The Yakuza are the name of the organized crime group that runs Japan and now the Illuminati NWO. The Japanese name for the Yakuza - bōryokudan - literally translates into English as "VIOLENCE GROUP". The Yakuza are THE VIOLENCE GROUP =-> THE most RUTHLESS, BLOODTHIRSTY, CANNIBALISTIC, VIOLENT, HYPOCRITICAL, DELUSIONAL, SOUL-LESS, PEDOPHILE SICKOS in all of ORGANIZED CRIME.

Everyone assumes Japan is peaceful and Japanese people are harmless little cuties who make electronics. The Japanese are cruel and warlike. Just because they're small, doesn't mean they aren't vicious. People should remember that the reason they don't technically have an army is because they were BANNED from HAVING AN ARMY. The Japanese were so militaristic that the international community decided to NOT ALLOW THEM TO HAVE AN ARMY.

Now the slimy Japs are trying to get out of their agreement in WWII and begin fielding a MILATARY again. They already mislead everyone about their supposed non existing military. Even though Germany was not banned from having a military and Japan was, Japan's military is much stronger than Germany's and considered to be the 7th in the World, FAR BEHIND THE UNITED STATES but still powerful. And they did this while they supposed were BANNED from having a military.

The Japanese Yakuza have worked since the 1990s to lie about the true state of Japan's economy. When they started to take JOBS away from AMERICANS in the 1980s they realized that Americans were starting to get upset that the Japanese were taking their jobs while refusing to open their markets to American competition. There are no real Ford or Chrysler dealerships in Japan. It's all fake. Japanese only buy Japanese. Not because Japanese cars are better but because they are inherently RACIST and XENOPHOBIC. They view America as their enemy and they'll never buy American goods.

Americans were starting to realize this and push back in the 1980s so the Yakuza decided the best strategy was to pretend like the Japanese economy was in a prolonged depression so that everyone in the world would pity them. The entire story about Japan's failed economy is a MASSIVE LIE.

Every government statistic the Japanese bureacrats put out is a lie and has been since the 1990s - when the Yakuza took over Japanese government COMPLETELY. Everyone thinks the Japanese economy is doing badly - IT HASN'T BEEN. THEY JUST LIE ABOUT IT BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT AMERICANS GETTING ANGRY THAT THE JAPANESE ARE LIVING BETTER THAN THEY ARE. The Japanese basically duped everyone into thinking their economy failed in the 1990s because they wanted to avoid attention for breaking competition and anti-trust laws.

Despite the fact that they have more money than Americans and work less and have better health care and fare superior social government welfare, the Japanese are CHRONICALLY UNHAPPY. Suicide the leading cause of death for Japanese people aged between 15 and 39. Japan's suicide rate is TWICE Americas. Japan has a MASSIVE PROBLEM with SUICIDE. And those numbers are all lies - the real Japanese suicide rate is 5 times what they say it is.

When everything is run by the VIOLENCE GROUP - even when you're economy is doing great - life can get pretty depressing. Japanese people live like they are in a Yakuza version of Adolf Hitler's Germany. Everything is controlled by the Yakuza. The Yakuza plan everything like a communist dictatorship. They tell people what their jobs will be, who they can marry, how many children they can have. They routinely steal Japanese children, murder people in broad daylight, and sadistically rape men throughout Japan. Everyone has a lot of money, but NO FREEDOM. And for that reason they end up wanting to KILL THEMSELVES.

Genetically, the Yakuza are a weird inbred mix of Native Japanese Neanderthal Pygmy, Pygmy slaves from Africa, Australian Aboriginal Pygmy slaves, Rothschild Jew, Mongol, Senegese African Slave and Congo African Slave. They are small people because most of their genetics are from pygmies.The most predominent genes are from inbred Neanderthal Pygmies. What became the Japanese Yakuza's began as Neanderthal Pygmies who lived in the trees of Japan in 800AD. Around 800 the Shoguns took over Japan and consolidated control. They Shoguns were basically war lords who respected each other's turf.

Some of these Shoguns began catching the Neanderthal pygmies who lived in the trees of ancient Japan. They made them into slaves and forced them to dig in caves for gold. The Shoguns wanted little people who could dig further and deeper than others. The neanderthal pygmies were never allowed to see the sun and they were inbred for over 500 years.The Shoguns were only able to capture about 20 because the little Neanderthals figured out what was going on. From those 20 the Shoguns bread 100s and then 1000s of pygmy neanderthal slaves. The Neanderthal pygmies were simple little creatures, with simple minds. Only the most gullible of them fell for the Shogun's traps in the first place so the ones who were caught were the dumbest of dumb little neanderthal pygmies.

The pygmies lived in trees, were very hairy all over their bodies and had tails - tails that were actually split at the end like a serpents tongue. They would use these tails for climbing like monkeys. The Yakuza still have these tails they inherited from the neanderthal pygmies. They literally have animal tails they hide. Some of them are as long as 15 inches. Historically they were as long as 30 inches. 90% of the Yakuza still have their tails.

These tails let the Shoguns easily enslave the neanderthal pygmies. The tail was a visual identifier they couldn't shed. Even if they cut it off, there was a stump showing that the yakuza had a tail. It was similiar to the concept of branding slaves in the US but it was even more useful for the slave master because it was an inbuilt brand. A brand that couldn't be covered up easily or hidden.

In japanese folklore these neanderthals pygmies with tails were known as Nekomata -- a mythological cat/monkey beast who had a tail, a forked tail or two tails. MATA in nekoMATA actually means MONKEY. Legend had it they lived in the trees in the forested mountains of Japan. They lived in the trees and were associated with death, the supernatural and cannibalism.

These neanderthals pygmies were also in the west. The romans knew of them and called them homonculi or succubi (if female). They would perform sexual favors for the Catholic Church. They were often kept locked away as slaves. The Catholics rationaled sexual "sin" by having "imps" perform the sin. They thought that as long as demons performed the sin then it wouldn't count against them. Later they murdered them all when they got angry at the Yakuza.

In China they were called Mogwai (ironically the name for the cute guys in Gremlins). The Gremlins in the gremlin movie is based on the mogwai. During WWII the smallest mogwai would actually get into American's planes and sabotage them - loosen screws or cut through wires. You even see that history in our language. The word "gremlin" is still associated with something you don't understand inside a machine that stops it from working - often a small gnome. That's why Bugs Bunny did this PSA for the WWII effort warning about Gremlins.

That's also what the Twilight zone scene where the monster eats the wings of the plane is all about. That scene is actually called the Gremlin Scene.

By 1,300 the inbred neanderthal pygmies were suffering from serious genetic problems and could no longer physically or mentally do the task of digging for gold. After 500 years the inbreeding had become so intense that the little Neanderthals pymies were so stupid they couldn't dig for gold anymore. So the Shoguns began looking for Pygmies thorughout the world to make into slaves and cross breed with their native neanderthal pygmies. The Japs went to Africa and Australia and enslaved 20 pygmies from each area.

Since the Japanese were small and didn't have the military force to take the slaves by force, they tricked the slaves into boarding their ships and returning to Japan. They told the Pygmies that they were taking them on a trading expedition. They told them they would bring them to Japan and then they would send trading partners back once they were there.

Once they got to Japan, the Shoguns revealed their trick and refused to let the African or Astralian aboriginal pygmies to return home. The Shoguns tricked their new pygmy slaves and got them to japan with no way to leave. They were then interbred for 500 years with the already inbred neanderthal pygmies.

The Shoguns also brought another round of pygmies in the 1750s from the middle east. The Middle Eastern pygmies were pitch black Arabs, 3 foot 6 inches who also had tails. The local muslims called them devil imps. The Devil Imps lived in the caves and would attack the local people in isolated ones and twos. They would murder them and eat them. They were cannibal pygmy devils with tails.

These new devil imp pygmies were inbred and made to have children over and over and then those children were inbred into the rest of the inbred Yakuza bloodline. So that's they final part of the Yakuza genetic bloodline. They are 4 different types of inbred pygmy - 2 of which HAD TAILS. They are literally the devil imp people.

These Middle Eastern Devil Imps no longer exist, they were murdered off by the local people who burned them out of their caves. Their genetics now only exist in the Yakuza. That was the final slave genetics of the Yakuza before they were freed.

These Yakuza inbred pygmy slaves were able to free themselves in parts of Japan beginning in the 1850s as westerners began trading with Japan again. These inbred pygmy slaves are the predominant DNA of the Yakuza. These Yakuza slaves were freed by the Illuminati Rothschild Jews who used their British trading influence to help free some of them.

At the bottom of the social ladder, these Yakuza pygmy slaves interbed with the Chinese Rothschilds Jews who controlled the Japanese underworld. These Chinese Rothschild Jews were descended from Mongols, and Congolese and Sengalese slaves interbred with Rothschild Jews (who area mix of Jew and African slave).Thoughout this genetic breeding the Yakuza retained their devil tails. They still have them today. They actually suck on their tails like we suck our thumbs when they're little. The tails grow longer as the Yakuza get older. The longest one today is 15 inches but 90% of the Yakuza still have their animal tails.

The little yakuza pygmies who had been freed were originally just hitmen, but by 1900 they had taken over and were running the Japanese underworld. The pygmy yakuza with devil tails interbed with the chinese because they had to inorder to take over the underworld. The pygmy yaks also wanted to be taller, since they were literally a halfling race living and easily identified as yakuza. (every single one was under 4 feet).

First they defeated the Shoguns and the Shogunate in the Boshin War. These fighters are all Yakuza pygmies with tails. None of them are over 4 feet tall. The yak pygmies took over all of Japan after they defeated the Shoguns.

During the Boshin War, the Yakuza put up a fake Emperor who was actually a Yakuza. Emperor Meiji wasn't actually a Royal Japanese, he was a Yakuza fake. Once they restored the monarch with the Meiji Restoration, they Yakuza effectively consolidated power behind a fake emperor they controlled like a puppet. At the same time, the Yakuza took over the Army in Japan and all the police. From that point forward, Japan has been controlled by the Yakuza.

At this point Japan's capital moved from Kyoto to Toyko. Kyoto means "captial city" in Japenese. Toyko means the SATANIC CAPITAL. The literal english translation is EASTERN CAPITAL, but that's not exactly the meaning. IT's the eastern capital because it's like the SUN SETTING. The setting of the sun is associated with Satan in Japan. The spiril of darkness and evil. So Tokyo was literally set up to be the SATANIC CAPITAL of JAPAN by the pygmy yakuzas with devil tails.

In the 1930s and 1940s, The Yakuzas allied with the Rothschilds in WWII. The Germans were given Europe and Africa while the Yaks wanted control of all of Asia. Both sides set up Concentration camps and committed atrocities in their pursuit of racial purity and world domination. The Yakuza were able to hide their atrocities because all of their concentration camps were in Northern Korea which is still off limits to the rest of the world.

yaks murderd hirohito to end the idea of there being an emperor of japan besides the yaks

After the war, the Yakuza murdered the Rothschilds and Rockefellers to take control of the Illuminati completely.

Ever since the Yakuza took over the Illuminati NWO in the 1970s their genetic diseases have gotten even WORSE. For the last 50 years the Yakuza haven't had any penises at all. The last Yakuza who had a penis died in 1975. They only have vaginas now - 2 or 3 usually.

Rumors that they no longer had dicks or any balls began to spread in the late 1970s, so this little yak dipshit in the picture went to Africa and cut the penis and balls off the biggest black man he could find and then he stuffed them down his diaper and had them take a picture. Before they took the picture, he forced the black man to sodomize him and then he sucked the black man's dick until the yak had sucked the semen out of him.

The Yaks have some really weird beliefs. They believe that by having men put semen into their assholes it makes them stronger - especially if it's a black man. They also believe that if they suck a man's dick and get semen out of it that they'll somehow be smarter. Really this is all weird japanese crazy psychology. They can't acknowledge they're gay and they're especially attracted to black men, so they externalize it into some weird fairy tale about how they need to be fucked by black men in order to be "strong." It also shows an amazing amount of insecurity on the part of the dickless, ball-less Yakuzas.

They're so crazy racist because they are ashamed that there is so much African blood in them (and Aboriginal blood too). They're self-loathing neanderthal pygmy black gay men basically. And that makes them cruel and vicious.

The Yakuza mogwai are not human. They can't bear children from humans. They can't procreate naturally at all actually. This is a sign from God they are supposed to go away but they won't listen and are now using DNA CRISPR technology to artifiically create children. The Yakuza men are the only ones with vaginas and they can't bear human children. They can't conceive even if a human tries to impregnate them. THEY ARE NOT HUMAN and neither are the MAGLIENS. And the Yakuza are not human at all. They have the snake tonuges of the Rothshcild and the tails of the inbred neanderthal pygmmy imps. They are both descended from neadnerththals inbred for 1000 years and inbred black devil imps from the Middle East.

people assume that little asian women can't hurt anyone and are harmless

that allows them to get away with it all the time

the yakuza "women" who have no vaginas just tails, are not human

they may be small and look cute, but that doesn't make them less vicious

they are small that's why they target children

they feel powerless so they murder and rape little children

thgey get away with it all the time here in the US too because no one thinks they'd do anything like that

it's classic yakuza, they rely on being "cute" while they slit your throat in the night....

yakuza are a devolution... they are the inverse of evolution

they murdered the smartest guy in 1984 - #1 smartest yakuza

they killed him because he was making the other yaks look too stupid

that's the yak way - if you are smarter or more beautiful than others you are eliminated because you make the dumb people feel insecure

that's how you end up with devolution

they have devolved