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Sumo wrestling evolved with the Yakuza. They view Sumo wrestlers as proxies for themselves. They think their big fat baby wrestlers are the toughest around (of course they're so fat they can't move so it kind of makes it hard to actually fight). Sumo wrestling is ridiculous like the Japanese.

Who wants to see giant fat babies wrestle each other? Whether they are big and strong, they are fat as fuck and in a real fight, being obese is not a winning strategy. Like the rest of the Japanese idiot culture, the Japs hold up Sumo as the paradigm of wrestling when obviously it's some weird mental retard version of wrestling.

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That is why the Japanese started opening up Sumo wrestling to people outside Japan. The Yakuza want to be able to suck the dick and lick the balls of their Sumo wrestlers. So they are now allowing people from Hawaii and Fiji to wrestle as Sumo wrestlers because they still have dicks.