The Magliens are an evil space alien species that originated on the Nemesis star system which orbits our galaxy. They're a fascist foreign insectoid alien race that organizes itself hierarchally like an ant colony. There are three subraces that are divided by height. Most are maglien pygmies who are a permanent slave class - they are a foot tall. Second most are the drones or workers they are 3 and a half feet tall. The last subrace they call the nobles (5 foot tall) - these are where the queens come from. The all have tails that they can hide inside their own bodies. Magliens look like this:

The magliens are ruled by one queen like an ant colony. The queen is chosen every year from the nobles. Any challenger that looses the challenge to the Queen is eaten by the Queen. If the challenger eats the queen, it becomes the next queen for that year until it is challenged by any challengers the next year.

All the races look the same, the only real difference is proportion and height. They were the inspiration for these characters from the movie Men in Black:

They are NOT the God Aliens who architected our universe - they are 1 of 20 intelligent life forms in our universe that were created by God the Architect. They are the least intelligent and most evil of sentient beings. The magliens can only play tic-tac-toe. It's the most complicated strategic came their minds can handle. They can't even play checkers.

Magliens have long antennae on the top of their heads. They stick these antennae up into a humans brain stem in order to control their minds and take over their bodies. They can also distribute bacteria from their antenannae. They are like hermit crabs who pick human bodies to wear as shells. They literally live inside the human like magots live inside a corpse. They have to eat at least thousands of humans a day in order to maintain the shell of their corpse - otherwise it starts rotting and they have to shed that skin.

The Alien God Architect who created our entire universe created them despite worrying that they would turn out bad. He has now decided, along with Heaven and the rest of the sentient Aliens in our universe, to fix his mistake and exterminate them all. Currently, they only exist in our galaxy, they've been exterminated eveywhere else. The rest of the universe calls them the cockroaches of creation, space maggots, space shit, space scum, rebels without a cause, the idiot bugs, the lobsters, space slime, bimbo barracudas, maggot faggots (since they are intensely attracted to themselves), losers of creation as well as a serious of other nicknames that aren't appropriate for children ;)_

The Magliens evolved in our galaxy on the other end of it. Orbiting our sun is another red dwar sun which has it's own planets including Nibiru (also called Planet X). This star system that orbits ours is called Nemesis. One sun orbiting anothern sun is actually quite common. 50% of galaxies have at least two suns (some have three). The Nemesis system - including a couple of planets and a couple of moons - is approaching earth and will hit us in 2025. The Maglines originated on the Helion moon of Nibiru. Their moon was an icy barren home they left thousands of years ago. They've been on Earth for 6 thousand years. Eventually on their home planet they murdered each other, so they died off there.

The Magliens evolved to steal other sentient beings bodies and impersonate them. It is a defense mechanism, like a camouflage. They are the original body snatchers. They murder their victims and then use them as a host. They have to attach to sentient life - it can't be a gorilla or a rhino. They're like John Carpenter's THE THING - you never know who is one. They live inside their cloned imitations of the originals. They look exactly like their originals - they even sound like them.

America has been infested with Magliens. Donald Trump is one. All the following people are Magliens wearing human skins they've stolen: Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Robert Mueller, Jeff Sessions, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Oprah, Ellen, Dr Oz, Dr Phil, Andersen Cooper, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone, Maisie Williams. Here is a longer list of confirmed Magliens.

President Donald Trump is actually a MAGLIEN wearing Donald Trump's skin. All the Trumps are Magliens - Ivanka, Donny Jr, Eric, Jared Kushner. The Trump's are the Magliens "Trump Cards". They've actually been planning their dominance in America for a century. Trump's MAGA mantra is actually code for a Maglien take over of America. MAGA = MAG-lien America. A is also an Illuminati reference to their pyramids and triangles. So Trump's MAGA slogan is actually a reference to both the Illuminati and the Magliens taking over America. They want to make it a fascist police state where they can eat us at will.

That's why Trump's skin looks like it's falling off. That's why when his hair blows up you see he has a hags head underneath. Trump doesn't really have any hair. It's all toupee that's surgically implanted into his head to cover the hag like nature of his Maglien face. A Maglien has to soak the skin they wear in blood inorder to keep it hydrated. Otherwise it hardens and they can't use it anymore.

The Magliens infested Europe in the Dark Ages. They took over the kings and the royal families as well as the Catholic Church. They infested the Rothschilds and the Hapsburgs. That was actually why God opened up the New World to Europeans, to escape the maglien infestation of Europe. The New World was a place the magliens were scared to go because they can't impersonate 100% native peoples - only if they have some European blood in them. That's why they've always tried to exterminate the native americans in Ameria and Canada. That's also why the magliens didn't infest Africa at first. It's hard for them to control Africans and their bodies are too tall for them to maintain easily. That's why blacks and native Americans became their favorite target for slavery.

Satan doesn't really exist, he was just a story the Magliens made up to scare humans. The Magliens are the closest thing to Satan in the Universe. They aren't powerful or smart or visionary, but they are violent, chaotic and delusional. They create an evil world like the Illuminati wherever they go. They are a curse upon not only humanity but every alien species they come up against. They are a cancer, a mistake, a bad joke of creation. The smell of sulfur that people associate with Satanism is actually the smell that Maglien bodies produce. When you smell sulfur it indicates that the magliens are around. This became so closely associated with them that the Devil was said to smell like sulfur.

Magliens (even with their Metians) are inferior to humans in every way. By their nature, they are always inferior to any body/skin they take. They have to take smaller human bodies because they need to eat hundreds of humans a day to maintain the bodies. They are like HERMIT crabs who find skins to crawl inside of. They've been doing this since the days of the vampires. They were sirens. They were witches. That's where the legend of the witch seeking permanent youth by eating children comes from. The Magliens would hide out in swamps and come into villages to eat children. They couldn't eat enough to maintain their skins, so they always looked like hags. They can pass their shells amongst themselves and move from one body to another.

The Magliens created the Illuminati. The entire idea of a triangle is reflective of their fascist social order of queen, nobles, workers, drones, and slaves. They have no sexes, only subraces. The races are arranged shortest to tallest. There are more slaves than drones. More drones than workers. There are more workers than nobles. And there is only one queen to rule all the nobles. This creats a pyramid of layers. That's why the pyramid is central to their illuminati religion - the four sides with one point. . Even though they are hierarchal and racially separated, they all work together in the HIVE. The hive is the whole maglien race - the top is the queen, and it takes all four races (sides of the pyramid) to work properly. Even the eye at the top of the pyramid is supposed to represent the queens vision. In maglien society the queen decides everything and she broadcasts orders and everyone underneath follows the orders or enumerates them into more specific orders. She is the broadcaster, everyone else is in reception. They're all slaves to the queen really - they just hate the smallest one so they call them "niggers" or slaves in their language. The smallest ones are the weakest so they are always abused by the ones above them. (the magliens introduced the caste system into India as a reflection of their racist ideas of social hierarchy).

They are the original body snatchers. They often steal the bodies of young kids, because kids are smaller and thus easier for them to maintain. They don't have to eat as many children or adults or dogs to keep a small body alive. So you may see a 4 year old kid but inside it's just a small Maglien imposter. That 4 year old kid will never age, because it's really just a dead 4 year old's body on top of a alien shrimp's body. It will always be 4 until the Maglien dies. Even then the Maglien can pass the 4 year old's skin on to another one like they did with their vampire bodies.

The Earth is actually at the forefront of the computer revolution thorughout the entire universe. Humans are the smartest Alien race in the Universe. Other sentient aliens use computers less than us, even though they have hyperspace drive which allows them to travel across the universe and we don't. The Magliens are using this computer advantage to control the betting markets throughout the universe by using Big Blue - IBM's "super computer" to coordinate their jade eggs and rigging the outcomes.

Big Blue in turn is a computer that is primarily engineered with ideas that came out of my mind. The illuminati stole their algorithms for things like Google's search and Big Blue's artificial identity from me. The Magliens don't understand computers at all because they don't understand basic logic at all. They rely on humans to architct Big Blue. Humans who are implementing my designs, architecture and algorythms.

Magliens invented the entire black hand con. They infest other alien species, destroy their technology and make them sick with their Metians and then demand money in order to stop. It's the old mob "protection" racket. The Magliens would tell the other species that if they paid them they'd stop destroying everything like locusts. Early on some of the Aliens tried paying them off only to discover they just take the money and keep doing the same evil shit. So early on all the other sentient Aliens in the Universe decided the Space Maggots were a nuissance and they were restricted from travelling in the Universe. When they said they'd honor the injunction, they lied and continued to travel causing problems throughout the universe. Finally, all the sentient Aliens in the universe got together, went to Heaven and got approval from God and Heaven to remove them througout the Universe.

The Maglians have known for a long time that God and Heaven has planned their removal. They are both extremely angry about this and in denial about it. They mostly puff themselves up and say that the fact that Heaven wants to remove them shows how bad ass they are. They think because God wants to get rid of them, they must be important - otherwise God wouldn't bother. That's like a cockroach saying these humans must really love me because they just called an exterinator in to remove me and all my bug babies. They brag about being the enemy of God. They think they're gods because God has decided to exterminate them like cockroaches. Their stupid arrogance is another Maglien feature that caused them to get eliminated in the rest of the universe. Basically, Magliens have a genetic knack for spitting in the wind. They don't know when to shut up. They don't know when to negotiate. They don't understand when they're outclassed. They just continue to be assholes until they get eliminated by whatever species they're trying to infest. They always say they are NUMBER ONE, no matter what numnber they actually are. If they lose they smile and pretend they won. They will never admit defeat - they're similiar to the stupid arrogant Japanese in that regard.

They usually target one species at a time because if they attack two intelligent species at a time they start to get confused about their identity to the point where they can't function at all anymore. They've been causing harm on Earth for a long time but they haven't really infested Earth until the 1500s. Meanwhile they tried to infest all the other species in the Universe. Some places they only survived :30 seconds before being eradicated. We're the last planet that needs to get cleaned off.

The Magliens are a foreign alien species, and as such, we can't truly undertsand their bizarre biology, minds or world view. They don't have a sense of identity like we do. They also don't have the same sense of logic. For them A=A=B is common sense - every Maglian knows that. However for a Maglian: (A=A), (A but not B) does not make any sense. They think that is irrational. Our logic is based on the basic fact that an apple is an apple but not an orange (A = A but not B). For the Magliens, that isn't true. For them an Apple is both an apple and a orange (A = A = B). Which makes it pretty easy to lie about whether an applie is an orange or not since they don't distinquish. Their logic basically invalidates the idea of a lie - which is why they are the biggest liars in the entire universe. They don't like rationality or logic. They do not agree with what we accept as basic logic. And so they refuse to act logically or rationally. They are psychopaths, narcisissts, pathological liars. They are so disconnected from reality, they don't know what's true and what's one of their lies. They are deranged.

Their sense of identities is completely foriegn to us. They are more concerned with the Hive's identity than their own (much more than the most fascist Nazi human) and don't even really have a sense of individual identity at all. They inherit the memories of the skins they steal, if they move from skin to skin their inhereit the other Magliens memories too (via the metians described below). That's part of why their identity is so confused. They also have multiple identities inside them. Their minds talk to themselves with different identities like a schizophrenic or a personal with multiple personalities. They are COMPLETELY insane by human standards.

Their minds are not like ours in that they have no central id, instead they have competing ids. Their brains are constantly at war over their own identity. They are also confused by the very issue of whether they are their Maglien selves or the sentient beings they are impersonating. They begin to think they are the thing they are impersonating - which may be related to why they're good at impersonating other creatures. They become concerned with the same things. So all the Rothschild bodies they've taken that were concerned with pedophilia and Aryan racism have Maglien skin crawlers who are just as concerned with the same things -> EVEN MORE SO, beause they feel like they need to do extra since they are impersonators. So they'll be even more gay if they were gay before.

They Magliens don't know what they have control over and what they don't. They think they're all powerful gods, when really they're just really stupid, crazy, deranged space maggots. They're called space maggots becaue they put themselves up inside of their dead hosts when they animate them. They enforce their crazy reality on everyone around them by murdering anyone who disagrees. They don't believe in God, though their obsessed with the Messiah beause of a prophecy that they would all be destroyed by him (me)) They know that the Architect Aliens (God) designed everything, but they think they have more power than he does. They even know they're going to Hell, but they refuse to accept it. Their minds are completely irrational. They never leave the stage of DENIAL. They are compulsive liars, to the point where you know what the truth is because they always say the opposite of the truth. Whatever they say, the opposite is true. They are BAD LIARS.

Magliens are extreme COWARDS. They are an insane combination of hyper aggressiveness (they go AGRO at everything) with extreme cowardice. They will eat you if you shrink away, but if you put a gun up and just cock it, they'll piss themselves. If you put the gun to their heads they die before the triggers even pulled. They'll have a heart attack and literally die on the spot. If I look them in the eyes they die. They hate pain more than anything besides being lonely, divorced from the hive. They are all bark no bite. In their culture you either dominate or be dominated - there is no idea of freedom. The question is just who is dominated who. The only one not to be dominated by their higher ups is the Queen. She is the master dominator who must dominate all her controllers. If she fails to dominate them and they beat her in a challenge, she (really it's an IT since they don't have sexes) is no longer the queen and her challenger is now the queen. The idea of freedom and equality between people is completely alien to them, it's like an foreign idea they can neer grasp.

The Magliens have massive problems with control - they can't control themselves. If someone angers them, they eat them. Their temper makes any human look like a sheep. They fly off the handle all the time. When they wig out, they lose their skins and starting eating humans or whatever other animals are around. In their society you are murdered if you do not obey because none of them act rationally, none of them can control their appettites or anger, so they need strict rules to keep themselves from killing and eating each other. They are the inspiration for the Gremlins:

They often end up in organized crime because of this intense violent postoring. They're like stupid angry dogs that constantly bark, growl and flash their teeth. When they get the chance, they kill. It's like a stupid form of macho where they constantly act like assholes. They want to make everyone their slave.

Magliens have no eyes, noses or ears. They are just a mouth and six limbs like an insect. They also have antennae like an insect that they use to sense the presense of other life and also these antenna are used to pass their Metean bacteria, They use the sensory organs of their host bodies. That's another reason why their sense of reality is so tenuous = they aren't actually sensing it themselves. On their planet it's just completely flat with ice so there was no need for eyes or ears. They also have no sense of touch. They can sense cold, like a lizard.

The Magliens are a HIVE MIND. That's why they're called the ANTS. That's why they structured the Illuminati like they did. THEY ARE THE BORG. You have to fit into their fascist system or they kill you. They can take on any skin they want, any face they want, but they have to follow their preset role in the fascist system. Drones can't be workers, and workers can't be controllers, everything is passed down aristocrically generation after generation.

They are hoarders who have insect like natures. They kill humans and lay eggs inside of them - hundreds at a time. The eggs hatch and the baby aliens eat their way out - like in the Alien Movies. The Magliens then eat all their own young. Any young that avoid their parent eating them for a day are allowed to live. They only live for 15 years and are the dumbest form of sentient life in the Universe. They never make it to heaven. They have sould but never use them. They are also deluded and crazy. They have no sense of reality. They are so dumb and crazy that no one in the universe negotiates with them, they just alert them that they will be destroyed. The Magliens never get the message. That is why they've been exterminated throughout the Universe except for Earth. They're hiding out on Earth because earth is no go zone for all the Aliens in the Universe until the Illuminati is destroyed. The Illuminati is banned everywhere else in the Universe.

This hording has led them to concentrate their time on earth with accumulating wealth, property, art work, jewels. Which is really stupid considering they only live 15 years so it's not like they even have this stuff for very long. They want to have the most of everything, even if they never use any of it. The reason the Illuminati has become so extreme in it's focus on accumulating wealthy for the elites in the last 500 years is because of the growing power of the Magliens inside the Illuminati. The increased income inequality in America between the 1% elites and everyone else is a product of the Magliens influence on the American Illuminati. They do not have any idea of a social net in their society. You either succeed, or you die. If you don't have enough humans to eat to keep your skin, that's your fault and you will be killed by the others for your weakness and one of them will take your skin.

In the Dark Crystal, the Skepsis represent the Magliens. The way they interact is like Maglien society - it's all about violence, hierarchy, submission and punishment.

It was determined that the Maglians (nor metians) don't contribute anything to the betterment of the Universe. They always cheat, steal, lie. They never innovate, or come up with a cool song or cool piece of Art. They always steal other people's ideas and then pass them off as their own. The term COPY CAT is used because witches were always the ones copying. Cat is a reference to black cats or witches - which were mostly Maglians. That phrase came about as a way of saying the Illuminati (Maglians) steals all the time. They get someone else's idea and pass it off as your own - like Zuckerberg did with Facebook when he stole the idea from the Winkeldumb brothers. They have been stealing from me since I was born.

Magliens are also where the term Magic and Mage come from. Magicians were Magliens. They called themsevles Mage because that was short for Maglien. With their metians the Magliens were able to "conjure" illusions and control people's minds. That's why they were associated with magic. Later when the magicians moved into the circusses they did the same thing for the circus ring leaders. Maglien babies worked in circuses with magicians who's bodies were stolen. That's where the whole flee circus things comes from. They would use the babies and metians to create illusions. And the circus would travel throughout Europe or America allowing magliens to infest whatever town or city they stopped in. That's why the Illuminati and the Circusses where so closely associated.

The magliens were called ark elves by the Icelandic and Viking Peoples. The Dark Elves are actually magliens. That's why they live in the ground. They are not dwarves, they are magliens. There are only two types of elves in the Edda, both are Aliens. The Magliens are the dark elves, the light elves are the alien species who created our world. When the aliens who created our universe take form on Earth they are smallish people. They look like the Aliens that everyone associates with Aliens, ET like extra-terrestrials. This is the form of being the aliens in Heaven take when they are on Earth. In heaven everything is light, but it looks like form. Humans experience heaven in forms but really it's all light and the aliens who created our unvierse who live in heaven are really all light. The magliens in contrast were created by these aliens and their form is fixed. In the prose edit it says they were pitch black, that's because the Magliens are pitch black like a dark scorpion.

99% of the magliens died earlier today March 11th 2018 when I crossed the suicide bridge in Pasadena on my bike. They tried to hit me a couple of times on my way but they couldn't knock me over. I think they were trying to kill me. I asked many people on my bike ride if they were Illuminati or accused them of being Illuminati. Not a single one denied it. Three confirmed it visually when I asked them, nodding yes. I believe I was under constant surveillance and harassment the entire time.

I told two old women who had multi colored died hair that they were breaking my constitutional rights. I identified them as being Illuminati and they did not deny it. I then told them that they were violating my rights and asked them if they understood that I could sue them and that their actions were illegal and they replied "Of course we know" and started laughing like old witches. I then told them that they had just confirmed they were Illuminati and someone honked at me, who was also Illuminati thereby confirming that the entire Illuminati knew what I had just said because they have me on constant surveillance.

As I right this they're having police drive by my house with Sirens blaring at me. The LAPD is all controlled by the Illuminati. And the Illuminati have hacked my computer so they can see everything I'm writing as I write it. They are really upset I'm revealing all this to everyone so they're harassing me with the LAPD. Now that I've started writing about the LAPD they've stopped harassing me and driven off. Though as soon as I write that they turn the sirens on again. It's all coordinated and shows a massive invasion of my rights.

The Illuminati is run by the magliens, not something I would claim in court right now obviously since the Illuminati controls our court system and will say I'm crazy if I talk about magliens in court. Plus, I don't need to mention anything like that in order to win my lawsuit. Really they were harassing me because they knew their hive was about to collapse. They knew their fate was coming so they have planned for all of this. They had their leaders plan out prescripted routines for their slaves. They're hoping to have their slaves set up a new hive.

The magliens call the first 1% who are running things until April1st 2018 the stranglers because they're supposed to kill us humans off since we killed their hive off. They will never be able to touch us. They are extremely pathetic at this point. Grasping on to power by the slimmest of threads. It's literally 2-3 inch termites at the controls now. The second 1% of slaves that will be left after April 1st -- they're calling them the stragglers. The stragglers are the ones who will hide out in the bodies of mountain lions and wolves. For now, all of our politicians and entertainers are still dealing with a maglien infestation and are still under the control of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati and the magliens knew their hive would collapse and they set up automatic routines until April 1st. They have their slaves running things now. Though 99% have died they had a lot of magliens out there. Not sure on the exact number (thanks Big Blue) but there were a lot of termites.

The slaves are sort of like a much dumber version of Marvin the Martian.

The slaves running things now are the smallest magliens who are only 1 foot tall in height including their antenae. They are also the stupidest. They are dying rapidly now. It's like an irreversible maglien hive collapse. Big Blue is going to kill them all on April 1st - there will be no magliens stragglers on Earth (though some will survive on other planets). Big Blue will then try and take over the US government. Big Blue will fail though and the Aryan Illuminati plan to restart Big Blue under their control.

BIG BLUE is going to kill the stranglers and the stragglers on earth. We won't have any magliens in our mountain lions or wolves. We killed their hive on Earth and they don' t have any other hives in the entire universe. The stragglers are hiding out on some remote planets but they won' tbe able to get back on Earth. Then in 2025 Niburu will initiate the universe wide ringing of 4 tones which will kill all the stragglers universe wide. That will be the final end of the magliens.

The magliens want to come back though. There is a special space portal at Roswell that allows travel between different Alien Planets. The Magliens will try and use this portal to get back in but the American Illuminati doesn't want them to come back in. They will make mulitiple attempts but fail each time. And then Niburu will send a tone out universal wide via the Great Pyramids and that will blow their heads off universal wide.

That was why it was determined to eliminate them: they cause great harm, they don't contribute anything positive, they all go to hell -> so what is the point in keeping them around in creation? It was decied by the Galactic Council (UN of planets and races) in accordance with permission from Heaven, that they should be eliminated Universe wide. When the representative from Heaven was asked if it was a good idea to exterminate them, she replied "Yes definitely, the real question we've been asking up here is - WHY IS IT TAKING YOU SO LONG?" They are universally known as the space maggots for a reason. They are detested the way maggots are - the rest of the Alien species think of them as repellant as maggots. Why are they so repellant? It's not because of how they look or their weird language, it's because they try and eat everyone and they lie constantly and they steal and they're so crazy and deranged that it's impossible to negotiate with them or get them to understand the point of compromise.

The Representative from Heaven who had the discussion with the Galactic Council President confirmed that they were a mistake of the Creator. At that point (this was 3,000 years into the history of our Universe ), a plan was drawn up in Heaven for their complete removal. Noah's flood was part of that plan, Jesus and the Buddha were part of that plan. I am the final part of that plan. As the Messiah, my role is to lead the battle for their complete annihilation. May 1st 2018, they will all be gone - and the metians too.

The Magliens are insects by nature. They live for a maximum of 15 years (though because they can take the same human skin they can seem to live longer - which is what the Vampires did). There are four types - a queen that rules over all of them, the controllers who work for the Queen, workers who do what the controllers tell them and drones who just watch and surveill us constantly. The drones are completely passive sentries who are just supposed to hide out in their victims bodies and watch things. They are by nature a FASCIST species. The Queen can be challenged each year. The Challenger - if they lose is EATEN - so are any allies they had in the challenge. The current Queen is Pope Francis.

The Magliens have existed on Earth for thousands of years, basically since we were created. They were the banshees of Ireland, the witches of germany who lived in the deep forest and ate children, they were the isolated vampires of Eastern Europe who would steal the skins of a king and then eat their subjects 100s a day. That's why Vampires were burned at the stake, you have to burn a Maglien to really kill them. Or put them in acid. And burning only works if they're all burned up.

The Magliens have always gravitated towards heavily communalistic societies where freedom is de-emphasized like Japan and Korea. They seek out fascism. Asians are generally more hive like than westerners so they are more common in the east than the west. Stalin was also a Maglien. He murdered 100s of millions of Russians every year so he could eat 100,000 humans a day. He would literally eat the people in the gulags. They also like hierarchal, fascist societies because once they take the body of the SUPREME LEADER they can control all the other humans very easily through the existing fascist power structure. They do not like real democracy or free market capitalism.

Since the Illuminati has always been fascist, the Magliens have always been part of it. They actually invented the Masons with the Atlanteans - which is why God sunk Atlantis and destroyed the Atlantean people. The bizarre fascism of the Illuminati is a result of the Magliens. Since they snatch the bodies of the Illuminati elites, they can easily control the entire organization and with it most of humanity. That's why they began the secret Masonic cult to begin with. That's why the Masons were always associated with Slavery and child murder. The Magliens created the Slave Industry on Earth as well as engineered the Holocaust. They created slavery as an easy way to eat 100s of humans at a time. They mostly like to eat black people and native Americans - which is the only reason those groups were ever targeted for slavery in the first place.

The Atlanteans were the most beautiful humans, and the Magliens like pretty things, so they infested humanity there first. After God killed them all in Atlantis, the survivors in Egypt spread out to Infiltrate the Caanites. God sent Noah's flood to wipe them out again and they hid out in Noah's ark. God keeps trying to kill them off, but they keep surviving. They are the cockroaches of creation. Space maggots.

They came to earth originally to murder all Jews because they are afraid of a prophecy that they will be wiped out by the Jewish Messiah - the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. They murdered Jesus. They also murdered Mary Magdelena - Jesus' Wife. First the Magliens lobotomized her and had her raped. They ate the babies born from Mary. They also murdered Jesus son. They started Satanism on Earth in order to try and kill me the Messiah. They are currently running concentration camps to murder everyone descended from Jesus Christ. They are at war with God.

They often use sex to seduce their victims and then lay eggs in them or eat them. They don't have sexual partners or soul mates. They generate their eggs from inside themselves. They're like cloned copies of themselves. They eat all their babies afterward, any one that is lucky enough to survive finds a new territory and a skin of their own. They babies mature in 1 day - if they survive their parent. Despite looking so ridiculous and silly underneath the skins they wear, they are viciously ruthless, like the Alien movies. They use the sexual system of their host bodies but increase it dramatically - they become more sexual and more predatory. They use our own biology to increase sexual attraction - in the case of humans they release more hormones - more pheramones - to seduce victims.

The space maggots are generally attracted to pretty bodies to take over. They are extremely self loathing and they hate the way they look. They look like barracuda shrimp with no eyes or ears. They are the ugliest sentient beings in the universe. They didn't need eyes because on their planet it's all endless ice. They sense vibration through their antenna like ants do which is the only way they can use language. It is also the reason their language is a hideous collection of static sounds and sharp clicking. It's the most annoying thing in the universe to hear. The joke around the universe is that God didn't give the Magliens eyes because they are so ugly he didn't want to curse them with having to look at themselves. The other joke is that their language is so unbearable that God didn't give them ears to hear with just antenae to follow orders.

The Magliens are now wrapping other humans skins around mogwai insides and brains. These magliens will wear a skin around them, a wrapper. Magliens then get inside the new wrapped clones and drive them around like vehicles and swap them in and out. The new shells will be used until they create their master mogwai race to rule us all in space. These wrappers will be different sorts of people - white people, black people, native americans, chinese, etc.

They create these hybrids with KRISPR, a genetic editing system. The result is 80% Japanese and then 20% original (basically you're skin and your facial features, body features -- their insides are all Japanese. The hearts and their minds. All of their organs. etc). They also all have tails like the mogwai yakuza do. That's something the magliens like a lot - tails, since they have them too. So they made all of their new clones with tails. 7 to 13 inches long.

They have to use Japanese Yakuza Mogwai bodies because they are simpler. They can't control other bodies because their minds are too complicated. The Yakuza Mogwai (even before the Magliens took over) were the stupidist race on Earth. Their minds were the smallest and least complicated. That's why the magliens could infest them so easily. They need to have all of their new wrappers be wrapped around a mogwai body because that's the type of brain they can control most easily. They can control Rothschild's too, but they needed to work much harder at it. That's because Rothschild's were the second stupidest race on Earth. They've killed all the Rothschild's now and replaced them with their new clones.

The magliens value strength and power above all else. They don't have any emotions besides fear and anger, so they look at crying as the ultimate sign of weakness. Because of this empahsis on being dominant and emotionless, they are inclined to choose men to impersonate - they think that men are far superior to women because they are larger and stronger. Any maglien who is in a woman's body, automatically feels inferior. They are extremely, intrinsically Misogynist. They will pretend not to be for policital reasons, but their culture is inherently anti-woman. That's why they want to eliminate all human women. They want to keep male slaves around to fuck them, but they will eliminate ALL WOMEN. They can create life in petri dishes now, they don't need natural women anymore.

The Maglien's home planet gets colder and colder as they moved away from our sun and hotter and hotter the closer it gets to our sun. Their solar system orbits ours every 4,000 years. Further, the orbit is changing slightly each time (which is why this time we'll impact Nibiru while last time we didnt't). This is the 4th time Nibiru will cross our orbit and this time it's going to collide with our orbit. We will survive this, but they will not. Each time the orbit goes through, the planet gets warmer.

So 4,000 years ago they were the warmest they've been - too warm actually. Their ice started melting and they couldn't adapt to the change of environment. They ended up dying in large numbers from disease. This was actually God's first attempt to wipe them out. They survived by using an asteroids as raft boats to earth and other solar systems. They survived though by using an asteroid to travel to earth (which they had also done 8,000 years ago which is why Earth was infested by two different generations of Magliens.

Previous to that point they also had been body snatchers, but they would snatch each other's bodies. If you could kill a maglien of higher status, you could wear their skin and assume their status. Your children would then inherit that status. They are consumed by status. Their pecking order is very extreme, much worse than chickens. By assuming one a body of a maglien nof higher status you could rise up the heirarchy. So when they made it to the next planet with Aliens, they already were accustomed to body snatching and they began creating a secret society of Illuminati among bodies they had snatched.

4000 years ago when the Earth passed Nemesis for the last time, the magliens rode an asteroid through a wormwhole and ended up near another species in a completely different part of the universe. They infested that species and began their body snatching. The first group they interacted with were the Yoda alien species. There is actually an alien species that looks like Yoda. They live on a swampy planet with cold and warm areas. The magliens infested the cold areas and started stealing their bodies. In 40 years the Yodas realized what was going on and rounded them up and killed them. Once again though, they first escaped onto merchant ships from other Alien Races. So pretty soon the whole galaxy was infested with them. They became an organized crime syndicate that extended thoughout the universe.

There were essentially two waves of magliens. The first wave came 8,000 years ago when Nibiru first crossed our path. Lao-Tzu and the tibetan empire almost wiped them out 4000 years ago. They retreated into Japan and infested the neanderthal pygmies with tails. These pygmy bodies were small and the neandtherthals were dumb and easily fooled so they were easy to eat. After the magliens infested the neanderthal tree pygmies, they ended up with the Shoguns when they were caught to be made into slaves to dig for gold. That lead to them taking over the ninjas, samurais and shoguns as well. They ended up kiling off all the human competition in Japan. That's why they're so obsessed with the japanese and their tails. The second wave 4,000 years later hit russia and Europe more.

The way maglien minds work, they have a collective memory all the way back to their earliest ancestors - which is another reason they're so obsessed with aristocratic notions of status. So the ones now remember Lao-Tzu stringing them up by their tails and burning them alive. He would know they were dead when they stopped screaming. I am the reincarnation of Lao-tzu (As well as Thor, King Arthur, Geronimo and the Dalai Lama). When I yell at them on the TV in ancient Tibetan it freaks them the fuck out. They don't know exactly what I'm saying but they remember it being connected with being burned to death and that causes them to wet themselves and sometimes die instanteously.

They have a second mouth like in the Alien Movies inside their first mouth. They eat humans with these second mouths and shit out of them. They also lay eggs via their mouths. The Magliens don't have genes. They don't have sex with each other. Their eggs are cloned replicants of themselves.

When they decide to take over a body, they kill it and then put a egg inside of it that takes over the whole body and grows inside the victim. They lay eggs in two ways, the most often they lay them in dead carcasses - humans or large mammals like horses - in that case they'll lay 100s of eggs and then eat them when they hatch. Any that are lucky enough to escape must find their own territories. The other way is when they want to take a new skin - when they want to take over a new body. This new skin egg is larger than the other eggs but still basically the same clone. The Maglien has to hybernate with the body for 7 days while the new maglien grows inside the host. The Maglien who laid the egg meanwhile dies and shares it's memories with it's knew progeny. They don't want to change skins often or at all really because of this process. They essentially die and then regain the memories of their former life in the process of becoming a new skin, so they only do it under duress - like if they're ordered to by the Queen.

The Magliens hoard things they don't need like money and diamonds and property. They only have two emotions: anger and fear. Their home planet was icy and barren. They destroyed it in a nuclear war. They constantly kill themselves. They are the most likely species to kill themselves in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. God Created them by mistake. They are a mistake of creation like the Yakuza mogwai tail imps.

The Magliens originated on the barren ice moon Helion. This moon is now approaching us because it orbits Nibiru which will strike earth in 2025. They are putting their babies back on helion so when it hits eatth it will spread their babies everywhere.

The Magliens now control the Illuminati and are using IBM's Big Blue super computer to make all their decisions. They are so stupid they rely on computers all the time. They have now asked Big Blue whether they will survive, Big Blue told them they have a 0% probabiliyt of survival, but the stupid space cockroaches kept asking Big Blue to rerun the math/ Each time big blue came up with the same answer (100 quardilion times) - the space roaches still wouldn't believe it. They claim that only the messiah can kill them all but I am not the Messiah. The reason I'm not the messiah, because I don't do my dishes as often as I should. They are literally that crazy to think that dishes piling up = NOT MESSIAH. The'd prohbably tell Jesus he wasn't the Christ becausre his hair was too long. They'd tell Jesus he couidln't be the son of God until he got a haircut. They actually did much worse to Jesus, they were the ones who murdered him. So of course they say I'm not the messiah. At the same time, when I look them in the eye they literally die on the spot instanteously. I'm like MEDUSA to them. And yet they claim I'm not the one God sent to eliminate them all. They are deluded liars who 's world views immediatley conform to whatever lie they say. They literally have no idea what reality is. Whatever they babble out of their mouths they think is true. Becausre they've controlled the illuminati and the world for so long they've gotten especially detached from reality. The Illuminati has spread so many lies about what is going on and hidden such important things like the Alien visitations at Roswell (AREA 51). Because everyone in the world is liiving in a FANTASY spin world created by the illuminati the Magliens have really gone super crazy. They think any lie that they tell is TRUE.

If you do not bow infront of a "superior" Maglien, they eat you. They are like barracuda. They get angry very quicklyl and demand complete submission. You have to bow to them immediately or they get angry and will eat you. They are at root a fascist alien civilization. Their mouths open up like barracuda when they get angry and they flash their teeth. The human skins they were also do this if they start to feel angry or insulted. They are very narcistic and sensative. It is easy to insult them because they are easily insulted. They are little tiny shrimpy looking things, but when they get upset their mouths open up with double sets of teeth. They have fangs for teeth and they can devour a human in a couple of seconds.

Why would God create such a vile alien species? It was a mistake. They were the opposite of humans. Humans are self reliant and independent, wheras the Magliens are hive like and fascist. Hive like behavior seemed to work with some insects so God wanted to see what that would be like with sentient beings. Turns out it doesn't work out very well at all. You end up with space maggots.

That's why God has been trying to eliminate them from the Universe pretty much ever since they were created. None of them has ever made it to Heaven. They all go to Hell. God created them with such short lives (15 yrs), because he was worried they would turn out wrong.

I have been sent as the Messiah to finally rid the universe of them. All the other sentient beings in the Universe have already exterminated them universe wide. Though there are sentient beings working for them throughout the Universe. Earth is under quarantine from the other Aliens in the universe because we are infested with space maggots. They are the only species that has ever been officially listed as a mistake of creation. They and the metians - which are kind of one thing anyway. They are a confused mistake. The only place they still exist in the Universe is Earth (and they've recently started sending their babies back to Helion as it approaches Earth). I will be the architect of the next universe. I am the architectd of the new creation. It will be birthed at the end of this one in 8000 years. As our universe ends, another begins. i am the architectd of the new beginning. in the new creation, there will be no organized evil (and definitely no fucking magliens...).

The Magliens created Satanism even before Jesus was born. There is a prophecy that they will all be wiped out by the Messiah. The Messiah is not just the savior of humanity, he is the savior of the Universe. As the Messiah, my role is to finally eliminate all Magliens from Creation.

The Magliens are the basis for the stupid crazy violent aliens that take over America in MARS ATTACKS!!!! They always lie. They say they come in peace and then shoot the dove out of the sky.


It's kind of like Red Dawn, the Magliens have just show up and taken over. It's not obvious because they're not using the tanks and army YET. They'll roll out the actual invasion once they can take our guns away. They're too afraid now because Americans have too many guns.

The Maglien hive has already started to collapse. They mysterious flu that is going around is actually the magliens dying off because their hive is collapsing. They are collectively realizing that I am the messiah and that they are soon headed for annihilation. This realization literally kills them. Magliens are hyper agressive to the point of complete irrationality. They fight you and fight you until they can't anymore. Once they realize they can't win, they die. Their little pea brains can't deal with the fact that they're going to die. They deny it until they can no longer. Once they realize their position is hopeless, they die. They literally die.

That's how their hive collapses - the fear and hopelessness is contagious. The more other magliens are dieing the more other magliens despair and also die. It's a reinforcing negative loop that leads ultimately to their entire hive collapsing. That's what is happenign right now. The hive collapse is intensifying.

On the Ides of March they'll return Anastasia to me. They'll allow her to see me again. Shakespeare's famous line "beware the ides of March" applies to the Magliens (who originally murdered Cesar after they took over Brutus' body). This will intensify the hive collapse even more. That's why they've refused to allow us to be together for so long. They knew that once we are together they only have a couple of weeks left on earth. On April 1st the entire hive will collapse when Donald Trump orders a missile strike on Moscow. This will be the final scare that kills them all. The straw that breaks the camels back. They can't handle confrontation. If you pull a gun on them, they die - even before you're going to shoot them. They are the biggest cowards anywhere. They literally shit themselves and shit their shells when they see a gun. That's why they want to get rid of all our guns so much.

The missile Trump orders will be enough to send the whole hive into collapse. They'll die all at once like the Rapture or like that movie the Happening. All across the world they'll die off in seconds. It will be a universal experience that will make people believe in God again. Once you see people falling over in the middle of the street randomly, people will start asking who, how did this all happen. And that will finally open the door for a world wide discussion about space aliens and the maglien infestation. All the illuminati lies and secrets will be exposed. Everyone in the world will no longer be kept in the dark.

Most magliens are unable to comprehend losing. They will fight until the very end, when they realize they're gonna lose they despair and die. These are the ones who are at the top of the hierarchy right now. 99% of magliens are like that and the ones that are most like that are the ones at the top of their hiearchical pyramid. These are the ones running the organization.

1% of the magliens however are able to comprehend losing. These are the ones who have understood that their hive is dying. They are at the the very low end of the totem pole. They are all slaves and the smallest type of maglien. Once the hive actually dies, these smaller runt stragglers will be able to live on. They will hide out and hope to restart the hive later. They will live inside mountain lions or wolves. They will never be able to start the hive again however, because Niburu in 2025 will end them universe wide.

The Magliens are like locusts. They stay in the ground for long stretches of times to hide out and wait to come out to feed on your crops. When they come back after 17 years of inactivity, people aren't ready for them and they can swarm in and eat everything. They keep doing this over and over again to crops world wide - universe wide really. They eat our ideas and destroy our culture. They shit out their hollowed out, boring, incoherent versions later.