The first pedophiles were infested with Magliens. Magliens are little aliens that look like grasshoppers with tails. They live inside of human beings. The Magliens first infested the Atlanteans and the Ancient Japanese Empire. The Magliens liked the bodies of the Atlanteans because they were pretty but their minds were very very dumb so they were easy to control. The Atlanteans were like soap opera idiots who fed their own children to sharks.

The Magliens targeted the Japanese Mogwai for the same reason. They are incredibly stupid, plus their small so it's easier to sustain their bodies after they're dead and being reanimated. The Magliens are like Hermit crabs that wear human bodies as their shells. They are like body snatchers who get inside people. Historically, they are what is known as devils and being under their control is what is really happening in demonic possession.

Magliens are attracted to our human children. They see them as small versions of themselves and in their culture they rape their smaller versions, their slaves. They murder them and eat them. The magliens don't have children, they lay eggs inside of bodies to hatch. Their hatchlings mature within a day like the Alien in Aliens. While the hatchlings emerge from the corpse they've been taking nutrients from, the parent maglien tries to eat them all. Any that survive past the first day are fully mature and able to defend themselves.

To the magliens, our children look like their slaves who they rape and eat. The magliens have three kinds - big ones, middle size ones, and small ones. The small ones are the smallest and are constantly raped, murdered and eaten. To the magliens, our children are like their slaves - they desire them sexually, want to murder them and then eat them.

Sometimes the human the Maglien is coexisting inside can restrain these urges but any human with a maglien inside will always want to sexually abuse children, murder them and eat them.

Pedophilia didn't exist on earth until the Magliens brought it. God did not create humans to be pedophiles and we would have never thought of it except some of us became infested with magliens. The magliens now infest the entire Catholic Church and that is part of the reason the Church can't be reformed. The Magliens will never abandon pedophilia and child murder and eating humans.