Iran has no nuclear capabilities, it's all hoax

The illuminati loves scaring people with nuclear weapons. It's their ultimate boogeyman. The truth is that nuclear war isn't even actually that horrible. The costs of nuclear war are not much worse than firebombing whole cities. The idea of a nuclear winter was a GIANT ILLUMINATI LIE. Nuclear attacks actually stay relatively localiized. Japan's not far from China yet no one talks about the Radiation Fallout over China after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The illumiunati made nuclear war into a much bigger deal in order to scare people with the idea of a world ending war. The reality is that God would never let us destroy the Earth. It is his creation after all - why give us weapons that could destroy it? That's like giving a 5 year old a gun.

For a long time North Korea has been the world's nuclear boogeyman. North Korea actually never had any nuclear capacity. All of their nuclear "missiles" were just fakes and computer graphics. Kim's father had been professional nuclear boogeyman before Kim. North Korea has been threatening to develop a nuclear weapon and NUKE US ALL!!! since the 1990s. It's all a bunch of bullshit and everyone in the world was getting tired of it. That's why the illuminati now wants to have Iran take the same role.

The Japanese originally chose North Korea for this role because the Japanese are hiding 100s of concentration camps in North Korea that were set up in WWII to genocide Koreans, Chinese, Filipinos and others. By locking North Korea away from the rest of the world, the Japenese illuminati can hide the horrors of what they did in WWII. The Japs were far worse than the Germans, yet we never hear about their concentration camps. What is their Aushwitz? The reason we don't know is because they're Aushwitz's are hidden in North Korea.

Now that North and South Korea are in a 24 hour love fest with each other, North Korea is no longer a credible boogeyman. So the illuminati have chosen Iran to be their other boogeyman. Their are elements in Iran's government that allow them to do this. IRan's goverment, like ours is but to a lesser extent, is controlled by the illuminati. But their people and religious leaders are not illuminati so their control over Iran is very precarious.

President Hassan Rouhani is an illuminati Jewish stooge who is just doing what his Jewish masters tell him. His threats of developing uranium are all fake. Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is not Illuminati. The religious leaders in Iran are not illuminati and they really control the overall government in Iran.

For a while the illuminati had enough power in Iran to get a secret uranium enrichment program going but that was destroyed by STUXNET.

STUXNET was a computer virus the CIA created in 2010 to attack the facilities that were producing uranium. The Isrealies claimed to have developed this computer program but it was really the CIA who made it. And really the only reason the whole plan worked is that God didn't want Iran to have nuclear weapons.

STUXNET completely destroyed everything the Iranians had done. IT was like a whole electricaly plant overloading itself and blowing itself completely up.

The Iranian engineers were spooked by this and thought it was a message from Allah (God) that their project was not Allah's wishes. After that they've never been able to restart the program. The Iranians are much more religiously devout than we Americans are and they took STUXNET as a message from God that they were not supposed to make nuclear weapons (which is what it was).

What we're really doing with these new sanctions President Donald Trump just announced is just hurting the Iranian people because the Illuminati want to destabalize their country and take over. The illuminati will use Donald Trump's new economic sanctions to make life difficult for the people hoping that there will be a revolution and they can get illuminati leaders installed to take over Iran and impose marshall law everywhere and start setting up concentration camps. Currently, Iran is not controlled by the illuminati and they don't like that. The illuminati Jews hate the Iranian people and want to kill them all, just like the illuminati Jews hate all of us Americans. The enemy of our enemy is our ally.

Iran is the primary reason ISIS was defeated. The US helped Iran defeat ISIS. Iran is not our enemy - THEY ARE OUR ALLY. Much of Iran is a young population that is actually very well educated and very exposed to western media. Their young generation is really cool and really just want to do business with us. The Iranians are the Persians (Persia is the old name for Iran). They are by nature a trading fun loving people who used to trade throughout the world. The Illuminati has made it very difficult for them because they are trying to destroy their country.

Donald Trump does whatever the illuminati tells him - especially the Russia illuminati like Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump got so in debt to the Russians they actually own him as a slave now. Donny never had much money really, he always used other people's money to try and get super rich. He has always been a con, a fraud, a hoax. He created false identities to try and convince people he was rich so they'd give him money for his projects. And pretty much all of those projects have been complete failiures financially. Trump University isn't such a great business investment after you factor in getting sued by everyone for fraud.

Trump has been running ponzi schemes his whole life and every time he fails he goes to other people for more money. New York cut him off in the late 1980s after yet another bankruptcy. After that the only people who would give Donny money were the Russian Jews who started to come to NYC in the 1990s and took over the criminal underworld of NYC.

Donny kept getting deeper and deeper in debt to the Russian mobsters until they told him that he had two choices. They could kill him or he could become their slave. He chose slave. The Russians own Donny - he is their literal slave.

When Donny told them that he didn't want to die and was willing to be their slave they told him that he had made a great choice. They then took him into a room where they had doctors set up to partially lobotomize Trump and put in cybernetic controllers in parts of his brains so they could run him like a puppet. At this point Donny flipped out and tried to back out but it was too late and the Russians doctors performed surgery right there in the back of a dirty warehouse in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Ever since then the Russians have Donny hooked up to a computer that controls his speech, motion, beliefs, ideas, etc. He is there puppet. He even said that with the whole COVFEFE thing where he said on twitter that he was happy to be a Russian spy despite all the negative press. (COVFEFE is russian spy lingo to identify a russian spy). The Russians in particular hate Iran as they border them and fight over territory with them. Donny is just doing what his Russian Jewish masters want him to with these cruel and counter productive sanctions.

Besides hurting the IRanian people for no reason at all, these sanctions also foster anti-US sentiment throughout the middle east. We Americans look like massive assholes who are conspiring with Israel at every point to try and destabilize the middle east - which is what we in fact doing. It's hard for Iranians to understand that Americans are good people when Trump and Israell mistreat them so badly.

The other illuminati plan with Donald Trump's new sanctions on Iran is to screw over the American people. The US is going to to start refusing to buy oil from Iran which will drive up gas prices dramatically right in time for the summer driving season. The illumiinati doesn't want American's travelling this summer, so they want our gas prices to all skyrocket.

Ironically, this will help Iran's GDP because Iran will still sell oil to other people, but the US refusal to buy oil from Iran will create higher prices. So Iran's oil becomes worth more and will give them more money overall. Unfortunately, the Illuminati parts of Iran's government benefit from this oil and won't use it to help the Iranian people. They'll just use the increased money to go into more arms and weapons buying.