The Parable of the Goat-Kid, Jesus the Christ and Mary the Mother of All

(based on a short chapter in Phillip K Dick's Valis Trilogy...)

The small animal - the first Jesus the Christ and Mary the Mother of All released from the cages where all the animals were being held - crept into Jesus' arms. He and Mary held it and it thanked them. Both of them felt its gratitude.

"It's a little goat" Mary the Mother of All said, examing its hooves. "A kid."

"How kind of you," the kid said to them. "I have waited a long time to be released from my cage, the cage you put me in I might add Jesus the Christ and Mary Mother of All."

"You know us?" Mary said surprised.

"Yes, I know you," the kid said, as it pressed itself against her. " I know both of you well, although you two are really one. You have reunited your sundered selves I see, but the battle is far from over, the battle has only just begun."

Jesus the Christ said, " I know this creature."

The little goat in Mary the Mother of All's arms said, "Yes you do know me Jesus the Christ, I am Belial the Liar who you imprisoned. And whom now you have released."

"Belial," Jesus siad, "My adversary."

"Welcome to my world," Belial said.

"It is Jesus the Lord's world," Mary Mother of All sternly replied.

"Not anymore, Mary Mother of All." The goat's voice gained strength and authority. "In your rush to free prisoners, you have freed the greatest prisoner of all. I will contend against you, deities of light. I will take you down into caves where there is no light. Nothing of your radiance will shine. The light will be gone soon."

Belial continued, "Your game up to now has been a mock game in which you played against your own self. How could the deities of light lose when both sides were portions of themselves? Now you face a true adversary, I who grew out of chaos and now draw chaos out of order. I will test the powers that you possess. Already you have made a mistake; you freed me without knowing who I am. Belial the Liar had to reveal who he is. I had to tell you. Your knowledge is not perfect - you can be surprised. Have I not surpised you?"

Mary the Mother of All and Jesus the Christ were silent.

"You made me helpless," Belial said, "placed me in a cage, and then you felt sorry for me. You are sentimental, deities of light. It will be your downfall. I accuse you of weakness, the inability to be strong. I am He Who Accuses and I accuse my own Creator. To rule you must be strong. It is the strong who rule; they rule the weak. You have, instead, protected the weak; you have offered help to me - your enemy - at my weakest. Let us see if that is wise."

Mary Mother of All interjected, "the Strong should protect the Weak. The Torah says so. It is a basic idea of the Torah; it is basic to God's Law. As God protects man, so man should protect the disadvantaged, even down to the animals and the noble trees."

Belial responded, "This runs contrary to the nature of life, the nature you implanted upon it. This is how life evolves. Life evolves through the competition of the strongest and fiercest eliminating the weakest and meekest. I accuse you of violating your own biological foundations, the order of the world."

"Your paradox betrays itself. Your mercy breeds destruction. Yes, by all means, free every prisoner; loose a tide of murderers on the world. You have begun with me. Again, I thank you. But now I leave you; I have as much to do as you have - perhaps more. Please let me down, I wish to destroy the world."

The Goat-kid leaped from Jesus' arms and ran off; Mary mother of All and Jesus the Christ watched it go with great pain. As the kid ran it grew larger and larger.

"It will undo our world, " Mary Mother of All said to Jesus the Christ.

Jesus replied, "We will kill it first." Jesus raised his divine hand and smote the goat; the goat vanished.

"It has not gone," Mary knew. "It has concealed itself in the world. Camouflaged itself. We cannot now even find it. You know that it won't die; other than at our hands. Time is on the side of the kid. The Goat will only get bigger."

In the other cages the remaining imprisoned animals clamored to be released. Mary and Jesus ignored them; instead, they looked this way and that for the goat whom they had let out - let out of prison to do as it wished.

"I sense its presense," Mary Mother of All said.

"I, too," Jesus the Christ said somberly. "Our work is being undone already."

"But the battle is not over," Mary said hopefully, "As it said itself, 'the Battle now Begins.'"

"So be it," Jesus declared. "We will fight it together, the two of us. As we did in the beginning, before the fall. Before this war began."

Leaning toward him, Mary the Mother of All kissed Jesus the Christ.

Jesus felt Mary's fear. Her intense dread... and the dread that lay deep within him too.

What will become of them now? Jesus asked himself. The people who he wished to free. The people who he wished to be free. What kind of prison will Belial contrive for them with his endless ability to contrive prisons? Subtle ones and gross ones, prisons within prisons; prisons for the body, and worse by far, prisons for the mind.

The Cave of Treasures under the Garden: dark and small, without air and without light, without real time and real space - walls that shrink and, caught tight, minds that shrink. And we have allowed this, Mary and I, Jesus the Christ thought. Unwittingly, we have collaborated with the Goat-Thing to bring this about.

The Goat-Thing's release is the deities of light constraint, Jesus realized. A paradox: Jesus the Christ and Mary the Mother of All have given freedom to the builder of dungeons. In our desire to emancipate we have freed the one who crushes the souls of all the living Jesus realized.

The Goat-Thing will affect everyone in this world, from the highest to the lowest. Until we can return the Goat-Thing to its box; until we can place it back within its container -- until then the builder of dungeons will build dungeons.

And now the Goat-Thing is everywhere; it is not contained. The atoms of the air are its abode; it is inhaled like vapor. And each creature, breathing it in, will die - Jesus worried. Not completely and not physically, but nonetheless death will come. We have released death, the death of the spirit, lamented Jesus the Christ to Mary the Mother of All. For all that now lives and wishes to live. This our sad gift to them, done out of kindness.

"Motive does not count," Mary the Mother of All said reading his thoughts.

"The road to Hell..." Jesus the Christ began. "Is paved with good intentions," Mary the Mother of All completed his thought. Literally, Jesus thought, in this case. That is the door we have opened: the door to the tomb. Mary read his mind and frowned.

I pity the small creatures the most thought Jesus. Those who have done the least harm. They above all do not deserve this. The Goat-Thing will single them out for the greastest suffering; it will afflict them in proprotion to their innocence and weakness... this is its method by which the great order is unbalanced and the Creator's Plan undone. The Goat-thing will accuse the weak and destroy the helpless; it will use its power against those least able to defend themselves. And, most of all, it will devour the little hopes, the meager dreams of the small and meek.

Here we must intervene, Jesus the Christ said to himself and Mary. To protect the small. This is our first task and the first line of our defense against this great evil. We must protect the innocent, the weak, the meek.

Mary the Mother of All read his thoughts and said, "It is agreed. This is our first task -- to protect all those who need protection. We will win the war against the Goat-Thing but first we must protect those who are targeted most for destruction - the innocents - those who are the weakest and the meekest.

And then Jesus the Christ and Mary the Mother of All vowed to win the war against the Goat-Thing and the evil and ruin that it brought to the world. This war lasted many lifetimes but in the end the Goat-Thing was returned to its cage never to be released again and the innocents were protected - the weak and the meek no longer had any cause to fear the blackness of death and blood of destruction.



This parable is an ancient one that Philp K Dick was channeling while writing. I have changed the names around to reflect the full message of the parable. Phil Dick had to change things around to get this published without the Catholic illuminati censoring its publication. I'm returning the parable to the state it was when it was told as part of the gnostic gospels circa 200 AD.

The goat is animal that destroys things by nature. It doesn't necessarily mean to - that's just what it does. Goats eat things up. If you own goats you have to keep them away from things or they'll eat them up, from your clothing to your crops. By nature Goats destroy things, that's why they are a symbol of the illuminati's destruction of God's creation.

One of the morals of the parable is to be careful about being too merciful to Goats. If you are merciful to a Goat it will still eat up your crops, eat your sweater and chew through your tax records. The goat doesn't get the concept of mercy. You can't reason with the goat and tell it that you'll lock it up in a prison if its bad and eats things. The goat doesn't get that it's escaped from prison and will get thrown back in if its bad, the goat just wants to be a goat and eat things.

The message is similar to The Parable of the Scorpion and the Frog where the frog ferries a scorpion across a lake until the scorpion dies. The frog asks, why did you sting me, now we're both going to die. The Scorpion replies, I can't help it, that's my nature. In the case of the Goat-Thing, it cannot help itself even when it's a kid goat. By it's nature goats wants to eat things, to destroy, to mangle. The Scorpion by it's nature wants to sting and kill. The Scorpion's impact is more immediate while the Goat-Thing destroys over time, but the moral is the same.

Goats are also ill natured - the but each other's heads with horns, they bite each other (and humans all the time) they will kick at you spit at you. They are ruthless competitors who seek to kick and spit their way to the most edibles. They are never satiated and always eating whatever they can pry for themselves. They are a natural symbol of the illuminati since they ruin things and take for themselves while hurting others, the collective good and nature itself.

Goats will overgraze a pasture whereas Sheep and Cows naturally know when to stop eating. Cows have a lot of fat and can stop eating for long periods if they notice that the grass is going away. They give the grass time to grow back - they protect the grass. Sheep will also slow down their eating cycle if they're in a pasture that's dying. Goats however will keep eating until they have eaten EVERYTHING. They will then start dying from starvation if someone doesn't free them. They are irrational in a way that sheep and cows aren't. They are the tragedy of the commons as a species. That's a key reason why Goats are associated symbolically with the illuminati.

Those characteristics of Goats are also why the Satanists worship goats and are closely assocaited with them. The Satanists have worshiped the goat and sacrificed goats for thousands of years. The illuminati wears the Goat as a badge of honor, they are proud of being as evil as they are. They are proud to wear goat horns.