Genetically, the Yakuza are a weird inbred mix of Native Japanese Neanderthal Pygmy, Pygmy slaves from Africa, Australian Aboriginal Pygmy slaves, Rothschild Jew, Mongol, Senegese African Slave and Congo African Slave. They are small people because most of their genetics are from pygmies.The most predominent genes are from inbred Neanderthal Pygmies. What became the Japanese Yakuza's began as Neanderthal Pygmies who lived in the trees of Japan in 800AD. Around 800 the Shoguns took over Japan and consolidated control. They Shoguns were basically war lords who respected each other's turf.

Some of these Shoguns began catching the Neanderthal pygmies who lived in the trees of ancient Japan. They made them into slaves and forced them to dig in caves for gold. The Shoguns wanted little people who could dig further and deeper than others. The neanderthal pygmies were never allowed to see the sun and they were inbred for over 500 years.The Shoguns were only able to capture about 20 because the little Neanderthals figured out what was going on. From those 20 the Shoguns bread 100s and then 1000s of pygmy neanderthal slaves. The Neanderthal pygmies were simple little creatures, with simple minds. Only the most gullible of them fell for the Shogun's traps in the first place so the ones who were caught were the dumbest of dumb little neanderthal pygmies.

The pygmies lived in trees, were very hairy all over their bodies and had tails - tails that were actually split at the end like a serpents tongue. They would use these tails for climbing like monkeys. The Yakuza still have these tails they inherited from the neanderthal pygmies. They literally have animal tails they hide. Some of them are as long as 15 inches. Historically they were as long as 30 inches. 90% of the Yakuza still have their tails.

These tails let the Shoguns easily enslave the neanderthal pygmies. The tail was a visual identifier they couldn't shed. Even if they cut it off, there was a stump showing that the yakuza had a tail. It was similiar to the concept of branding slaves in the US but it was even more useful for the slave master because it was an inbuilt brand. A brand that couldn't be covered up easily or hidden.

By 1,300 the inbred neanderthal pygmies were suffering from serious genetic problems and could no longer physically or mentally do the task of digging for gold. After 500 years the inbreeding had become so intense that the little Neanderthals pymies were so stupid they couldn't dig for gold anymore. So the Shoguns began looking for Pygmies thorughout the world to make into slaves and cross breed with their native neanderthal pygmies. The Japs went to Africa and Australia and enslaved 20 pygmies from each area.

Since the Japanese were small and didn't have the military force to take the slaves by force, they tricked the slaves into boarding their ships and returning to Japan. They told the Pygmies that they were taking them on a trading expedition. They told them they would bring them to Japan and then they would send trading partners back once they were there.

Once they got to Japan, the Shoguns revealed their trick and refused to let the African or Astralian aboriginal pygmies to return home. The Shoguns tricked their new pygmy slaves and got them to japan with no way to leave. They were then interbred for 500 years with the already inbred neanderthal pygmies.

The Shoguns also brought another round of pygmies in the 1750s from the middle east. The Middle Eastern pygmies were pitch black Arabs, 3 foot 6 inches who also had tails. The local muslims called them devil imps. The Devil Imps lived in the caves and would attack the local people in isolated ones and twos. They would murder them and eat them. They were cannibal pygmy devils with tails.

These new devil imp pygmies were inbred and made to have children over and over and then those children were inbred into the rest of the inbred Yakuza bloodline. So that's they final part of the Yakuza genetic bloodline. They are 4 different types of inbred pygmy - 2 of which HAD TAILS. They are literally the devil imp people.

These Middle Eastern Devil Imps no longer exist, they were murdered off by the local people who burned them out of their caves. Their genetics now only exist in the Yakuza. That was the final slave genetics of the Yakuza before they were freed.

These Yakuza inbred pygmy slaves were able to free themselves in parts of Japan beginning in the 1850s as westerners began trading with Japan again. These inbred pygmy slaves are the predominant DNA of the Yakuza. These Yakuza slaves were freed by the Illuminati Rothschild Jews who used their British trading influence to help free some of them.

At the bottom of the social ladder, these Yakuza pygmy slaves interbed with the Chinese Rothschilds Jews who controlled the Japanese underworld. These Chinese Rothschild Jews were descended from Mongols, and Congolese and Sengalese slaves interbred with Rothschild Jews (who area mix of Jew and African slave).Thoughout this genetic breeding the Yakuza retained their devil tails. They still have them today. They actually suck on their tails like we suck our thumbs when they're little. The tails grow longer as the Yakuza get older. The longest one today is 15 inches but 90% of the Yakuza still have their animal tails.

The little yakuza pygmies who had been freed were originally just hitmen, but by 1900 they had taken over and were running the Japanese underworld. The pygmy yakuza with devil tails interbed with the chinese because they had to inorder to take over the underworld. The pygmy yaks also wanted to be taller, since they were literally a halfling race living and easily identified as yakuza. (every single one was under 4 feet).

Ever since the Yakuza took over the Illuminati NWO in the 1970s their genetic diseases have gotten even WORSE. For the last 50 years the Yakuza haven't had any penises at all. The last Yakuza who had a penis died in 1975. They only have vaginas now - 2 or 3 usually.

Rumors that they no longer had dicks or any balls began to spread in the late 1970s, so this little yak dipshit in the picture went to Africa and cut the penis and balls off the biggest black man he could find and then he stuffed them down his diaper and had them take a picture. Before they took the picture, he forced the black man to sodomize him and then he sucked the black man's dick until the yak had sucked the semen out of him.

The Yaks have some really weird beliefs. They believe that by having men put semen into their assholes it makes them stronger - especially if it's a black man. They also believe that if they suck a man's dick and get semen out of it that they'll somehow be smarter. Really this is all weird japanese crazy psychology. They can't acknowledge they're gay and they're especially attracted to black men, so they externalize it into some weird fairy tale about how they need to be fucked by black men in order to be "strong." It also shows an amazing amount of insecurity on the part of the dickless, ball-less Yakuzas.

They're so crazy racist because they are ashamed that there is so much African blood in them (and Aboriginal blood too). They're self-loathing neanderthal pygmy black gay men basically. And that makes them cruel and vicious.

The Yakuza mogwai are not human. They can't bear children from humans. They can't procreate naturally at all actually. This is a sign from God they are supposed to go away but they won't listen and are now using DNA CRISPR technology to artifiically create children. The Yakuza men are the only ones with vaginas and they can't bear human children. They can't conceive even if a human tries to impregnate them. THEY ARE NOT HUMAN and neither are the MAGLIENS. And the Yakuza are not human at all. They have the snake tonuges of the Rothshcild and the tails of the inbred neanderthal pygmmy imps. They are both descended from neadnerththals inbred for 1000 years and inbred black devil imps from the Middle East.

The Yakuza's origin as inbred neanderthal pygmy slaves has left them with a LOT OF GENETIC DISEASE. They are GENETIC ABHORATIONS - A MISTAKE IN GOD'S PLAN. They are all incredibly xenophobic and racist so even though they are no longer slaves, they inbred themselves even further for the last 200 years. Here is a small subset of all the quadrillions of genetic diseases they have:


- EXTREMELY SUBSTANDARD IQs. The Yakuza are so stupid they are unable to read or write. They are illiterate because their IQs are literally so low they can't handle the mental processes needed to read or write.
- schizophrenic* - they're all schizo. They hear random voices all the time.
- multiple personalities - the Yaks all have multiple personalities. Most have additional personalities related to their youth. Many of the men think they're 5 year old Japanese girls whenever they get very stressed and feel vulnerable.
- they are all serious manic depressives whose mood erratically bounces from crazy to crazy
- they are all myopic narcissists who don't care about anybody but themselves - they don't even care about their own children
- they are all pathological liars who's sense of reality is so tenous they don't even realize they are lying. EVERYTHING THE YAKUZA SAY IS A LIE. EVERY SINGLE THING. They lie even when they'd be better off telling the truth. Lying was a defining characteristic of the neanderthal tree pygmies they were inbred from. They've lied for thousands of years. They are biologically incapable of telling the truth.
- they go into comas all the time for no reason. Their brains just shut down.
- they have strokes at age 35 (brain heart attacks)
- they have animals tails - DEVIL TAILS - sometimes two, or sometimes a tail split like a forked tongue. The devil tails range from 3 inches to 15 inches.
- they are all dying of heart attacks before age 30
- their legs are inbred bowed pygmy legs and they can't run well with them either forward or side to side (they can't compete in any sports)
- none of their taste buds work
- they can't drink any liquids besides urine
- they don't have any hair on their bodies naturally - including on their heads - they have their hair surgically implanted.
- they have hidious facial deformities they fix with cosmetic surgery
- they are all born with clef palettes they have reconstructed with surgery
- their eyes dont' work
- their hard of hearing
- they can't eat any food besides feces - either animal or human. Most of them can't eat feces unless that someone else eats the feces and then shits it out. Many of them need to eat shit that's already been eaten and shat out three times.
- they can't defecate naturally. They require some sort of intervention in their digestive systems to help them defecate. The yaks traditionally use little children - often pygmy children - to reach upinside their intestines and pull their feces out inch by agonizing inch
- the yakuza men have no penises or balls. Instead the yakuza men have vaginas: 2-3.
- the men's vaginas smell of horrible odors when they get upset. All the shit the yaks eat comes out of their pores and their vaginas
- all the women have little tiny mushroom black penises on their asses but no vaginas
- they cannot conceive children naturally, now they use DNA gene splicing technology to artificially create all their children

(*Schizophrenia is not related to intelligence BTW, that's just a Rothschild LIE they made up because so many of them were also Schizophrenic The Rothschild Illuminati controls all the doctors and psychiatrists so they made everyone say that Schizophrenia was related to intelligence and esp "genius". THIS IS ALL ROTHSCHILD ILLUMINATI BULLSHIT. So many of them were Schizophrenic, they wanted to make the disease something ony "geniuses" got. In reallity Schizophrenia is an indication of genetic disease that happens equally across all levels of intelligence. It is literally the mind coming undone and fighting with itself due to genetic flaws in the mind. People who hear multiple competing voices are struggling with disorder in their minds. They do not have a stable consciousness or subconsciousness. This has nothing to do with intelligence, it's just genetic disease. Stupid people hear voices too. Think of the village idiot talking to people who aren't there.) Around the year 1,300, the Jap Shoguns took 20 slaves from Papa New Guinea, and 20 Aboriginal Pygmies from Australia and interbred them with the descendants of the 20 native Neanderthal pygmy japanese slaves they had captured 500 years earlier. So basically the Yakuza's entire blood line came from the genes of 60 people who were interbred for 1000 to 500 years before they interbred with Chinese/Mongol/Rothschild Jew gangsters and became the Yakuza. The level of inbreeding in the Yakuza is the most out of any ethnicity on the planet. They were literally crossbreed with inbred pygmies over and over again with the starting point being stupid neanderthal pygmies who had tails. The fact that they still have their tails, shows just how connected they are to these inbred genetics.

The yakuza are shit eaters. They can only eat shit to survive. They can't digest real food. They also put feces in their vaginas and anal canals.When they get super upset the shit comes out of their vaginas and through their epidermis - they emit a shit smell so strong that it is literally poisononous.All the shit they eat comes out into the air as particles... so everyone around them has to smell the yak shit eaters.

If you get more then 10 in a boardroom sized room and they're upset at the same time, one of them will die within 30 minutes. The yaks bodies are heavily diseased genetically. They were inbred for centuriesso the shit smell kills them. It's so intense that it's poisonous. The yaks bodies are so weak and frail they can't handle it. They have to separate into different rooms to avoid someone getting sick and dying.That's why all the yaks have leather furniture and they don't like rugs - the shit smell they emit seaps into any kind of fabric.

It's also why they wear such ugly cheap suits. They literally only can wear a suit for one day otherwise it stinks like shit all the time. They yaks are so cheap they buy a cheap suit for each day of the year and throw them out after they're worn once. The yaks don't care what they look like. Their attitude is that if someone says anythign about how they look that is less than ultra flattering, they'll just have them murdered. So they are cheap and dont' think they need to spend the money on suits. It's very emperor's new clothes. If people don't point out that they look like shit, the stupid yaks think they don't look like shit. Really people are just afraid to point out how stupid the yaks look.

Ever since the first World War, the Yakuza have vowed to not have sex with women. They have been gay for 100 years. The yaks have had an oath for the last 100 years that no Yakuza will ever have sex with a woman. They routinely have gay sex with each other but they say it's for the sake of bonding and not because they're gay. (Obviously they're just gay.)

This Yakuza trend towards homosexuality has spread thoughout Japan. The young generation no longer has sex - even if they have proper sexual organs. In Japan almost all the men are born wihtout penises. Most of them have vaginas instead. This has lead their women to no longer look towards men for their sexual needs. The Japanese don't have sex anymore.

For the last 100 years the Yakuza women are impregnated by the head of the particular yakuza clan. He goes to the father and sucks his penis until the semen is extracted and then put in a bowl. The head of the clan then goes to the mother and uses his hands to place the semen inside. They do this all at ovulation time with a whole set of bizarre rituals involving the sacrificing of children and ritual cannibalism. They can't actually eat human flesh anymore because their digestive systems can only process someone else's feces. Cannnibalism is a central part of the Yakuza identity historically - the Yakuza were proud to be little tiny pygmy cannibals with tails. So now they pretend to eat human flesh and drink human blood but really they just put it in their mouths and then have to spit it out.