All of the words we consider hate speech were originated by the Illuminati. They are all words that are a corruption of the Maglien click language. The Magliens always ran the slave trade. Their click language was used in the slave trade and made its way from their into the illuminati.

The Magliens created the word Nigger. That's a corruption of the click sequence they'd use in their own click based language for the word slave. Ng... gr... -> Nigger.... similarily Negro was a corruptio of Ng.. gr-ow... which means a big slave in their language.

Bitch was also a corruption of the Maglien langauge. B...itch.. say the two syllable appart like B..... itch.. while saying "itch" party real fast. That's a click sequence that the Magliens use in their langauge for slaves who do not follow orders. For the Magliens, Bitches were just slaves who were uppity. Bitches were slaves that wouldn't take their proper order in the pack. That's also why it was applied to dogs since dogs run in packs with alpha-males dominating. The dog association is actually how it made it back to being applied to woman in English. Because these dogs that wouldn't accept the order were women, women who wouldn't accept maglien patriarchy were called "BITCHES.".

Faggot was also a corruption of their click langauge. IT means in Maglien - slave I want sexually. ..F.. git... Since the Magliens are all aroused by themselves, this turned into short hand for sex between the same sexes. Magliens don't have sexes but when they became human they took on sexes but were only attracted to their own sex. Most magliens wanted to be men because men were bigger and more powerful so they all became homosexual men. So faggot became a word for man I want to have sex with and then later a gay man.

I use the word "nigger" in the maglian sense - slave. And i use the word for white people, black people and asian people or whomever - it doesn't denote race to me, just a status as a slave. I view all humans in a fascist society as slaves. By using "nigger" for non white as well as white people, it robs the word of it's racial associations. Lenny Bruce said a lot of the same stuff, that's why the illuminati locked him up and later murdered him.

I also use "bitch" in a similiar way - for someone who won't accept their position. Not nesc a slave, but anyone who won't accept what's fair and already written. To me all Malgiens are bitches because they won't accept their apocalytic destiny. They constantly attack me like little bitches because they hate the fact that I'm going to destroy them and they can't escape their fate.