MAGLIENS ARE WIMPS - THEY CAN'T DEAL WITH REALITY Magliens can induce species wide amensia. They share memories and can remember thoughout time by storing memories throughout their species. For instance, they remember killing Jesus Christ and his wife Mary Magdalena.

Certain things they don't want to remember, like when Lao Tzu murdered millions of htem in China. These memories are blocked out species wide. They can be recalled like when i speak in Lao Tzu's voice they remember lao tzu and they all start dieing from fear around me.

the magliens also blocked out the destruction of their moon Helion - one of the first times the creator attempted to remove them from the universe. Their home became way too cold for them and they all started freezing to death. Only a few were able to make it to Earth on an asteroid. This lead to Earth's first infestation when the asteroid crash landed on Earth.

The Magliens also created the idea of Satan but then forgot they created it. They intentionally don't remember that they created it. Actually they didn't create it, the Caanite Jews created the idea of Satan but the Magliens thought it was awesome. The Magliens really liked that Satan had a tail like they did (really the Caanite Jews were inspired by the Magliens to create Satan so of course it would look like them).

The Magliens don't want to remember that humans created Satan in 500BC because they still pray to Satan and expect Satan to help them out. They think Satan is like their God. The Magliens may be little insects, little ants, little termintes and God is this all Big Creator Dude, but the Magliens got Satan and he's Big like God!!!!

After the Magliens wiped their memories of who created Satan and the humans had all forgotten that Satan was fake, God started using Satan against the illuminati and the magliens. There is no Satan but their are 5 humans in Heaven (angels) who impersonate Satan when the illuminati tries to talk to Satan. These fake Satans mislead the illuminati and are working with our Creator and everyone else in Heaven to rid the Earth of the illuminati and the Magliens.

So there is no Satan to answer their Satanic prayers, but the Magliens and the Satanic Illuminati still don't understand that. The magliens used their collective Amnesia to wipe their minds. The illuminati don't remember that far back either. If you notice though, there is no mention of Satan in the Old Testament. He only shows up in the New Testament.

The Magliens don't want to remember they created Satan because they're expecting Satan to bail them out and defeat me the messiah and God for them (as well as the Army of Heaven). That's why they've blocked the creation of Satan out of their collective minds species wide.

The collective amensia is a survival mechanism. it's like our denial but on a collective mass species wide level. it's also related to their lack of logical abilities. for magliens, A = A = B. An orange equlas an orange equals an apple. It doesn't make sense to us, but it makes sense to them.

This illogical worldview makes it easy for them to say hey maybe this chunk of our collective experience just didn't happen. The magliens are already partially detached from reality so blocking out all of reality for a period isn't that unusual for them.

That's part of why the Magliens like titanpoint so much - they relate to amensia. Give the humans amnesia while they sleep! Every night the illuminati spends trillions of dollars at Ttitanpointe to wipe American's memories and suggest false memories and beliefs into our brains.

the magliens are hyper agressive as long as they feel optimistic. They must feel like they can win and they are so deluded and detached from reality they think they can win most of the time. That's why they block out memories of things like when Hellion killed most of them. Those memories remind them that their hive may all die. If they feel despair they die. If you put a gun to their head they'll die before the trigger is even pulled.

as a collective insectoid species they don't care about their individual beings - they are only worried about the hive, the success of the entire species. It's a very fascist way of looking at things where the individual is worthless in relation to the group itself. That's why they'll sacrifice themselves so easily like the Japanese did with their idiotic kamikazi pilots.

magliens have no paranomral or magical powers they can't inhabit humans with magical powers because people with magical powers are too smart - it requires a high level human brain to do things like ESP. So magliens only inhabit stupid people like the Rothschilds and the Japanese.

The Magliens have faked some powers through their shared memories. The magliens shared memories are like ESP but they are not truly a paranormal power. They are not ESP because they are not communication. Magliens can share memories with each other but they can't talk to each other's brains like humans can who have ESP.