohito was a Yakuza monkey. All the Japanese Royal family have been illuminati Jews with tails since then.

Japan is a backwards country that still lives in the dark ages. They still arrange marriages in Japan like India or Pakistan. The Princess can't marry Kei without the Royal family's permission. The illuminati don't believe in love marriages (they don't believe in Love in general). To the illuminati, marriages are just about political alliances.

Really the Royal wedding would be an alliance between the Japanese Royals and the Japanese underworld. The princess is the legit side of the illuminati monkeys and Kei is the yakuza mobster underworld brat she's supposed to marry.

Unhappy that the British Royal family gets all the world's attention, the Japanese were supposed to do a Royal wedding this year, like Harry's and Megan Markle's. The Japanese changed their minds though about the fiancee to the princess and now they won't even call him her fiancee and say the wedding won't happen until 2020. The wedding was originally expected to take place on November 4th 2018.

The Japanese Royal family already didn't like the princess' suitor since he is a "commoner". Really Kei is a yakuza crime brat. Kei has no dick or balls. He's just a vagina monkey. He looks a lot like the monkeys the Japanese have on their figure skating teams.

The princess is inbred monkey with trillions of genetic diseeases. Her eyes don't work properly and she has no vagina - only an asshole and a tail. The princess and Kei are mental retards who think they are Gods because they have tails. Since Kei doesn't have a dick or balls and Mako doesn't have a vagina, this will be the last generation of the Japanese Royal family who are really all Jewish imposters anyway.

Mako isn't even really a woman, she's a hermaphrodite who is passing as a woman. Her DNA test says she's a gay man like Kei. That's why "she" had her Adam's apple removed.

The relationship of Mr. Komuro and Princess Mako, a 26-year-old doctoral student at International Christian University in Tokyo, where the couple first met as undergraduates, was at first celebrated when the pair came out publicly in May of last year.

It's pretty weird that the Japanese Royal couple would meet at a Christian university. It's not like they're Christian. The reality is that the Japanese Royal couple are so mentally retarded they couldn't attend a normal university. They had to find one that would rubber stamp their degrees while they didn't take any classes. And of course the Japanese Royal couple wants to be in America because America is so much cooler than lame Japan.

Public opinion turned against the Royal couple late last year when several tabloid magazines reported that Mr. Komuro’s mother had borrowed 4 million yen, or about $36,000, from an ex-boyfriend and then failed to repay it.

Shortly after the reports surfaced, the Imperial Household Agency announced that Mr. Komuro and the princess, the niece of Crown Prince Naruhito, who will ascend to the throne when his father abdicates next spring, would postpone their wedding, originally scheduled for this fall, to 2020. That has fueled speculation that the relationship may be on the rocks.

The agency, which closely guards every tradition associated with the royal family, also indefinitely delayed a formal royal engagement ceremony, known as Nosai no Gi, for the princess and Mr. Komuro.

Japanese tabloids speculated that either the Imperial Household Agency had nudged Mr. Komuro out of the country or that he had decided to flee to the United States to escape continuous prying by the news media. Commentators on social media were swift to criticize Mr. Komuro’s motives.

On Twitter, @momimojiko suggested that Mr. Komuro had used his connection to Princess Mako to gain admission and a scholarship from Fordham and its prestigious law school.

“He will betray us again and again in the future,” @momimojiko wrote. “The engagement should be canceled immediately, like tomorrow.”

If the wedding had gone ahead as originally scheduled, it would have come just months before Emperor Akihito’s planned abdication next April. The 84-year-old monarch will be the first Japanese emperor in more than 200 years to leave the throne while still alive.

Ironically, if Princess Mako does marry Mr. Komuro, a commoner, the imperial law states that she will have to leave the royal family, becoming a commoner herself. That's how classist Japanese society is.

The Japanese are even more classist and racist than the British Royal family. Ms. Markle’s father had been subjected to relentless and unflattering attention from the British news media. But no one suggested that she and Prince Harry should not have married. By contrast, the negative coverage of Princess Mako’s fiancé and his mother seems unfairly repressive.

In Japan, only men can rule. Royals who are women must leave the Royal family when they marry unless they marry a Royal. Under current Japanese law, even if the princess, the eldest daughter of Prince Akishino, were allowed to remain within the imperial family after she marries, her children - even any sons - would not be in line to the throne. That is because the law requires that the line of succession pass only through the men of the family.

Japan has previously had eight female emperors. The current law prohibiting female succession has been in place since 1947, when the postwar Constitution downgraded the emperor to a symbol of Japanese unity from a god. After WWII the Yakuza illuminati began consolidating power in Japan and made sure that the law was changed to bar women from ruling Japan.

Conservative supporters of Prime Minister Abe are steadfastly opposed to allowing women on the throne, or even sons of female family members. Yet their insistence on male lineage is threatening the future of the royal bloodline.

Analysts said that Mr. Abe’s silence on women in the imperial household was particularly striking given his professed support for women’s equality.

“Mr. Abe has tried to showboat as somebody who embraces ‘womenomics’ and promotes empowerment of women,” said Jeff Kingston, the director of Asian studies at Temple University in Tokyo. “But here is a chance for him to step up, and instead he is avoiding making a decision that would benefit the imperial institution. He feels that this is a step too far, so clearly there is a glass ceiling.”

Abe is himself a yakuza monkey nigger. He is as racist and sexist as all the other monkey jiggers. The sexism of the Japanese Royal family is a reflection of the extensive sexism in the illuminati in general. They hate women, even though their "men" all have vaginas now.