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The wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been accused of fraud, including spending nearly $100,000 in government money on gourmet food. Sara Netanyahu was indicted June 2018 by Israel’s attorney general, who said her “systemic fraud” reached 350,000 shekels ($96,000) and also charged her with breach of trust. It was not immediately clear when her trial would begin. If convicted, she faces a maximum sentence of five years behind bars.

Israeli police said this February that there was enough evidence to indict the prime minister himself for bribery in one case in which he received hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts and another where he allegedly schemed with the publisher of newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

Sara Netanyahu has long faced allegations of abusive behavior and living extravagantly. In 2016, a court ruled she abused an employee and awarded the man $42,000 in damages. Other former employees have accused her of mistreatment

Both Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu were also questioned by anti-corruption investigators earlier this year, reportedly related to a corruption investigation involving the largest Israeli telecom company providing positive coverage in exchange for favors from the government.