Korean Teenagers Have the Cops Stop Me in S. Pasadena

While trying to sell some records in South Pasadena so I could get some recreational marijuana and some food I was stopped by the illuminati police and accused of stealing my own bike. Being harassed by the police is one thing, but the really odd thing was that the police were being directed by Korean teenagers, who were watching while I was being harassed by the police.

THe illuminati wanted to stop me and then take me for another forced psychiatric hold like they did in on October 4th. Then they "detained" me for hours in hand cuffs as they searched my house. They brought out 10 cops and 2 detectives and revealed they had a file on me and had been watching me. They accused me of being a threat to the police because I had written "187 on all mother fucking cops" after being weekly harassed by the police.

Because I had threatened them, and because I owned a gun, they had gotten a judge to OK a search warrant. They "detained me" on the street in handcuffs and then in the back of a squad car while they searched my house, only showing me the warrant and explaining what was going on AFTER they had already done the search. During the search they photographed all my books and destroyed certain aspects of my property like breaking a limb on one of my trees and tearing part of my Wisteria vine down.

This second attack in South Pasadena was supposed to escalate the police attacks and threat of incarcination for using my free speech. This time they accused me of stealing my own bike to which I replied that was ridiculous. The Amrenian cop told me that people had called and reported me as "suspicious" and they believed I had stolen the bike I was riding. When I protested that it was ridiculous for stopping me just because I had a bike they cop asked me if I had a bike lock.

Now, I don't carry a bike lock because I'm the Messiah and no one can steal my bike, but I can't say that to the cop because then he'll say I'm crazy, so I told him that bike locks are heavy and I was just out to do some quick errands and didn't need to carry with me. After 10 minutes of being accosted by the cop, I was allowed to leave and move on. The entire time the Korean who called over the cops watched as I was being harassed.

The whole incident began when I was crossing the street in South Pasadena. I was revealing that the illuminati were all paying to slow down my record selling. The illuminati didn't want me to get any money, so they were stalling on deciding how much my records were worth. I was pointing out people's license plates as people who were paying to harass me, then a latino driver drove past me in a weird truck thing that had the front torn off it. I video taped the whole thing, so here's a still from my videos.

As the latino drove by, a Korean in a black "bandito" mask honked his horn at me - really loudly while I passed him. I flipped him off and then he looked over at the latino, like I can't believe he did that to me. He looked all scared and babyish.

I got his license plate on the back before I passed him and flipped him off. The car was a Touring Edition Honda Civic with the license plate: 7GWX450.

He then turned his car around, doing an illegal U-Turn and then started stalking me through South Pasadena. He double parked for a while in the middle of the street while having someone send me telepathic messages that he was going to beat me up. I just laughed at him which pissed him off. The guy probably weighed 110 lbs - he was "dainty". I later found out the Korean band BTS - the K-pop band - paid to have the guy harass me and stalk me.

The guy stayed in his car and just stalked me through South Pasadena. I walked back to the video store and was making fun of him when the video store guy came running out of his store to let me know how much he could buy my records for. The video store guy is illuminati, everyone in the stores, everyone on the street, everyone driving through, they were all illuminati. The guy ran out to give me my records because the Koreans were so angry at me for making fun of them.

When I got out the store, the Korean guy was still there stalking me. Altogether he stalked me for 4 blocks. It was at this point that I realized he was Korean. He had taken the mask off so I could see he was Korean. Before that with the bandito mask, I had assumed he was Latino. He took the mask off though and I could clearly see his face now - the face of a Korean teenager. Later when he signaled to the cop, he didn't have his mask on so I got another good look at him confirmed he was Korean.

The Korean stalked me another two blocks until I got to the intersection of Freemont and Mission. At that intersection, the Korean started waving at me and pointing at me and screaming "him him him". I didn't realize what was going on and then I saw there were cops on the other side of the intersection that he was directing to arrest me. The cops didn't want to arrest me though, they were just sitting there.

The Korean was getting more and more agitated and honking pointing over and me. Meanwhile the Korean was having people send telepathic messages to me that I was going to get arrested. The Korean guy's tires were pointing towards me weirdly. Finally the cop turned on his lights and came over to stop me. You can see Manukian's license plate here clearly: 1514166.

I thought this was all ridiculous, I couldn't believe that some Korean kid was getting me arrested and then the Squad Car's lights came on and officer Manukian, an Armenian cop got out of his car and stopped me because he said there had been "calls" and he said that people believed my bike wasn't mine and I'd stolen it.

I laughed at him and was like, of course it's my bike, that's ridiculous. I told the cop, you mean anyone can call now and say I look suspicious and maybe I stole my bike? And the armenian cop was like Yeah, exactly. He seemed to realize though that he couldn't do anything so he asked me whether I had a bike lock. AT that point I realized they were trying to make me look insane so they could have me put on a psychiatric hold again.

Manukian even used an illumianti had gesture while he was harassing me.

I was getting more messsages that the plan was to have me put on another hold, this time for 3 to 6 months. There would be no trial, and they'd use everything I was saying to the cop to justify the hold. The cop asked me why people would be making such calls accusing me if I didn't steal my bike. I told him that the illuminati harasses me and then told him about the guy stalking me.

The cop didn't care at all about me telling him I was being stalked, he just moved on and said that he was going to take my license and the number on my bike. Meanwhile, the Korean guy had done an illegal U-turn right in front of him to circle back to a parking lot where he could observe me getting harassed. The cop was supposed to commit me again, but instead they deciced to try and put a spell on my bike so that it could get stolen.

This fixation on my bike is partly because I'm using my bike to demonstrate that I am actually the messiah. Despite all the illuminati hating me, I can leave my bike anywhere without a bike lock and they can't steal it. I've demonstrated that numerous times in videos and the illuminati wants to stop me from doing that.

The Korean wasn't happy though, he wanted me arrested. BTS the korean band bad promised all their Korean and Japanese fans that they'd get me arrested and committed for a long time. The K-pop bands all have money from Korean Organized Crime. They are running the illuminati right now with the Korean Femme Nazis. The aremenian cop actually checks in with them by looking at them while he's doing the bike thing because the Koreans are so pissed the cop isn't comitting me.

I started outting some of this and got video of the Korean car sitting there watching me getting harassed, so they ultimately decided to just let me go. As the cop drove off I noted the Korean had called in a second cop to back him up but that second cop had disobeyed the Koreans orders and just waited at the intersection. As I went by him, he just drove off.

Meanwhile the Armenian cop couldn't get out of traffic because he was in the wrong lane and couldn't back up. The cop could have caused an accident by stopping me but the Koreans just want me harassed, they don't care if they cause an accident.