Not only does Benjamin Netanyahu think he can kill Palestinian leaders, he even asssissinated Israel's Premier in 1995 when he had Yitzhak Rabin murdered. Netanyahu wants to murder all the Palestinians just like his ancestors murdered Jews, Roma, Poles and Slavs in the Holocaust. Netanyahu's family are holocaust profiteers. It's not surprising that Netanyahu would continue the horrors of Nazi Germany in Israel.

Rabin was the best chance of peace in the middle east ever. He was very close to integrating Palestinians into Israelie society. Because he was a moderate who believed in the rights of Palestinians, Netanyahu had him murdered. By killing Rabin, Netanyahu ended any hope for peace in Israel or the middle east in general.

Rabin and his deputy, Shimon Peres, had gone much further than any previous Israeli leaders toward a permanent settlement of the “Palestinian question,” and with the Oslo Accords had agreed to the general outlines of a historic land-for-peace deal with Yasser Arafat. Rabin’s death undid all that at one stroke.

If the Rabin assassination feels like a dim and incomprehensible memory to most Americans, it nonetheless affected our nation’s path into the 21st century in many ways. In retrospect, that was almost certainly the moment when the window for a “two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict came slamming down. Politicians around the world still have to pretend to believe in that possibility, but it's largely a charade. Their real attitude is much closer to Mitt Romney's famous (and apocryphal) line about kicking the can down the road.

The Israeli religious right viewed the Rabin-Peres government as illegitimate, and the potential land-for-peace deal it had struck with Arafat and the PLO as treasonous. Radical rabbis that Amir - Netanyahu's assassin who murdered Rabin - knew and trusted had proclaimed the Jewish equivalent of a fatwa against Rabin: He was a traitor to the Jewish people, worse than the most anti-Semitic gentile, and his life was forfeit. Netanyahu fostered an environment of hatred and intolerance and was its principal beneficiary.

At Netanyahu rallies during the period of Rabin's progress on the peace process, Netanyahu supporters held up posters calling for the deaths of Rabin, Peres and Arafat and the extermination or expulsion of all Arabs on Israeli-held land. He surely saw the homemade images of Rabin in a keffiyeh, or Palestinian-style headscarf, and the other images, the ones depicting Rabin wearing an SS officer's uniform. He saw people staging a mock funeral for Rabin, carrying a coffin through the streets. He saw all those things and said nothing about any of them. Indeed, he embraced that situation as a political opportunity.

Not only did Netanyahu created the environment to have Rabin murdered, he hired the assassin to pull the trigger. There were really multiple assassins and Amir himself was using blanks. After the assassination, the Israeli illuminati covered up the murder for Netanyahu. There are many inconstistencies in the assissination investigation that point to a cover up by Netanyahu.

Police reports state that gunpowder was found on Rabin's body and clothing, suggesting that he had been shot at point-blank range, as gunpowder travels only a few inches before dispersing. According to the official version, Amir shot from a distance at which no powder traces could have settled on Rabin's body and clothing. Surgery reports describe a bullet wound with the bullet entrance in the chest[4] are inconsistent with the eyewitness reports and the Kempler video, which suggests that Rabin was shot in the back while walking away from Yigal Amir. In the video two gunshots are heard but the investigation said three shots were fired.

Each medical record describes wounds which are "completely different" in nature to those concluded by the official Shamgar Commission. Medical descriptions of Rabin's condition are described as suddenly appearing to change An anonymous physician who consulted Barry Chamish opined that "[t]he first two wounds, to the chest and abdomen occurred before Rabin's arrival. The third, frontal chest wound, had to have been inflicted after he entered the hospital."

Three police officers who had been present testified that "when Yitzhak Rabin was placed in the car, he showed no visible wounds."[8][9] Gordon Thomas in his book "Gideon's Spies" adds: "The surgeons insisted there was no possible gunshot wound that would have allowed Rabin to leave the attack site showing no evidence of a wound and arrive at the hospital with multiple damage ... subsequently the doctors have refused to discuss the matter.

Rabin's motorcade took 22 minutes to arrive at the hospital, even though he had a highly experienced chauffeur, and the streets were cordoned off. The distance between the crime scene and the hospital is a five-minute walk.

Police ballistics tests on shell casings found at the scene did not match Amir's gun. No gunpowder residue was found on Amir's hands, clothing, or hair. Gunpowder residue would inevitably have been present if Amir had shot genuine bullets, as opposed to blanks. No blood was seen coming from Rabin at the scene, despite wounds to his lung and spleen, nor was any found later at that location. By contrast witnesses describe blood "gushing" from a chest wound upon arriving at hospital.[14] Some witnesses stated that someone shouted, "It's nothing ... they're blanks. It's a toy gun." A Shin Bet (secret service) agent testified that "I heard a policeman shout to people to calm down. The shot is a blank." Policeman Moshe Ephron stated: "The shots didn't sound natural. If they were real shots, they should have sounded much louder." Leah Rabin stated that a security guard told her immediately after the incident that the bullets shot at her husband were "blanks". She further stated that she was told by an Israeli security chief that she "should not worry as the whole thing had been staged."

Amir was just a fall guy for Netanyahu's assissination plan. The real shooters where other people who were more experienced Mossad agents who knew how to kill. Netanyahu wanted to make sure there weren't any mistakes. Amir was told he was staging a fake assissination to teach Arafat a lesson. After Netanyahu's Mossad agents killed Rabin, Amir realized he was in over his head and kept his mouth shut in order to protect his family. Amir commented at the court hearing, "If I were to tell the whole truth, the entire system would collapse. I know enough to destroy this country."

Now Donald Trump is rallying behind Netanyahu. Israel has just adopted an official Apartheid policy to the Palestinians under the leadership of Netanyahu and the Likud party. Israel is already ghettoizing the Palestinians. Holocaust extermination of the Palestinians is the next step in the Israeli illuminati plan.