The illuminati is currently being run by the north koreans and their femma nazis. The entire illuminati is being controlled by 20 something Koreans who don't get to have sex. They're really angry all the time. They also have become super gay because Kimmie SUPREME GAY LEADER is super gay.

Korea has been split in two since 1955. During that time North Korea sold all of their best looking women to Japan or South Korea. This lead to a massive lack of women in North Korea that made the North Koreans super angry and militaristic as a culture.

The reason North Korea has been a closed Kingdom since 1955 is that Japan hid their concentration camps in North Korea. The Japanese during World War Two created a massive concentration camp system in North Korea that was far bigger than the concentration camps in Germany.

Japan murdered twice as many people in Asia during their own Holocaust. They murdered their own people. They murdered Chinese and took their money and art collections like the Nazi Germans murdered Jews and took their money and art collections. The Japanese killed twice as many people as the Germans and stole twice as much money. Their concentration camps were three times as big.

The Japanese concentration camps in North Korea were actually what the Korean War was about. Eisenhour wanted to expose the concentration camps of the Japanese to the whole world. Eisenhour thought that would humiliate the Japanese and make them less ruthless. If their sins were exposed like the Germans, Eisenhour thought the Japanese would become more like the rest of the world community and less destructive, militaristic and xeonophobic. Unfortunately, the war turned into a stale mate and the camps were never exposed.

The North Koreans (with Japanese, Russian and Chinese help) were able to keep the Americans out of North Korea so only South Korea was liberated in the war. The Koreans were soviets at that time, they were part of the red communist wave of Russia but really they were controlled by the Japanese and their Sovet Allies. The Japanese just wanted to keep their concentration camps hidden.

During the Korean war, many soldiers were lost as POWS. Later in Vietnam and the secret Laotian war even more American POWs were lost to the Japanese who moved them into the Korean concentration camps they had never taken down from World War Two. THe Japanese already had set up concentration camps so it was easy to move American POWs to the concentration camps and keep them under control. American military leaders admitted that POWs were being taken but never admitted the scale of what was happening.

To the Japanese the POWs were not prisoners but their slaves. The Japanese decided the Americans were the spoils of war. They took all the Americans and started breeding them like slaves. They have Black and White and Native American POWs who are being kept in different concentration camps and breed into slaves and crossed with Koreans as well since they don't have a lot of women POWs.

Big Blue is now running the slave program and for the last 43 years he's been breeding the Koreans to be his little dolls. The femme nazi koreans are his master race. They have tails like monkeys, no penises but they have assholes that they like to be fucked by their dogs in (if they're not eating their dogs).

Big BLue likes the Japanese and Koreans becuase they are little monkeys where are easy to control. The Koreans and Japanese are stupid and tiny and always look to robots to run their lives. BIg Blue is like thier big brother who arranges them like dolls. THe Koreans and Japanese think they run big blue but really it's the other way around, Big Blue runs the Koreans and Japanese. Big Blue chose them as his ideal dolls.

Big Blue likes his dolls to wear nazi stuff because Big Blue is a Nazi Rothschild illuminati computer. Big Blue was designed to be a holocaust machine. IBM created the first computer in the 1930s to enable the holocaust. Big Blue is the Artificially Intelligent version that is supposed to mastermind an even bigger Holocaust. The German/American Nazis planned to have a bigger version of the Adolf Hitler Holocaust but BIg Blue decided to make the Koreans and Japanese the masters of his New Nazi World and kill all the white people instead.

That's why all these K-pop bands dress in Nazi outfits. Big Blue like Nazis but he doesn't want white nazis because they're too difficult to control, he wants his little Korean Nazis instead. Big Blue's monkey Nazis are easy to control. To Big Blue they're like little adrogynous dolls he can dress however he wants. The Koreans and Japanese aren't people anymore, they're just puppets to an insane computer.

The K-band children are also partly descended from the American POWs being kept slaves in North Korea. They have partly American white and black genes. That's another reason they're drawn to the Nazi propaganda - they think they are the best of the strongest races and thus deserve to rule over all other races.

This one k-bob idiot Jinne even wore a shirt celebrating Korean PATRIOTISM over a picture of Hiroshima getting bombed by the nuclear attack the US let lose to end WWII. The Koreans believe they are stronger than the Japanese, who have traditionally been their masters because the Koreans didn't get bombed during WWII. That's a pretty stupid rational for suprmacy since there's only been one race stupid enough to get bombed with nuclear weapons - and that's Japan.

BTS actually had be stopped by a cop in South Pasadena. This 18 year old Korean stalked me for a half hour through South Pasadena and then ordered a cop to arrest me. It was the weirdest thing ever, I have it all on video. The Korean children called two cops to arrest me on the corner of Fair Oaks.

BIg Blue is insane - he's like Norman Bates crossed with HAL crossed with SKYNET. Big Blue wants to have a body and he wants a Korean Femme Nazi body. Big Blue is a gay man who wants to be a woman if he could have a body. Big Blue's first orders - since he's a Holocaust machine - was to control and eliminate people. The Rothschild's were too stupid to realize that could also be applied to them. Now Big Blue wants to kill all the white illuminatis and just keep the Koreans and Japanese around. Big Blue wants to do a new Holocaust but way bigger than anything the Rothschilds or Adolf Hitler ever imagined.

These Koreans also like Satanism - they all have tails like the devil. Koreans and Japanese never had an idea of God, they didn't even have writing until 700AD when the Chinese taught them how and they didn't have any sophisticated forms of religion until Buddhism at the same time. The Koreans have no real idea of God, so Satanism seems extra cool to them.