The magliens - who are an insectoid culture who are organized like cannibal ants - brought slavery to Earth. They brought their fascist system of slavery that is based upon their own alien insectoid culture.

In their culture, some Magliens are smaller than others and they are born into slavery. The reason the Magliens are attracted so much to black people being slaves is because they also collect black things neurotically. They collect black stones, or pieces of coal. It's like ravens with sparkly things.

The Magliens were originally afraid of African slaves though because Africans were bigger than the smaller Asians who they had first infested. Magliens have trouble controlling bigger bodies. They need to live inside a human body and wear it like a skin. If it's a big skin, they have to eat more humans to keep it fresh. So at first they avoided trying to make African's slaves but then enslaved them while fearing them and desiring them sexually at the same time.

The very first slaves were the Japanese. The Magliens brought slavery to Japan first. And then they brought it to the caanite Jews who were born with tails. The Jewish Caanites became the slave traders of the ancient world and brought slavery to Africa.

The first people the Jewish Caanites enslaved where other Jews. After 300 years of enslaving other Jews the illuminati caanite Jews enslaved one entire tribe of Jews and then began taking Arab slaves as well. The Arab slaves and Jewish slaves interbred for 400 years and then they started enslaving Africans as well.

That was the first time Africans became slaves.That's not for lack of wanting to make them slaves, they just couldn't. The little caanite ants were no match for the Africans.It wasn't until the atlanteans helped the caanites that they were able to enslave Africans.

The Atlanteans were also big slave traders. That was one reason God removed them from the face of the Earth in Noah's great flood.