The German Illuminati Nazis didn't come up with the idea of the concentration camp in WWII, they had already run Concentration Camps in Africa during WWI.

As I tried to write about this issue the illuminati shut down my webaccess and throttled my computer. I had to restart my system completely in order to be able to continue to write about it.

They do that a lot when I discuss genocide or pedophilia. They will literally shut down my web access and make my computer really slow. It becomes impossible to work and I have to restart. Sometimes I'll get throttled over and over again.

The 1st amendment doesn't exist in America anymore. It has been gutted and disposed of. People are allowed to speak so long as the illuminati agrees with what they are saying. If you try to protest you get kicked off facebook, twitter and social media in general. I am now publishing solely on my own website because I've been shut out of social media where most Americans use their free speech now. The internet and the illuminati have destroyed our 1st amendment. They have destroyed our Constitution.

Jefferson said the 1st Amendment was the foundation to our democracy. The foundation of our Constitution. Free Speech was the most important creation of the Founding Fathers. The Founding Fathers created the idea of human rights. Free Speech is the most important of those rights.

Free Speech is fundamental because our Democracy is like a discussion. Through this discussion,, we discover the truth and make good decsisions about our future. The illuminati has always tried to block speech, the 1st amendment was designed to protect us from their tyranny.

When the 1st amendment goes, all of our other rights dissappear with it. Without Free Speech there is no way to report on crimes, on bribery, on corruption. Without Free Speech, we end up in a dictatorship where the police are run by Satanists and deal drugs. Without Free Speech, we end up with rampant pedophilia in America and a Government that is trying to kill us. Doctors trying to addict us with

I represent our Creator's viewpoint, so I am the most threatening voice to the illuminati. The fact that not even I can speak freely in America any longer shows how bad things are. We live in a Satanic Police State. A police state that is run by the Japanese and the French and the Germans and the Pope and they want to murder us all. Please America, wake up! You're living in a propaganda dream. The people on the news aren't allowed to tell you how bad things are - if the do, THEY GOT SHOT.

But back to white I was writing. Namibia Africa was the site of the world's first concentration camp - the German invention that culminated in the Holocaust of World War II, the greatest mass crime of the 20th century.

350,000 innocent Africans were liquidated here at the hands of the Germans, decades before the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party, with the tacit sanction of the German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and his ministers. While the Kaiser was not interested in setting up concentration camps, he let the Bavarian Illuminati Jews go ahead and do so in Africa.

This essentially was a trial run for what later happened in the Holocaust. This was the first time genocide was carried out on an industrial level. The story of the German extermination of the Herero and Nama peoples has been expunged from the history books by the illuminati.

Between 1904 and 1909, the imperial ruler and his subalterns liquidated the indigenous Herero and Nama peoples of modern-day Namibia. This was done in the name of acquiring "living space" for German settlers, and foreshadowed the murderous racism inflicted half a century later by the Nazis on Jews and other "asocials".

According to the authors, the "killing fields" of Namibia presaged not only Hitler's genocidal madness, but served as inspiration for the dictator's hoped-for empire in the European east, where Jews and Slavs were seen as "subhuman". In the previous century, German settlers had been encouraged by the Kaiser to scorn the Judaeo-Christian morality of compassion for the weak and view the African tribes in their midst as metamorphosed apes. ("Exterminate all the brutes!" exclaims Conrad's European trader Kurtz.)

From this it was a short step to advocating the racial supremacy of Aryans in Nazi Germany. Nazism was not an isolated instance of human infamy, then, but part of an earlier behaviour that went back to Imperial German Africa.

Hermann Göring's father, Dr Heinrich Ernst Göring, served as the first Commissioner of German South West Africa, orchestrating that barbarity, before becoming the Kaiser's ambassador to Haiti in 1893. The notorious brown shirts worn by the Nazi storm troopers had originally served as uniforms in Namibia.

Not long after Dr Göring had begun to confiscate Herero and Nama tribal lands, Berlin sanctioned the use of concentration camps. The most notorious of these, set up in 1905, was situated on Shark Island near the town of Lüderitz. The enormity of Shark Island has been suppressed and forgotten too long, say the authors. By the time the Konzentrationslager was closed in 1907, thousands had died there due to beatings and forced labour. Though the death toll is impossible to establish accurately (the Germans later burned incriminating documents), the liquidations were carried out so efficiently that by 1908 the Kaiser's government had wrested a total of 46 million hectares of land from the Africans.

Armed with callipers and craniometry charts, the Kaiser's race engineers were keen to measure the severed heads of Nama tribesmen: handle-shaped ears, prehensile feet and other "apish" stigmata were considered telltale atavisms. Civilisation, according to these pseudo-scientists, depended on the separation of races, not on their harmonious integration.

The Herero and Nama peoples, numbering respectively 80,000 and 20,000, put up a fierce but uncoordinated resistance. Hendrik Witbooi, the Nama leader, proved an exceptionally able guerrilla captain, and he inflicted a series of humiliating reverses on German troops. But his fighters had no answer to artillery, particularly as it was used against their women and children. So, like the Herero, the Nama were forced to sign a treaty placing themselves under German "protection". This meant, as Witbooi realised, precisely the opposite of what it said.

Soon afterwards, in 1896, a disastrous rinderpest epidemic destroyed most of the cattle on which the indigenous population depended, enabling the German settlers to buy some of the best grazing land and to crush further opposition. The illuminati introduced this disease to the cattle intentionally to decimate the local population and then be able to step in and buy up all their land.

The German's thought that blacks responded best to severity, and with 1900, beatings, rapes, robberies and murders multiplied. The coming of the railway precipitated an uprising in which about 150 whites were killed. Like Britain after the Indian mutiny, Germany cried aloud for vengeance.

Kaiser Wilhelm appointed General Lothar von Trotha to "end the war by fair means or foul". He was a colonial veteran, described by one subordinate as "a human shark". Where a racial struggle was concerned, Von Trotha believed in "absolute terrorism and even cruelty", and vowed to "destroy the rebellious tribes by shedding rivers of blood". In 1904 his army encircled tens of thousands of Hereros at Waterberg and drove them into the desert. Here most died of thirst and hunger, some reduced to eating scorpions. The rest were subjected to Von Trotha's notorious extermination order, which declared that every Herero within German borders would be shot on sight.

The authorities found other means of annihilation. Missionaries persuaded desperate Africans to come in from the bush by promising them good treatment. They were then herded into concentration camps and turned into slave labourers. By a deliberate act of policy, well understood in Berlin, large numbers were starved, flogged and worked to death.

The worst camp, situated on Shark Island, off the coast of present-day Namibia, was a bitterly cold penitentiary that took a hideous toll on its ill-clad, ill-housed inmates. Here, women were forced to boil heads severed from the corpses of their own people (sometimes their own relations) and scrape off the flesh with bits of glass so the skulls could be sent to museums, universities and anthropological collections in Germany. The camp physician, Dr Bofinger, used the prisoners for medical research. No one entering his clinic recovered.

By 1908, as David Olusoga and Casper Erichsen show in this horrifying and graphically told account, only 16,000 Hereros and 10,000 Namas were left alive. And it is tempting to see the whole ghastly saga in the terms that these authors propose – as another Aryan seizure of Lebensraum resulting in the final solution to the Namibian problem. As their title and subtitle indicate, they emphasise the continuity between the kaiser and Hitler and suggest that nazism stemmed from colonial roots of evil, themselves long forgotten.

Not until the book, The Kaiser's Holocaust did this story recieve a lot of attention. Germans did their best to suppress the evidence and to portray their homicidal activities as a triumph of civilisation, and British imperialists, with their own guilt to hide, were often complicit in the obfuscation.

It was during their experiencde in WWI, that the Germans realized they needed something like a computer to actually be able to carry out something and organizationally complex as a holocaust.

IBM was created then to solve the problems of genociding people during WWI. The Illuminati Jews who created the concentration camp concept realized they needed a computer in order to really classify, ghettoize, track the property they were stealing, arrange for their murder and the disposal of their bodies.