The documentary "The Cove" looked at how the Japanese murder dolphins cruely. They do mass dolphin hunts and kill them in huge numbers. Who does that to dolphins? The people who made the cove risked their lives to expose the horrids of the dolphin industry in Japan. In the first part of this trailer, they even mention the Yakuza following them.

That documentary came out in 2011 and yet this annual dolphin murders continue. Japan has attracted widespread criticism over annual dolphin hunts in the Pacific town of Taiji, where the mammals are killed for their meat or selected for sale to aquariums and sea parks.

In 2015, the Japan Association of Zoos and Aquariums agreed to stop buying dolphins from Taiji after it was threatened with expulsion from the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

The aquarium in Enoshima, however, was one of two facilities that withdrew from the association, saying it wanted to continue its involvement in Taiji’s dolphin breeding and murdering program.

Recently, Enoshima was scandalzied for having a captive dolphin show prior to a sailboat racing competition. Hirobumi Kawano, the head of the Japan Sailing Federation, conceded the decision to include the dolphins showed a “lack of consideration” in light of global attempts to protect cetaceans. But he added that attitudes towards the treatment of dolphins “differ among countries and individuals. We’d like to apologise if we made someone feel uncomfortable.”

Besides being awesome animals, dolphins are incredibly smart and have ESP. They can communicate with humans are highly intelligent. The Japanese ritualized murder of the the dolphins is like a massive dolphin genocide every year. The Japanese are not humanss, they all have tails and are mentally retarded. They hate the dolphins because the dolphins are smarter than they are.

Japan’s record on animal rights was criticised again last month after a dolphin, dozens of penguins and hundreds of fish were found to have been abandoned for months in a derelict aquarium.