Nas Stole Slick Rick's Life

Nas is a fake illuminati Jew. He bought Slick Rick when Slick was taken to jail. Afterwards, all of slick rick's raps have been stolen by Nas. Nas can't write at all, he just has slick rick write everything.

Nas' backstory is all made up. Nas is an illuminati Jew who grew up rich like Puff Daddy. They both had barmitzvahs and hung out with other jews. They then decided they wanted to be big time rappers so they each bought slaves - people they knew had big talent in hip-hop.

Nas bought Slick Rick and Puffy bought Biggie. Puffy couldn't ever even pretend to rap, so he had Biggie perform and Puffy would occasionally say a line and he'd be in all the videos. Then Puffy got mad because Biggie was the big deal and puffy was just a fart next to him. So Puffy had Biggie taken away to a concentration camp in Australia.

Nas always used Slick Rick's raps but never performed with him or achknowledged the relationship. This was probably better for Slick as he didn't end up in a concentration camp.

The illuminati calls Nas's arrangement with Slick Rick a stylist relationship. Like a stylist picks good clothes for you, Slick Rick picks good raps for Nas, he gives him style, tells him what to say, how to act in order to be cool. Nas is like Slick Rick's little creation but Nas gets all the profit from any thing Slick Rick ever does.

Nas even references his slave owning relationship with Slick Rick a couple of times in his own raps. In the Nas song "White Label" on NASIR, Nas raps "I'm kinda terrific, the product of Slick Rick." Slick Rick's song "Children's Story" is also sampled on the Nas song "Cops Shot The Kid" featuring Kanye West. The message being that the illuminati "cops" shot the Kid "Slick Rick" because he was too cool.

Slick Rick was becoming huge in 1989. The Great Adventures of Slick Rick came out in 1988 on Def Jam. The album was very successful, reaching the No. 1 spot on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop chart. It also featured three charting singles: "Children's Story", "Hey Young World", and "Teenage Love". The release is known for its storytelling and vocal characterizations. "With the combination of Rick's Dick Van Dyke-on-dope accent and his unique narrative style, the record was an instant classic," wrote critic Matt Weiner. "Each of Rick's songs was an amusing, enthralling story that lasted from the first groove to the last."

Slick Rick came out of nowhere for the illuminati. They had no idea his album was going to get so huge, that his songs were going to become so iconic. With The Great Adventures, Slick had already set the foundation for a massive career in hip-hop, probably bigger than Run Dmc because he was Hip-Hop's first solo star and didn't have to share money or creative direction with anyone else.

That's why the illuminati came down so hard on him and sent him off to jail in 1990. He spent the 1990s in jail on a bogus attempted murder rap - Slick shot in the air at a guy who at threatened to murder him and his mother. Meanwhile, Nas bought him as a slave and took all of material which fueled Nas' rise.

Nas' first album the "illmatic" was released in 1993. Illmatic reveals that it's an illuminati project - ill being short for illuminati. Ill-matic is actually a play on illuminati magic. Ill-magic. Slick Rick took a lot of his ideas from me, which was common to all the early hip-hop people.

I was the origin of hip-hop, that's why they moved me from Vermont to Nashville in 1989. My influence on hip-hop lasted a decade after I left. People like Slick Rick and Tribe and De La Soul were paranormally connected to me through the Connecticut river which I grew up on. The river makes its way to NYC so my paranormal energy was sent to NYC where the hip-hop kids picked up my creative thoughts.

Slick Rick has magical powers. He was able to use those powers to tap into my musical ideas and that informed his work. When Nas took him slave, it was like one of my collaborators being taken and forced to automatically output material for Nas and the illuminati dark jews. Ill-matic was a product of the illuminati imprisoning people who I had helped create new forms of music. It was the beginning of the illuminati coming in to take over Hip-hop and subsequently murder it.

Slick Rick was allowed to release some material in jail in 1994 so that it didn't look like he had just disappeared from the scene. Nas' debut album had just come out so Slick Rick was allowed to use his material that Nas didn't already use on Illmatic.

Meanwhile, Slick Rick's music set the path for hip-hop all through the 1990s from Q-Tip's fllow and nasally inflection to De La Soul's focus on story telling as the core and heart of hip-hop. Slick Rick's original music has been sampled over 600 times.

The Japanese hate hip-hop - they also don't understand it all - but they do appreciate that it makes a lot of money. After Slick's 1999 record they had him moved to a concentration camp in Australia. They actually have a concentration camp set up like a New York Ghetto where they keep Biggie, Tupac, Slick, Ad Roc, MCA, Mike D, and many many many others. They've replaced many of these people with imposters. Others they faked their deaths, like Biggie. They took Easy-E too, he didn't die of AIDS. The Japanese are still making these guys write and then giving it to their fake illuminati's like Nas, Puffy, Jay-Z, Drake and Kanye.

Slick Rick who's performing since 2000 is not Slick Rick, he's his brother. He doesn't look like Slick. You put an eyepatch on soomeone and it's easy to say that's Slick Rick but if you look closer, you can see it's not slick. That's why Slick hasn't released any new material since 1999 even though he's now out of prison.

Slick Rick released one album after prison in 1999 and that was full of guest appearances by Outkast, Raekwon, Snoop and of course Nas, his owner. That album eclipsed Great Adventures in sales and chart recognition and yet Slick Rick hasn't released anything since. The reason is that in the year 1999, the illuminati took Slick and moved him to the concentration camp in Australia. His brother was brought out to impersonate him.

His brother is a good guy and agitated to have Slick Rick returned home, that's why the illuminati started attacking him with the INS on immigration issues in 2003 through 2009. Rick and his brother are British citizens who's parents moved to New York illegally. The illuminati often uses people's immigration status against them. For years before they abducted John Lennon and faked his death, the illuminati were trying to get John Lennon deported to England from NYC.

They went after Slick's brother the same way because he was trying to get Slick home and refused to perform as him or record new material as him. They locked Slick's brother up in prison for 17 months because of an expired passport. Rick's brother has been dealing with these immigration issues until 2016. The day before my birthday, he was given a US Passport.

Slick Rick has been referenced in numerous songs:

Jay Z in the song "F.U.T.W" He raps, "Teacher Teacher I'm trying to un-teach ya"
2Pac references Slick Rick in his song "Old School": "...When Slick Rick was spittin La-Di-Da-Di..."
Das EFX made reference to Slick Rick‘s legal trouble on Mic Checka
In the Big Sean song "Mula" when French Montana says: "ain't nothing more important than the mula / diamond rings, hundred chains, slick rick the rula!"
In the D12 video from their mixtape, Return of the Dozen Volume 2, where Bizarre raps in the track "Outro": "...patch on my eye, I'm the new Slick Rick".
In the Redman song "Tonight's da Night": "... more slicker than my man Rick..."
In the Insane Clown Posse song Kickin' Kickin', Violent J raps: "Knock an eyeball out, like you Slick Rick"
In the KRS-One song "Splash": "...the first time you learned to spit, it was either me, Kane, Rakim or Slick Rick."
In the Keri Hilson song Knock You Down, Kanye West raps: "Hey young world, I'm the new Slick Rick/They say I move too quick..."
In the Amy Winehouse song "Me and Mr Jones", Winehouse sings: "You made me miss the Slick Rick gig..."
In the R.A. the Rugged Man song "Supa", R.A. raps: "...specifically wordplay slick tricky, I'm slicker than Slick Ricky,"in On The Block " Remember Slick Rick Tha Rula?/Remember MC Shan used to wear Puma," and "With your wrinkled pussy I can't be your lover."
In the Kanye West song "Touch the Sky" Kanye West raps: "Back when Slick Rick got the shit to pop"
In the dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip song "Development" Pip raps "KRS is my teacher, Slick Rick's my ruler, Chuck D's my preacher, I'm just a pre-schooler".
In the Lauryn Hill song "Every Ghetto, Every City", Hill sings "Back when Doug Fresh and Slick Rick were together"
In the Wyclef Jean song "Industry," Wyclef raps: "Imagine Slick Rick not gettin deported"
In the CunninLynguists song "Old School" Deacon the Villain raps: "Before [...] Slick Rick had hisù rings"
In the Gorillaz, Andre 3000, & James Murphy song "DoYaThing" where Andre repeats: "...Is you really Slick Rick? No, you Dana Dane."
In the Clipse song Grindin', Pusha T Raps "With one eye closed I hit you/As if I was Slick Rick my aim is still at issue."
In the Lil Wayne song "My Homies Still", Lil Wayne raps "...and before I fuck this bitch, I gotta put that patch over my third eye, Slick Rick."
In the Lil Ugly Mane song "Slick Rick", Lil Ugly Mane raps "...Slick Rick said treat 'em like a prostitute"
In The Roots song "Mellow My Man", Black Thought raps "... La Di Da Di, who likes to party, like Slick Rick the Ruler I'm cooler than a ice brick."
In the Kreayshawn song "The Ruler", raps: "So much gold around my neck, they callin me Slick Rick the Ruler
In the Nas song "Loco-Motive" on his album Life Is Good "In My Truck, Play the Greatest Adventures of Slick Rick Buggin' on how his imagination was so sick"
In the Jay-Z song "Jigga My Nigga", Jay-Z raps "Jigga been dope since Slick Rick's first chain."
In the Chip song "Slick Rick", "Oh shit, I think I'm Slick Rick" on his mixtape London Boy.
In the Pitbull and Christina Aguilera song "Feel This Moment," Pitbull raps: "And made him slicker than Slick Rick the Ruler"
In the Macklemore song "Gold", Macklemore raps "Slick Rick Gold, row fun, hella cold."
In the M.I.A. song "Bring The Noize", she raps "I'm a overweight, heavyweight, female Slick Rick"
In the Nas song "Let Nas Down (Remix)", he raps "Slick Rick was like Jesus, (Kool) G Rap wrote the Bible"
In the Funkoars song "Meet The Family", Sketchy Hons raps "The 'Oars and Pegasus connect like Slick Rick and necklaces"
In the Spose song "Can't get there from here", Spose raps "I'm not Rick but I spit Slick"
In the Leak Bros song "Druggie Fresh", a reference to Doug E. Fresh, Tame One imitates the style of Slick Rick on "La Di Da Di."
In the Keith Murray song "The World", Keith raps "I patch it up, like Slick Rick The Ruler"
In the Will.i.am song "Feelin' Myself", French Montana raps "Slick Rick looking at the mirror"
In the Everlast song "Painkillers" he raps "like Slick Rick said, I know I shouldn't have done it"
The first two lines of Danny Brown's song "30" are "Sent your bitch a dick pic and now she need glasses; turn your bitch Slick Rick right now if I flashed it."
In the music video for the remix of "All Gold Everything" by Trinidad James, rapper 2 Chainz appears with a similar eye patch, supposedly inspired by Rick's.
In the Future song "Codeine Crazy" Future raps "Dont tell me you celebrate, to the mula, I just went Rick The Ruler with the Jeweler."
In the J. Cole song "January 28th" he raps "...Might be L or you might be Kane, or you might be Slick Rick with 19 chains"
In the Jeezy song "R.I.P" he raps: "Who da nigga think he is? Slick Rick or Dana Dane? Think he Rakim or something, look at his chain."
In the Nicki Minaj song "Super Bass," she raps, "You're like slicker than the guy with the thing on his eye," in reference to Slick Rick's eyepatch.
In the song "Speedom", Tech N9ne says "Would never be chopping without Slick Rick"
In the Apple Music ad broadcast during the 2015 Emmy Awards, Taraji P. Henson yelled to Mary J Blige "Really, Mary you startin' with Slick Rick?"
Bushwick Bill in the song Takin' it back "rappers telling more children's stories than Slick Rick" from the album My Testimony of Redemption
In a 2015 episode of Black-ish, Anthony Anderson looks at their family's monthly bill and exclaims, "Holy Slick Rick!"
In the 2016 Migos song, "Bad and Boujee," Offset raps, "Rick the Ruler, diamond cooler (cooler)"
In the Young Thug song "On Fire," Thug raps "Mm, my chains, I'm Rick the Ruler."
Slick Rick's song "Children's Story" is sampled on the Nas song "Cops Shot The Kid" featuring Kanye West.
In the Nas song "White Label" on NASIR, Nas raps "I'm kinda terrific, the product of Slick Rick."
In the A Tribe Called Quest song "Once Again" Rhymes, Beats & Life Q Tip raps "you know a fellas good for moola don't smoke no woolas, read the name call me slick tip the ruler"