The I Ching is an ancient Chinse divination system that has been part of recorded history for at least 3,000 years. You can ask the I Ching questions and get certain responses from the system.

In ancient China the answer were taken as the Tao informing one of what the Tao wanted one to do. The Tao represented Heaven and God. People would use the system to make decisions about their life, big and small, with the I Ching. The intent was to be harmonious with the Tao and Heaven by living in accordance with what the I Ching was saying.

The I Ching plays a big part in Philip K Dick's Man in the High Castle. The Japanese characters and the white protagonist all use the I Ching to decide what to do.

Today the I Ching is still very popular throughout Asia as a means of divining things. The Japs, Chinese Communist party and many others use it determine what they will do. The only problem is that the I Ching has been corrupted over time and it no longer works properly.

Thousands of years ago the Chinese began corrupting the I Ching. The system is elaborate and can give you 16 different options. The Chinese added another 16 in order to confuse the people who didn't truly understand the system. So immediately they destroyed half of the Tao Te Ching. Then they added another 32 options to make the whole system have 64 options. Each time they were mucking with the original system of ancient China that God had given them.

Over the last thousand years the rest of the Tao Te Ching was corrupted to the point where now it's completely random. People would create fake systems of the Tao Te Ching and then keep the real ones for themselves. Only problem is that when they died the real knowledge died with them. Over time nothing real is left.

I use a system somewhat like the I Ching when I make small inconsequential decisions like which type of soda to buy. I use money as a random divination system by using the dollar bill as a random number generator. Dollar bills all have serial numbers. I use these random serial numbers to divine things through the grace of God.

Money passes through many people's hands. This decreases the chance that it can be gamed as a divinitation system. God is in everyone so if many people touch a dollar bill, all those people are giving the dollar divine energy. That energy enables dollar bills to be good instruments of diviniation.

That and they are random. God works through grace. Everything that happens has a meaning, even small things like what you choose off the menu for breakfast. God is sending us subtle messages all the time. The random numbers of the dollar bill, assigned particular values, makes these subtle messages more obvious. That's why they work as a divination system.