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Besides Benjamin Netanyahu's evil Satanic lifestyle, he is a notoriously corrupt politician. He and his ugly, fat, sand-nigga pig wife have stolen billions from Israel.

Netanyahu of Israel was questioned by the police this March as a possible suspect in a third bribery case, the weightiest so far in a string of corruption investigations that are jeopardizing his political future.

Mr. Netanyahu, who has now been questioned by the police eight times in the past 14 months, is fighting for his political life as the allegations against him mount. Last month, the police recommended that Mr. Netanyahu be charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust in two other graft cases involving allegations of illicit gifts for favors and another attempt to obtain more favorable coverage.

Mr. Netanyahu, who has been accused of accepting nearly $300,000 in gifts over 10 years, has found himself and his close associates accused on a variety of fronts:

Case 1000, the gifts-for-favors affair in which the police last month recommended that Mr. Netanyahu be charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

Case 2000, in which Mr. Netanyahu is suspected of back-room dealings with Arnon Mozes, publisher of the popular newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, to ensure more favorable coverage. The police have also recommended charges in that case.

Case 3000, which involves suspicions of corruption surrounding a multibillion-dollar purchase of submarines and other naval vessels from a German shipyard.

Bibi has also single-handedly destroyed Israel's relationship with America. He wouldn't accept Barack Obama as US preisdent, because Bibi is such a horrible racist idiot and he couldn't deal with an African-American President. It's ironic that Bibi is so racist since one of his "fathers" was a Somali from Africa. Isn't Somalia pretty close to Kenya Bibi? What exactly is the difference between you and Barack except that Barack isn't descended from Caanites?

Bibi seems to think that Satanic Caanite Isreal tells the US what to do. That was his attitude with Obama and when Obama told him to fuck off, he started telling the GOP what to do, even being so disrespectful as to come to America and speak before the Congress against Obama.

U.S. Presidents and Israeli prime ministers before Bibi's trip in 2015 simply do not take public pot shots at one another for the world to see. Bibi changed all that.

Netanyahu "used the chamber to put him in a position that the president is often in, addressing the Congress at the State of the Union," Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee told CNN. "This puts him on equal footing with the President of the United States. I thought that was wrong."

The Israelies have lost all touch with reality. They all seem to think that they have the right to tell America what to do. "I know that (the speech) creates some tensions with the administration," Yuval Steinitz, Israel's Intelligence Minister, told CNN's Christiane Amanpour but, "nobody can expect little Israel to keep silent." No but Americans can expect "little Israel" to not expect to have the right to get on the US Congressional Stage and tell our President and our country how to conduct our foriegn policy.

Everyone with half a brain knew that after 2015, most Americans woud hate Israel because of dumb idiot Bibi and his huge fucking mouth. Bibi managed to destroy the historic relationship between America and Israel with one stupid speech. "This is big," said Robert Danin, senior fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations at the time.

Now that dumb Bibi has his Anti-Christ bitch Donald Trump in the White House, Bibi thinks he owns America. Bibi's recent presentation against Iran was LAUGHABLE. It included absolutely no knew information and just retreaded data from a decade ago. It was actually the same exact speech he gave the US Congress in 2015. Bibi looked like a dumb used car sales man who's trying to sell you a lemon that he just tried to sell you 3 years earlier.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's latest accusations about Iran's past nuclear activities received a warm welcome in Washington but a on Tuesday - deepening divisions among Western allies ahead of President Donald Trump's decision.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's dramatic presentation on Iran's defunct nuclear program didn't contain any surprises for the U.S. intelligence community, two U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News.

The information unveiled by Netanyahu with great fanfare on Monday has been known to American intelligence agencies for years, the officials said, confirming the assessment of Washington lawmakers and private experts.

"It's nothing new," Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., told Bloomberg Television. "This is really not groundbreaking - we've known of this for some time."

Everyone laughed at Bibi's "presentation" except for Trump of course. Anti-christ, hermaphrodite Donny loved every bit of it and quickly echoed Bibi's arguments. Of course, only problem is that everyone else thought Bibi was full of shit. A week later, no one is even mentioning Bibi's speech showing just how irrelevant he is and how irrevelant he has made Israel.

Trump tried to support Bibi but not even the White House could ultimately support lame dumb Bibi. The day after Bibi's speech the White House issued a news release saying that Iran "has" a "robust, clandestine nuclear weapons program." The next day the White House changed "has" to "had" and blamed the mistake on a "clerical error." Even the White House admitted that Bibi was full of shit. Iran's program was in the past, they stopped it because of Obama's Iran deal. That was the whole point of the deal. Trump is just confirming that the Iran Deal is good policy and worked. WHAT IDIOTS.