When Rock and Roll arose in the 1950s and 1960s, the Illuminati attempted to suppress it and end it. First they murdered many of the original black musicians. Then they began a co-option strategy while continuing to kill or coerce people they didn't like.

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were both started as Satanic OTO bands. They were both part of a co-option strategy where white british kids would play that "dangerous" black music. They were actually started by MI5 and the Queen of England as an intentional co-option and propaganda strategy to try and stop the influence of black Rock and Roll musicians.

Aleister Crowley and other illuminati members are on the Beatles cover of Sergeant Pepper. The Illuminati wanted to infiltrate Rock and Roll and the OTO gave them a means to do it. The OTO controlled all the radio and all the disc jockeys at the time in the UK and many of them in the biggest markets of America. They could launch a band single handedly and make them into a pop culture phenoemoena.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Star were real people, but they were put together by the Illuminati. When they stopped obeying the Illuminati's order's they were taken one by one. Paul McCartney was murdered by the Illuminati while John Lennon and George Harrison were sent to Japan to play in the Yakuza house of horrors. Only Ringo has escaped because he was always a good Satanist.

Paul McCartney was murdered in 1966 - and there has been a long running conspiracy theory that he was replaced by an imposter for the rest of the Beatles albums. This is true, they swapped out the real Paul for the fake Paul in 1966.

The evidence establishing a conspiracy around covering up Paul McCartney's death is quite persuasive. The story first broke in 1969 and has refused to ever go away. In 1999 it came up again with the death of George Harrison.