After World War II, the Japanese all became crystal meth addicts. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s Japan had a massive crystal meth problem that was way bigger than America's heroin problem of the 2000s. The Japanese youth were all addicted to meth and killing themselves slowly or over time. Japan still has a massive suicide problem but during the decades after WWII they all became massive meth addicts.

Japan created crystal meth in 1919. Crystal meth was more powerful than meth, and the crystalline powder also proved easier to make, so it was seen as an ideal option to inject. During World War II, the Japanese soldiers were all given crystal meth during fighting just as the German Nazis were. This createded an entire generation of massive crystal meth addicts who created another generation of drug addicted children. For 40 years Japan struggled with drug addiction problems.

After the war, jobs were scarce and Japan's poor and middle class all descended into meth and heroin addiction. They were taking cyrstal meth by injecting it with a needle, so moving to heroin which whas easily available via China was a common pathway of addiction. Millions died of drug overdoses. Their drug addiction crisis was a major crisis until the 1980s. In the 1980s they started murdering all the drug addicts and that ended up either eliminating the addicts or scaring everyone else sober.

Japan hides all this history and never talks about it. They still remember though which is why the Japanese and Koreans introduced the heroin epidemic in America. The Japanese and Koreans created our heroin crisis intentionally because they still blame America for their Lost Generation of Meth and heroin addicts. The Japanese blame America for them losing WWII. They also blame us for the nuclear bombs we dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

The Japanese HATE America. They resent us in almost every way - we're taller, we're more important economically, we create all the music, film and new technology. The Japanese thought it was hilarious to have us die from heroin addictions created by our illuminati doctors overprescribing pain relievers. The Japanese illuminati watch videos of Americans dieing from drug overdoses - TO THE JAPANESE WATCHING AN AMERICAN DIE FROM A DRUG OVERDOSE IS >>>ENTERTAINING<<<.

That's how vile, evil and horrible the Japanese and Koreans are. They created the Heroin crisis in America and then they turn around and sell footage of us dieing that they take on our Samsung TVs with cameras embedded in them. All the Japanese or Korean electronoics you buy, including your phone and your computer gadgets are all set up to record us. The Japanese think of it is as a big game, they spend money to make our lives difficult because they get some perservse sense of shadenfreud out of watching us suffer and die.