Paranormal powers are real and people who are gifted with these powers don't have to act good. They can use their powers for good or for evil. Historicaly these powers were referred to as magic and good witches used their powers for good and evil witches used their powers for evil.

Harry Potter essentially describes a real world. And just as Harry Potter and the other students at Hogwarts can use their magic for good or evil, people with paranormal, magical powers in our world can use their powers for good or for evil.

Hogwarts is actually a real place in Scotland that is still hidden from the world after being founded 1000 years ago. It's now operated as a concentration camp for people with paranormal powers. They are imprisoner there and

Historically, the evil witches were the allies of the illuminati. In the Dark Ages the Satanic Catholic Church used evil witches against their enemies to give them warts or try and induce miscarriage. They would combine evil witchcraft with poisoning and blackmail and all their other evil techniques.

As my birth approached, those born with paranormal powers started to increase and after I was born those with paranormal powers have stronger powers than the historical witches of the Dark Ages. Since I was born in 1975, the children with paranormal powers are more like X-men then the witches and warlocks of the Founding Fathers time. Magical powers of all people on Earth increased in a quantum leap when I was born. Just recently, I reinforced their powers by reworking the magical pathways of the entire universe.

People with paranormal powers generally want to be good. In order to have powers you have to have at least a 180 IQ and smart people are generally good because they are rational and see the larger good in behaving fairly. They see the rationality in having a good society where our children are free. The illuminati has been having a harder and harder time recruiting witches or anyone with paranormal powers.

Now the only people the illuminati has who have paranormal/magical powers are people who are enslaved underground. The illuminati takes people with paranormal powers and enslave them and try to make them use their powers for evil. This is ineffective though and really they are just trying to isolate them in concentration camps.