The South Koreans just had the winter olympics. The illuminati Nazis have always run the Olympics - that's why Illuminati Jew Adolf Hitler hosted the olympics in 1936.

The irony is that the Koreans and Japanese can't ski. Their legs are so inbred that they stopped being able to ski in the 1990s. That's why there was a major ski resort that's completely abandoned right night to where the south Korean Olympics were held. Why not use that abandonded ski slope??? The Koreans and Japanese don't want to admit that their short inbred legs don't work anymore and no one has been skiing in South Korea since the 1990s.

The Koreans and Japanese faked all of their results in the Winter Olympics. The Japanese and Koreans like to be speed skaters and figure skaters, even though their legs are so diseased, and warped by inbreeding that they can't even ski.

Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno are inbred yakuza monkeys with no dicks or balls - that's why they look like women. They can't skate if their lives depended on it. The Japanese use computer graphics to fake all of their figure skating. The japanese monkeys are inbred shit-eating jews who can skate as well as the Japanese can ski. Hanyu and Uno's legs don't work - just like all the Yakuza japanese.

The Japanese and the Koreans are hoping that they'll be able to use robotic prosthetics to be able to ski in the future. That's why they did robotic skiing at the Korean Olympics.

Once again the Japanese illuminati Satanists think they can circumvent God's plan for them. God takes away their ability to ski knowing that would humiliate them and the monkey's response is to dream up robot legs to ski with. They could just renounce Satan and stop trying to destroy the world, but that's too complicated for little pea brain Japanese. Instead they'll try and get smart people to build robots that will allow them to ski.

Of course, God will never allow their stupid robots to help them. And they look like a bunch of village idiots with skiing robots pulling their way.