Ashkenazi Jews are not actually Jewish. They are not one of the original 12 Jewish Tribes. In his 1976 book , The Thirteenth Tribe, noted and well regarded historian Arthur Koestler showed that Ashkenazi Jews are not Jewish but descendants of the Khazars who migrated to Europe in the 13th century. The Khazars – who converted to Judaism in the 8th century – migrated westwards into current Eastern Europe (primarily Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Hungary and Germany) in the 12th and 13th centuries when the Khazar Empire was collapsing. The bulk of Eastern Jewry - and hence of world Jewry - is of Khazar-Turkish origin, rather than Semitic origin. Here is a full copy of the book for anyone who wants to look into the details of Koestler's research.

If Ashkenazi Jews are not actually Jewish, this invalidates the moral impetus behind the creation of Israel. The "Jews" killed in the Holocaust in Europe were not Jews - they were descendants of the Turkish Khazars. Palestine then was never their homeland - it should have been Turkey.

The interesting thing is that the Khazars don't show up in World History until the 600s. Oddly, nothing is known about them prior to this. Though they ruled an empire that was fairly extensive and influential, they seem to just arise out of nowhere. Soon after they pop up in World history it's noted that in 740 AD the ruling class of the Khazars all converted to Judaism. It was the Jewish faith which became the official religion of the ruling strata of society. The Illuminati Jews ruled Khazar though there were other people with other religions who lived in the empire.

The reason the Khazars just show up in history is they are actually the Caanites. In the Bible it says that the Caanites were wiped out. This is a lie. The Caanites were not all killed by God or the Jews. They were just moved further north. The original 12 Jewish Tribes pushed the Caanites out of their land and forced them further north.

Last year it was discovered that the Caanites for a fact were not wiped out. Genetic Scientists did a well regarded genetic study where scientists reconstructed the Caanite genome. Researchers supported by The Wellcome Trust were able to sequence the Canaanite genome from the remains of five individuals buried in the ancient port city of Sidon around 3,700 years ago. The results were compared against the DNA of 99 modern-day Lebanese residents.

What they found was shocking. The modern Lebanonese share 90% of their genetic code with the ancient Caanites. There is simply NO WAY THIS IS POSSIBLE IF THE CAANITES WERE EVEN CLOSE TO WIPED OUT LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS. The Bible was altered numerous times before being codified in modern times. The Illuminati Caanites wanted to hide that they were incorporated into Judaism so the Bible was altered to say that God wiped them all out. (Which also would have been a case of God performing Genocide which is against the nature of the Creator).

The true story is the Caanites were never wiped out but were subsumed and co-existed with Jews until the 8th Century when they were fully subsumed within Judaism even though they were not descended from the original Jewish tribes. The Illuminati Caanites took over Judaism eventually but for a long time they were the Thirteenth Tribe who were encharged with slave trading, assassination and other things "good" true Jews refused to participate in. Eventually, the money from Slavery and organized crime allowed them to take over all of Judaism and control the Jews. Not all Jews are Caanites but the Caanite Jews were the Illuminati Jews who took over organized Judaism world wide.

This infiltration of the Judaism by the Caanites began much earlier than the 13th century. By the 13th Century, Caanites had become so intertwined with Judaism that they were essentially the same thing. By that point no one even understood that the Caanites Jews who passed themselves off as Jews were in fact not Jews. The Khazar empire was the only place the Caanites would not hide behind Jews and even the Khazar empire was ruled by Jewish converts. When that empire was destroyed, all the Khazar Caanites moved to Europe and told everyone they were Jewish when they arrived. At that point, while the Caanites/Khazars ethnic identity dissappeared as an independent identity. Soon after, the Illuminati Caanites controlled all of Judaism.

The Caanites had been given honory Jewish membership a thousand years before Christ. They were not exterminated but made into the 13th Tribe. The 13th Tribe's job was to do all the evil things that were religiously questionable - slavery, murder, crime. The Caanites were perfect for this task since their worship of Molech already had prepared them to be evil Satanists. The Caanites celebrated adultery, incest, rape, murder, bestiality, child sacrifice. They were perfect to run the slave trade for the ancient Jews so the good Jews could keep their hands clean.

One of the Caanite's genetic traits can still be seen throughout the Illuminati. The snake tongue genetic defect where they dart their tongues out like snakes is a product of Caanite DNA. Here's prince Harry doing the snake tongue at a toddler.