Elvis' entire career was ruined by the Illuminati who drafted him into the Army in 1958 just months before the illuminati murdered Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper. Elvis being drafted was really weird since there was no war going on. The Illuminati just decided they didn't want Elvis to perform anymore.

Afterward they forced him into a dead end film acting career to sideline his music. Colonel Parker was an Illuminati stooge who's sole job was to control Elvis for the Illuminati. The Colonel took all of Elvis money and forced him into worse and worse career descicions. When Elvis tried to protest and chart his own direction, the Colonel murdered Elvis mom right before Elvis was shipped off to the Army. The Illuminati murder of Elvis' Mother - who he was execptionally close to - broke Elvis will down.

Elvis would continue to fight to be the best he could be because that's just who Elvis was. He made Gospell albums because the Illuminati told him that since he believed in God, he could only sing about God. Elvis still produced great work like his comeback tour and the recording of his last album at Graceland but really the world lost so much. We could have had 10 times the Elvis music we have. The Illuminati would not allow it. Elvis was too threatening to them. His music, too powerful.

Towards the end of his career the illuminati put Elvis in Vegas and filled the rooms with Illuminati members whose job it was to ridicule Elvis. They would literally try and disrupt Elvis concentration. The Illuminati would poison him or spike his drink to get him high before performing. Vegas was illuminati central and Elvis was treated like a singing monkey they could throw peanuts at for fun.

After being tortured like a Rock and Roll martyre in Vegas, the Illuminati faked Elvis' death in 1977. Elvis knew they were about to take him. That's why he recorded his last album - which he recorded at Graceland itself - right before he died. Elvis couldn't record anywhere because of the illuminati embargo on him but he could get his friend to bring out gear to his house. Elvis wanted to leave a final statement. He wanted to give the world one more album of music before he was taken from us.

The Illuminati didn't just hate Elvis because of his role in Rock and Roll. Elvis was a third African American, a third Native American and a third Hillbilly. He is so beautiful physically because of his unique genetics. The illuminati knew Elvis genetic makeup. Memphis itself knew which is why Elvis had so much exposures to black culture - he wasn't accepted in white culture. Elvis was an outcast at his own high school. In the course of a year and a half Elvis went from being an outcast at school because of his African and Native American ancestry to being a national Rock and Roll Icon.

After they took him the Japanese imprisoned him in a dungeon in Japan. Elvis never sees the sun. He is never allowed above ground. He is still alive in his early 80s now. The Japanese Yakuza make him do private performances for them.

The underground place they have Elvis is set up as a military base that is designed to not allow any paranormal powers. Elvis is telepathic and would have been able to talk to people through his paranormal powers if he hadn't been put under 30 feet of concrete. He is one of the Yakuza's biggest secrets and they only allow him to perform for their most important members.

The Yakuza keep Elvis in the dark so that he can't write any more music. He is not allowed musical instruments except when he peforms for his Japanese masters. They also tried to have him raped by animals and they electrocute him if he does not obey their orders.