The metians are another alien species that evolved with the Maglians in a symbiotic relationship. The Metians are the size of bacteria. They live inside us. The Magliens bring them wherever they go. The Metians also infest our bodies and the bacteria is used to control our perceptions of things and to suggest into our minds. The Magliens work with the Metians to confuse humans or make them think things are true that aren't. They can make you forget things. They can suggest ideas in your head. They drive you slowly crazy.

metians can live anywhere other bacteria does and they have different types that all work together as a system. The can live in your gut, your nose, your epidermis (armpits, groin), inside vaginas, in your hair etc. Each type does a different thing with the ones in the gut controlling the whole system. You can't take antibiotics for them or wash with anti-bacterial soap to get rid of them. Those things actually help them because they kill our natural bacteria that fight the metians and kill them. The best thing to do is to increase your amount of good bacteria - good cheese is the best, along with homemade yoghurt, kefir, and eating nuts. Too much sugar can feed the metians and make them stronger and more numerous. (though sugar in the rights amount is a good thing). They don't like citrus either - orange juice and lemon juice in particular. Once agina, premade stuff is dangerous. Orange Juice is only good if you squeeze it yourself from the organges. You can't trust anything you buy at the supermarkets. Sparkling water is also good and fights metians. Idealing it's mineral water that has minerals in it. These minerals combat the metians. Most of the sparkling water is good, but it's expensive (unlike Europe where they give sparkling water out by default.)

One sure fire way to kill metians is to go to hot springs. Natural hot springs kill metians really fast. That's why you feel so good in a naural hot spring even after you leave it. The minerals in the water go into your skin and kill the metians. Of course, not many people in the US are near hot springs - but if you are, it's a great way to kill metians and make youself feel better for all sorts of ailments.

It's commonly accepted now that our bacterial system is intergral to our minds. We don't realize it but human decision making is also happening in our guts not just our minds. That's where the expression "gut instinct" comes from. Your gut thinks, and the way it does it is through intelligent bacteria in our guts.

Human scientists are just beginning to figure this out but what is really happening is that some bacteria is good for you and other bacteria bad. On each side of this good bad distinction some of the bacteria are actually sentient. Bacteria goes to Heaven and Hell to. Bacteria "races" like the metians are evil bacteria that are trying to hurt us. They work with the Magliens to enslave other creatures. They can make you sick physically and also drive people crazy.

This is a metean. It attached itself to my nose. The thing was huge - it was in one nostril and this is only HALF OF IT!!! It had wrapped itself around my whole nostril and was choking off my air. It was hard. Not like a bugger, but like scab except it wasn't a scab. I never cut the inside of my nose. It just grew inside there. I had to pull it out like it was burrowing into the inside of my noise. Every time I pull them out, they grow back. I had a problem with them a couple of years ago and then i got rid of them in my nose, but they came back like a plague recently. They also have ones that literally eat at your asshole while you're pooping. It's like a barracuda eating your butt every time you shit - SO PAINFUL. The metians where how the old witches - who were actually maglians - uses to create warts on people. They didn't do it through toads, that's a myth, they did it through metians.

There are certain things the metians do not like. They don't like tinfoil. They won't infest things that are wrapped in tinfoil. They can live in our refrigerators which is why it's important to wash out your frig with bleach to kill them off periodically. They hate chocolate and coffee. Tobacco smoke kills them. They also hate marjuana. That's why eating chocolate or drinking coffee or having a cigarette wakes you up, improves your mood. These substances have this effect because they are killing metians inside you. That's also why the Illuminati has tried to destroy our food supply. That's why Americans can't get good chocolate but Europeans can. That's why we have sucky starbucks coffee and they have the best italian espressos. That's why we can't get any good cheese in America. True Blue cheese and other forms of cheese with bacteria, kill Metians. Eating blue cheese (the expensive imported kind) is good for your body - it kills the Metians thereby improving mood, reducing anxietey and increasing energy. The best cheese to get is the stuff that is made according to traditional methods -either European or American. Processed cheese doesn't have any bacteria in it to fight the Metians. And now the Illuminati has infested the cheaper cheeses blue or otherwise with metians. Port Wine cheese is bad for them. That's why the Illuminati has never let America have good cheese and when they do it's super expensive compared to Europe.

Coffee is good for you. It sharpens your mind. It repels metians. Metians do not like alcohol either. Alcohol does not usually kill them but it makes them sick (like it makes us sick but on a stronger level since they're smaller). It also weakens them and usually will kill them on your skin, so if you spray cologne or perfume on your body, you kill them on your epidermis (your skin). I spray cologne on my hair, underneath my arms, around my groin area, and on my chest and wrists. I can immediately tell they die off from the alcohol in the cologne. Drinking alcohol does the same thing from your inside out. It won't always kill them but it'll make them sick. They don't like that. Alcohol without sugar is the most effective at hurting them (Russians drinking vodka constantly suddenly makes a hell of a lot of sense). So gin, vodka, scotch, whiskey. Wine and beer are less effective because they turn into sugar eventually which allows them to come back faster (they eat sugar for energy.)

The Illuminati's attack on our food supply is also why our meat supply is contaminated with bacteria and laden with good bacteria killing antibiotics. This isn't just a case of big corporations being too cheap to inspect our food - really it's a conscious attempt to poison us. The high amount of antibiotics in American meat is meant to kill the good bacteria inside us that are battling the metians. Other things are spreadying bad metians. Yakult is all metians. Dannon Yoghurt is all metians. The Illuminati are consciously planning this all out. They are destroying our food supply. By having meat high with antibiotics, we are losing our resistance to the metians because we are losing all our good bacteria. If everyone has Yakult or Dannon they are fllooding their body with metians.

After the Maglien hive collapse on March 11th 2018, the Meatian Masters and Metian Masters have had a massive die off as well. Each however had a slave class as well. Their slaves are alive but they they are dimumintive stupider versions of a the stupid Me(a)tian race.

These slaves don't know how to use the controls on the nanotech the Illuminati has built for them to attack our bodies with. They were never taught to read and don't know how to use the controls. There are basic manuals but they can't read them. Their masters never wanted them to know how to use the controls because they were always afraid of a slave mutiny. So now the Me(a)tians slaves are at 35% of the former Me(a)tian capacity. They will all die off inside us when the slaves finally all die on April 1st.

It's important to remember that not all bacteria is bad. You have a lot of good bacteria in you too. Actually most of the bacteria is good. 95% of the species of bacteria are good for you, only 5% are bad.

Feeding your body with things like yoghurt made from scratch (you can't trust the stuff you buy at stores), is good for you. That good bacteria fights the Me(a)tians. Some of that bacteria is sentient too. Their are 19 species of good bacteria and only 1 bad species (Me(a)tians). Meatians and Metians are actually the same species so they don't count as a differnt sentient species. This bacteria goes to heaven too or hell in the case of Me(a)tians. There is litterally a war between good and evil going on inside of your body. This is close to the Chinese understanding of medeicine where there is a yin and yang inside you - one good side vs one bad side.

Smoking has been increasingly restricted and made prohibitively expensive throughout the US, because the Magliens don't want us to use tobacco because it kills metians. The magliens/metians want to stop us all from smoking because it kills their metean bacteria which makes it harder for them to control us. Smoking actually makes you think more sharply, more rationally. That's why the native americans always smoked a peace pipe filled with tobacco when they were ending an agreement. The peace pipe was the last chance for anyone to change their minds. By smoking, they were trying to be as hyper rational as possible before agreeing to any agreement. Smoking only kills you if you are evil. Western medecine refuses to acknowledge the moral dimension to our health because the Magliens control our doctors - doctors have always been controlled by the Illuminati. They used our presidential doctors to murder 4 of our presidents. Smoking only kills you if you're evil. If you're good, it doesn't have any effect. Second hand smoking is all illuminati bullshit. It doesn't exist. If that was true, then children of firefighters should be constantly sick from second hand smoke they bring home from the fires they put out. The illuminati controls our press, they contro our doctors, they control our scientists. Together they all made us think smoking is evil. They did this because smoking is good for us and they don't want us to do it anymore. Second hand smoking is a myth as well. You have to smoke tobacco directly for it to kill you - and it only does that if you are going to hell already.

The metians rely on an army of nanotech organisms to attack us now. These nanontech, bacteria machines were created by evil Illuminati doctors and scientists. These are microscopic machines made up of living bacteria. The metians are the like little blobs who have giant nanotech robots at their disposal. All the bio-engineered food now hides this nanotech stuff and metians as well. With these nanotech machines controlled by metean bacteria - which are like really realy stupid humans - the illuminati is now able to attack us on a cellular, biological level.

Don't eat tomatoes, lettuce or kale - it's just bio-engineered nanotech stuff the metians use to attack you with. Leafy produce is easy for the meteans to get on top of. Even if you clean your salad thoroughly it will have metians in it. Organic doesn't really help either because organic is all controlled by the illuminati and is just an excuse for them to charge higher prices. Organic food is all a lie, it is often bio-engineered or dowsed in chemicals. The only way you know if something is really organic is if you grow it yourself.