The Japanese have the highest suicide rate in the developed world besides South Korea. They have the highest standard of living in the world, but also kill themselves more often than anyone else. The number one cause of men death in Japan is SUICIDE.

> The fastest growing suicide demographic is young men.

> Suicide is now the single biggest killer of men in Japan aged 20-44.

> Japan’s suicide rate is 60% higher than the global average and three times higher than in the UK.

> In 2014, 25,000 people – around 70 a day – took their own lives, mainly men. That was down from 34,427 in 2003.

> More Japanese children commit suicide on September 1, the start of the new school year, than any other day.

> As Japan is not a Christian country, suicide is not seen as a sin.

The Japanese are incredibly gingoistic. They are beyond xenophobic. They violently insist their culture is the best in the world. Their people superior to anyone else. And yet... THEY HATE THEIR LIVES SO MUCH, THEY KILL THEMSELVES.

The Japanese are collectively separated from reality. They are collectively insane. The Japanese extremely high suicide rate is a reflection of how out of touch with reality they are. They should be the happiest people on the earth, but they all hate themselves and are consumed with self pity.

The only country that has a worse suicide rate than Japan is South Korea - which is a proxy country for the the Japanese Yakuza. What separtes Japan from South Korea is that in Japan, the people are considered "true" Japanese so are not mistreated as much. In Korea, the Yakuza look at everyone as dogs they can work to death. Koreans get the monetary spoils of the Yakuza, but they have to work very hard for them in a miserable hellish existence. Both countries have suicide rates FAR, FAR, FAR higher than other western nations.

The Japanese are trying to colonize us with their illuminati NWO. They want to make Americans as miserable as the Japanese and the Koreans. They want to make America into a country of slaves where we all kill ourselves all the time like in Japan and Korea while they steal from us.

The Japanese are miserable people who've romanticized suicide. The Kamikazi pilots where prided for their suicidal missions. In Japan, Samurai used to kill themselves rather than surrender. The Japanese all long for meaning and honor in their lives. The Yakuza culture they live in gives them no opportunity for meaning in their lives so they kill themselves seeking an honorable end to their misery. Wataru Tsurumi wrote a Japanese best seller called the Complete Manual of Suicide. It ­recommends Aokigahara as “the perfect place to die” and some of the bodies ­discovered there have the book with them.

The "Suicide Forest" in Japan has become famous because so many Japanese have chosen to take their lives in the forest. Their return to the forest is not accidental. The Japanese are pychologically trying to connect with meaning and nature. They kill themselves in a beautiful forest because they long to be part of God's order again and escape the evil illumianti Japanese system.

On the edge of the forest the most visible signs of its sad story are cars abandoned by those who have entered the trees never to return. Visitors will also find the webs of tape which snake from roots to trunks and branches. These are left by people venturing off the beaten path to take their own lives, this is their “trail of breadcrumbs” should they have a change of heart and want to find their way out. Japan's problem with Suicide happened exactly at the time the Yakuza took over the Illuminati in the 1960s. Since 1971, volunteers have been trying to save lives by taking part in regular suicide patrols in Aokigahara.

The rate of suicide has led officials to place a sign at the forest's entry urging suicidal visitors to seek help and not take their own lives. Annual body searches have been conducted by police, volunteers, and attendant journalists since 1970.

Many think Japan's suicide rate is actually much higher than reported. A lot of lone deaths of elderly people are never fully investigated by the police. Japan has a history of leaving their seniors to die in the forest. Suicide is just an easier version of that cultural practice. The Japanese don't even consider these deaths suicides.

According to Ken Joseph, the almost universal practice of cremating bodies here also means that any evidence is quickly destroyed.