Israel was founded because of the world's horror at the Holocaust. The Zionists (who actually engineered the Holocaust themselves), used the World's guilt at the Holocaust to justify allowing the Jews to take the Palestinian's land.

And now under the evil leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel has just passed an officiall Apartheid system in Israel to rigidify the informal discrimination that had already created an Israelie state where Palestinians were less than citizens.

Now Israel has an official Apartheid policy like South Africa did. That the world has not reacted more strongly in horror is a tragedy and shows the hypocrisy of the illuminati NWO. Israel is run by Nazis and the Nazi Illuminati New World Order doesn't just not care, they actively support them.

Netanyahu is an evil caanite Jew who's family profited hugely from the Holocaust. Netanyahu and Putin are very close (having both risen up through their gestapo spy forces). Bibi and Putin are closely coordinating the attack on Syrian rebels. They both want to keep Assad firmly in control of Syria. They are both using banned chemical weapons to attack innocent civilians in Syria.

Netanyahu is an IDIOT. He is the dumbest leader Israel has ever had and they've had some really dumb leaders. Netanyahu has no dick or balls. He is a mental retard pedophile and his wife is the same thing. They both wear diapers and can't control their bladders. Bibi chose an extremely ugly wife because he is so gay he doesn't care. He just wants her to cook for him, sexually Bibi is only interested in men.

Netanyahu is the world leader Israel has ever had by far. Is a complete MORON. Besides being a horrible racist as Netanyahu repeatedly demonstrated in his hostile relationship to Barak Obama, Bibi is incredibly corrupt. Like his buddy Putin, Netanyahu is stealing billions from Israel in case Bibi has to flee Israel.

Bibi's wife is a money grubbing whore who is stealing as much as she can as well. The entire family is full of liars, thieves, murderers and Holocaust profiters. Ever since the corruption charges were raised, Bibi has been attacking the freedom of the press, the judiciary, and non-governmental organizations. Netanyahu is just a wanna-be Adolf Hitler.

Israel has for decades been running the occupied territories of Palestine - Gaza and the West Bank - with apartheid tactics. As with black South Africans under apartheid, most Palestinians have been deprived of citizenship in a real, recognized state. Their villages have been isolated by a network of what often amount to Jewish-only highways. They have trouble getting to the hospital through checkpoints. Their territory in the West Bank is patrolled by the Israeli army, and the Israeli state is actively depriving them of their property and giving it to white squatters.

But now the Israeli parliament or Knesset has passed a law openly declaring Palestinians to be second-class citizens. Building squatter settlements on Palestinian land is made the official policy of the state (well, it has been for decades de facto, but now it is de jure). Arabic is demoted from being an official language. Israel is no more a democracy now than Turkey is.

It would be as though the US passed a law designating America as a state for white Christians, excluding African-Americans and Latinos, and making English the only official language. Israel has given up all pretense to being a democracy. Israel has shown - under the leadership of the stupid gay Nazi Bibi Netanyahu - that it wants to be a Nazi fascist state, not a democratic one.

Forcing a people under occupation from their homes, demolishing their children’s school and pushing them off the land they make a living from is not only a war crime, but also serves a clear political agenda: expelling the area’s Palestinian residents would pave the way for Israeli annexation of their land, earmarked for Jewish-only settlements. This would essentially split the West Bank in half and prevent the possibility of establishing a contiguous Palestinian state.

Yet it is abundantly clear that these shameful discriminatory practices do not stop at the green line. Netanyahu’s nation-state law – the latest example of a deluge of discriminatory legislation – is perhaps the final nail in democracy’s coffin, cementing in law a racist doctrine of “separate and unequal”. In Israel, the law states, Hebrew is the sole official language, the Jewish people have the exclusive right to national self-determination, and the “state views the development of Jewish settlement as a national value, and will act to encourage and promote its establishment and consolidation”. This law, which fails to mention the words “democracy” or “equality” even once, constitutionally codifies Jewish supremacy and tells Palestinians like me: you’re not welcome here.

Since Israel occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 1967, 99.76% of the “state-owned land” Israel has allocated in the area has gone to Jewish settlers, who are a mere 12% of the area’s population – leaving a meagre 0.24% for Palestinians, who constitute 88% of the inhabitants. As a Human Rights Watch report states: “While Israeli settlements flourish, Palestinians under Israeli control live in a time warp – not just separate, not just unequal, but sometimes even pushed off their lands and out of their homes.” This holds true across the green line, where Israel is scheduled to raze the Arab village of Umm al-Hiran, in the Negev, and displace its residents – who are Israeli citizens – to make room for a Jewish-only town by the name of Hiran.

Netanyahu has been encouraged by President Trump’s deafening silence over Israeli abuses of Palestinian rights and the administration’s green-lighting of Israel’s criminal settlements enterprise. This has emboldened him to intensify his bigoted rhetoric and racist practices – much like his kindred spirit Viktor Orbán, the xenophobic Hungarian leader (and supporter of Hungary’s Nazi-era ruler Miklós Horthy), who Netanyahu met last week. Yet no matter how hard Netanyahu and his government try, no racist law or policy will drive us, an indigenous people, from the land of our ancestors.

The ceaseless attacks on civil society organisations and critics of the occupation, and the unrelenting campaign to exclude the Palestinian citizens of Israel from legitimate political participation, are an affront to anyone who believes in democracy and justice. A country cannot call itself a democracy while it keeps millions of people under occupation for decades, subjects the Gaza Strip to an inhumane blockade (aptly described as the world’s largest open-air prison), and treats 20% of its population as second-class citizens.