Israel launched a pre-emptive strike on Iranian targets in Syria. Iran actually responded with their attack.

The illuminati News is reporting it the other way around but that is a lie. The illuminati Jews are just trying to protect illuminati Israel.

Iran and Israel are officially at war now. Iran won the first exchange. All of Israel's old rockets were intercepted. Iran actually has very good anti-missile ballistic systems that they've bought from the Chinese (who ripped off all of their designs from us.). So the Iranians shot down the missiles and forced the planes back.

Meanwhile, Israel suffered numerous casualties as it was unabel to intercept Iran's missiles. Iran ran a cyber attack at the same time as their retalitory missile strike. This cyber attack wiped out Israel's anti-ballistic systems. This lead to massive damages from the Iranian strike. The combination cyber attack maximized the damage.

Which just goes to show that the Iranians are FAR SMARTER than the Israelies and the Isaelies are screwed if they keep attacking.

The scope of the attacks - which Israel called its largest in Syria since the 1973 Mideast war - raised the specter of a full-fledged war between Iran and Israel in Syria, a conflict that could potentially drag the militant Hezbollah and Lebanon into the mix with devastating effects.

Bibi Netanyahu's plan is to tell America they have to support Israel against Iran and try and get the US invovled in the war. Bibi is an idiot. The US will never back Israel in an offensive war - even if Bibi's little bitch Donny Trump is in the white house.

This war is starting because Donny backed Israel in withdrawing from the Iran Deal. Bibi thinks he owns Trump. After Donny was the only one to agree with him about Iran being a threat, he thinks he can attack Iran and have Donald Trump's support.

Israel has been emboldened by President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal earlier this week, and the latest escalation seemed to signal a potentially coordinated surge in military activity targeting Iran.

Iran has vowed to retaliate for repeated Israeli airstrikes targeting its forces in Syria. But it seemed to carefully calibrate its response by targeting the Golan Heights, which Israel annexed in 1981 in a move that is not internationally recognized, instead of striking Israel proper. This is because Iran is preparing to liberate the Golan Heights - which they've been working on since 2015. Once Israel loses territory, their shame will be complete and they will know that Bibi Netanyahu is a useless vile idiot who should be shot.