The Japanese Age of Consent is 13. A man can have sex with a 13 year old and not be prosecuted for statutory rape.

The Japanese like to say that their cities have stricter laws usually 16-17 years old but in reality this just means that the Japanese take the child out of the city to have sex with them. A Tokyo pedophile can take a 13 year old girl outside Toyko and not have to obey Tokyo law. Once they leave Toyko the age of consent is 13.

The reality is that Age of Consent is meaningless in Japan - no is ever brought up on charges of statutory rape because the culture thinks pedophilia is natural. That's why their Age of Consent is 13 nationally. If the Japanese really cared, they would raise the age.

In the late 1990s, there was a serious debate on raising the age of consent (based on the article penal code 117) to 15 from 13. However, on the same year, a shocking incident happened in Osaka where a 14 year old teenager decapitated 2 elementary school children and placed thair heads on top of the children’s school gate. H owever, the teenager was not punished since the age criminal responsibility was 16. This forced the government to lower the criminal responsibility to age 14. This made it very difficult to raise the age of consent to 15 because the the criminal age became lower.

The 14 year old was acting on orders from the Yakuza illuminati because they don't want the Age of Consent laws changed. The Yakuza do a lot of business as child slave trading and child prostitution. The Yakuza want to make sure that pedophilia is always protected in Japan.