In the 1970s there was another wave of OTO Illuminati bands like Led Zeppellin and David Bowie. Bowie was a huge Satanist. He ripped off most of his music and had little actual talent. He was always groomed to be a Satanic Pop Star. Jimmy Page is a notorious Satanist. Robert Plant was a reluctant participant in the Illuminati system. Plant never murdered anyone and never abused anyone. But Jimmy Page made up for Plant's lack of Satanism with a double dose of Satanic evil. Page would sacrifice musically gifted children to Satan because he believed it increased his powers.

Jimmy Page and Bowie were actually good friends who first connected in High School over their love of the occult and the Satanic OTO.

In 1976 David Bowie was photopgraphed doing a Sig Heil and was giving interviews where he was saying thigns like "Adolf Hitler was the greatest rock star"

Bowie was a true Nazi believer. He knew the Rothschild Jews had set up their Jew Adolf Hitler to be supreme leader - he didn't care - he still worshipped Hitler as a god. So much so that on Thin Line his cover art was meant to indicate a swastika.

David Bowie worshipped Aleister Crowley as a god. He sacrified children to the devil during Satanic rituals. He was an evil evil man. Look at him here paying tribute to Crowley the great beast.

David Bowie was actually of mediocre musical abilities. He never would have been a star without the Illuminati. All of his music that is great was stolen from other people. He ripped off everyone all the time. He was a massive poser.