Ludwig Wittgenstein is the biggest fraud in intellectual history. Not only was he an idiot who didn't write either of his two books that became famous, he was an Illuminati Rothschild pedophile child murderer. He was groomed his entire life to become an Illuminati philosopher and to spread illuminati confusion throughout the world.

Wittgenstein's philosophy was a key front on the attack on Truth by the illuminati.

Wittgenstein had two major works. Both of which were actually written by G.E. Moore. Both were actually an Illuminati attempt to eliminate truth from philospy.

In the first work, the Tractatus, Wittgenstein's argument basically boils down to the only things we can talk about are scientific observable phenomena. We shouldn't even bother ever trying to talk about God or morality. The entire work devalued ethics to the point where the study of ethics was considered illogical. Wittgenstein posited that any discussion of ethics, God or religion was unintelligble and therebfore should be avoided.

Wittgenstein's family was the wealthiest family in Europe. His family was second only to the Rothschilds and was allied with them. Wittgenstein was a self-loathing Jew who literally single handedly financed the Holocaust with his father's wealth. Ludwig even went to school with Adolf Hitler when he was 11. They were known to be close friends during the 2 years Wittgenstein attended.

This photo was taken by Heinrich Hoffmann when he was 15. Heinrich Hoffmann later became Hitler's personal photographer. The entire school was made up on Jewish Rothschild children who were being groomed for roles in the Illuminati.

Later during WWII, the Illuminati plan was to make Wittgenstein head of Oxford University once Hitler took over England. Wittgenstein lived at Oxford University during WWII. He was already stationed to take over once Hitler took over power in England.

You can see this plan in the Brown and Blue books that were published after WWII. They are two versions of the same arguments but one of them is made from a Nazi perspective and the other is not. One was intended to be used if Hitler won, the other to be used if he lost. Both were really written by GE Moore though Wittgenstein would put extra nazi pedophilia stuff into his Nazi version. In the Nazi version there are philosophical puzzles that revolve around completing a diagram for a swastika.

Wittgenstein, who's family was the second Wealthiest in Europe, personally gave away his entire family fortune to enable the Holocaust to happen. Wittgenstein paid for the Holocaust. He financed the billls. He gave half of his fortune to Hitler at the beginning of the Holocaust and the rest towards the end of the Holocaust to enable Hitler to accelerate the genocide before the Allies could stop the war.

Wittgenstein was always a pedophile and a secret child murderer. After WW II when his great plan to be head of philosophy at Oxford failed, he taught kindergarten in remote villages in Switzerland. Twice the townspeople asked him to find some other town to teach in because of his interactions with the kids. In the third town he taught in Wittgenstein beat an 11 year old student to death.