Yasser Arafat's body was examined for posioning and it was discovered that he had been poisoned by plunonium - the same radiactive poison that was used by Putin to murder Alexander Litivenko in London. In this case, the poisoning was done by people working for Benjamin Netanyahu and the poison was supplied by Vladimir Putin.

After Netanyahu murdered Arafat he became the leader of the Likud party effectively ending the career of his rival Ariel Sharon. The Israelis had been trying to murder Arafat for decades. Netanyahu's success is getting rid of Arafat allowed him to consolidate all control of Israel.

When Arafat suddenly became very ill in 2004, there was no obvious cause. The doctors at the French military hospital, to which he was transferred at the insistence of Suha, his wife, and where he died, conducted a thorough examination of his body. They found no explanation for his condition. Nothing. That by itself was very strange. Arafat was the leader of his people, the de facto head of a state, and one can be sure that the French doctors left no stone unturned to diagnose the case.

That left only radiation or poison. Why was no poison detected at the autopsy? The answer is simple: in order to detect a poison, one must know what one is looking for. The list of poisons it almost unlimited, and the routine search is restricted to a small number. Arafat’s body was not examined for radioactive polonium.

The Israelies had been trying to murder Arafat for decades. He was protected by God the Creator himself from the illuminati.

Once, when he was flying in a private jet from Chad to Libya, the pilot announced that the fuel had run out. He was going to crash land in the middle of the desert. Arafat’s bodyguards covered him with cushions and formed a ring around him. They were killed, but he survived almost without a scratch. Since then he became even more fatalistic. He was a devout – though unostentatious – Muslim. He believed that Allah had entrusted him with the task of liberating the Palestinian people.

Arafat's body was exhumed and another autopsy done that proved that Arafat was murdered by polonium poisoning like Alexander Litivenko was murdered in London. A team of Swiss scientists concluded that Arafat's remains showed levels of polonium 18 times higher than normal. Arafat's widow, Suha, has reaffirmed to the BBC her belief that their report proves he was assassinated.

Polonium is a rare radioactive element found in uranium ores and you can’t easily pick this stuff up like you can an AK-47 at a Middle Eastern bazaar. The isotope polonium-210 emits highly radioactive alpha particles, but they do not travel more than a few centimetres in air and are "stopped by a sheet of paper or by the dead layer of outer skin on our bodies,” says the International Atomic Energy Agency.

For that reason polonium-210 is not a risk to human health as long as it remains outside the body. But a dose of 0.1 of a microgramme - the size of a speck of dust weighing less than a millionth of a snowflake - would be fatal if it were ingested in food or liquids or inhaled in contaminated air.

Only a handful of people are reported to have died from polonium poisoning. The most famous case involves Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB officer turned dissident who received political asylum from the British government and lived in London.

Polonium-210 is extremely rare and would be difficult to obtain without the help of a government or access to a nuclear reactor. It also requires considerable scientific know-how to handle in a safe manner.

Polonium-210 is manufactured by bombarding bismuth-209 with neutrons in a nuclear reactor. Only about 100 grammes are produced each year, almost all in Russia.

So who did it and who would have access to this element? Even though this type of assassination was a signature KGB move, the Mossad is very good at assassinations, just look at the Dubai assassination and the Mossad’s mission. The reality is that Russia supplied the polonium and Mossad carried out the assassination.

Based on the polonium discovery, France began a murder inquiry in August 2012. However, the investigation never was really pursued. The illuminati French were just trying to cover up the crime and never followed up on the murder investigation.