When I was 13 I was attacked my a hitman hired by Fidel Castro. It was his best hitman, his #1 guy. The guy was 35 and he came up to New Hampshire and attacked me in an alley way with his usual weapon - a knife.

He attacked me with the knife and I moved aside and punched him in the nose. I was 13. The punch broke his nose into 6 parts with each part pushing the other part further into his brain. The final shiver of bone went staight into his brain and made him bleed in his brain. He started hemoraging blood in his brain. The blood came out of his ears.

He died 6 seconds later. He was having seizures on the ground until he died. Blood ran in the alleyway and I left.

The Yakuza had OK'd the hit on me. The were very embarassed when I killed Fidel's best hitman in 6 seconds. The dumb japs had never seen the martial art move I executed on the dumb Cuban santeria satanist.

The inferior japs like to think that they're number one in martial arts even though Japanese Karate is inferior to many of the styles of martial arts on mainland China. The Japs have no move that kills someone in 6 seconds - let alone paralyzes them in the process.

The Japs wigged out. They couldn't handle the loss of face. They killed Fidel's son little Fidel then. The Japs were so angry that Fidel had embarassed them. It took a decade before the japs forgave Fidel.

The move that I used was given to me by Bruce Lee who had learned it himself from Master Ip his master in China. The move is an old Taoist secret the Taoists had been keeping secret to protect me the Dalai Lama. It's better than any Japanese Karate move.

Not only is Japanese Karate inferior in general, but the kind they teach you in America is inferior. The Japs are sneaky and always hide their secrets. They're never going to show you their martial arts secrets.

The best type of Japanese Karate is in Okinawa which is why Karate Kid 2 is set in Okinawa. The best Japanese people live in Okinawa and they have the best of the Karate secrets. They can also still fight, the Yakuza can't do any Karate because their bodies are so inbred. They're knees can't handle kicking. They can only fight like little girls now, scratching and spitting at each other.