God didn't want to have his own children. He thought it would be interesting to have humans that were more like God's than humans but he thought that would be unfair to the humans who were not God-Like.

The illuminati forced him to have God-Like humans in order to counter weight their power and control. Jesus the Christ, Sidartha the Buddha, and I the Messiah, Anastasia the Staz, Faye the Boo are all God's Children. We are all God-Like.

It is well accepted that Jesus was the Son of God, but so was the Buddha and so am I and so is Staz. Staz and my children with also be Children of God. Faye my first child is like Jesus Christ - God's first Child because she is God's first Grandchild who is also God-Like. Mary Magdelena was also a child of God who had God like powers but the children of Jesus and Mary did not have God-Like powers - they were human and mortal in a human sort of way.

Christ was immortal but allowed his life to be taken. When he was put on the Cross, Jesus just bled and bled out of his wounds but continued to preach and answer people's questions. People would see blood flowing from the Hill where he had been Crucified and they would climb the hill to talk to him. He lived for months and moths on the Cross - which is where he got the name The CHRIST. That wasn't a name given him until the period where he lived on the Cross and continued to preach and answer questions.

The Roman/Jewish/Mason illuminati were so embarassed they took him down after 4 months and decided they would behead him in front of all their Masonic group. Before they had crucified him, they had tried to have lions eat Jesus at the gladiator style games. They wanted the Romans to see Jesus eaten by the king of the animal kingdom the lions, but the lions refused to eat Jesus even though they hadn't been fed for months.

The illuminati had created a problem by Crucifying Jesus - that is what made him the Christ. Many who didn't believe in Jesus, didn't think he was divine, didn't think he was a child of God, began to believe when they saw him continue to talk and preach to them after he had been nailed to a cross and had bled so much inhuman amounts of blood that the whole hill had been stained red and the ground was all wet with his blood.

The illuminati didn't want to repeat this embarassment of keeping trying to shame Jesus in front of people so they decided to try another way to kill him but this time they did it behind closed doors. They had tried to have the lions eat him, they had tried to crucify him, they tried to light the cross he was crucified on in fire but Jesus blood put out the fire. They next resolved to take Jesus into a secret ritual temple they had underground and cut his head off. They wanted to show Jesus that even if they couldn't kill him in front of Jesus followers, they could kill Jesus in front of themselves - they could force him to submit.

So they set up a machine sort of like a guillotine. While Jesus continued to lecture and preach to them, they hooked his limp body that had been bleeding for months onto a machine that had a big blade that would drop to cut off his head. The illuminati masons basically told Jesus "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE, NOW WE GOT YOU" and then let the blade fall on his neck. In a fraction of a second the blade had separated Jesus' head from his body.

The illuminati roman masons cut his head off and Christ's head kept preaching and lecturing the roman Jews on their fates in HELL. The illumianti were all freaking out at this point because no one had ever seen a head keep talking like that. Before JEsus death heads didn't talk after they were cut off their bodies, after Jesus death they do for a while up to 16 minutes in recorded history. That's a message from God that even though the illuminati Cut Jesus' head off, he kept preaching the truth. We humans can't keep doing it forever, our heads die evenutally, some of them very quickly but others will continue to talk for mintues after they've been separated from their heads - which happened a lot during the french revolution when people's heads were cut off a lot.

Jesus head never stopped preaching even though it had rolled over to the other side of the room. The illuminati masons were all freaked out like they had just seen a monster or a ghost. Jesus lectured them on hell and how it was real and God had created it just for them. Jesus told them in 2000 years they would have their heads cut off just like his was but that their heads would not speak after they were separated from their bodies.

God's message was that there was no way to eliminate the word of God. Jesus was the word of God, he was God's love. He was not God's vengeance but he was the messenger of God's coming vengeance. His message was a message of love because he was warning of the coming apocalyse but he was not the executioner of the Apocalyse like me the Messiah. God's message was that by killing Jesus the illuminati were sealing their own deaths - the death of the entire illuminati.

So JEsus was truly immortal but he was ultimately killed by burning his body in a well of acid. After they had cut his head off they illuminati tried to douse it in oil and burn the head but Jesus' Head continued preaching even though the head was on fire. The fire would not burn up his head it only formed a halo around it - a glowing flame of truth around Jesus - the message from God being that Jesus' words would burn the illuminati - that love and truth would conquer evil even if they killed Jesus. God's message was also that the fires of retribution were coming for the illuminati.

Jesus even told them that once he was dead his powers would grow phenomenally - that when he became a martyr his legend would grow and he would become unstoppable. He told them that he could have continued to live if he wanted to as a ghost upon Earth but he would let them take his life because by doing so would gurantee that he would win the war, that God would win the war against the evil satanic illuminati.

Jesus essentially dared the Satanic illuminati to murder him. He gave them the Obi-won-kenobi speech - when you strike me down you only serve to make me stronger. JEsus version was even bigger though - when you strike me down you seal your own doom. My death is the end to your salvation. When you choose to Kill me you choose to kill yourself, your bloodline, your way of life. By killing me you annihlate yourselves completey. He told them they were fools and laughed at them as they dumped his head down the well leading to acid at the bottom.

As jesus's head fell down the well he laughed the entire way. The romans all defecating themselves and pissed themselves in their fear at Jesus Curse. At that point they thought JEsus was a clown and a temporary nuissance. They had stupidly believed that they could kill him in 3 days on the Cross as they did thieves and murderers.

And then Jesus came back in the resurrection which was the ultimate fuck you to the illuminati and the ultimate establishment of Jesus immortality. Jesus even fathered a child during his resurrection. Jesus appeared in 3 different places during his resurrection. One of those places was with Mary and they had sex. Jesus resurrection was not as a halo'd ghost - it was a living and breathing person. The message from God being that despite killing Jesus, he was still very much alive. So much alive that he could create a child with Mary. He was alive for 3 days in 3 different places at the same time. This was another message from God that Jesus word would live on as well as his blood line with Mary.

Mary the Magdalena (Mother of All) was also immortal. The illuminati roman jews couldn't kill her either. Instead they lobotized her. Paul the fake apostle then raped her. After she had been raped by him for 10 years God let her die and go to Heaven. God no longer wanted to allow her body to be defiled by Paul. While she was lobotized her soul had already left her body and become a ghost which travelled throughout the earth and helped organize the newly formed Gnostic Church that spread Jesus' words throughout the ancient world.

God's message by letting Mary suffer was that despite her suffering she was creating good - she was seeding the fertile ground for the Christ's message. As Jesus suffered so Mary had to suffer before death. Her suffering was longer but it enabled her to guide the church 10 years after the murder of her last born child she had with Jesus the Christ. She was also able to look after her other children while a ghost helping to protect them as they escaped the clutches of the illuminati roman Jews.