The Boys of Brazil: Hitler and Invitro

When the Nazis and the illuminati lost WWII, they treated Hitler like a stud horse. They put him out to pasture and take it easy in permanent vacation land in South America. He was the Nazi's big secret - Adolf was still alive. They all believed that at some point the Nazis/illuminati would regain the balance of power and take over the world and he would become Fuhrer again.

While they were waiting they created the "boys of brazil." Adolf Hitler had no dick or balls - just two vaginas. Hitler did have balls but they were undescended and he had no dick for the semen to go through. Hitler could get impregnated because he had vaginas but most of those children died.

Until Invitro came along, Hitler had no way to create children as a man. As a hermaphrodite with a mixed up body, he could only create babies as a woman. Hitler had no way to sire children until they invented invitro fertilization.

Once they started doing invitro with Hitler's semen they also began experimenting with cloning. So they made thousands and thousands of Hitler babies. They wanted to have as many variations of Hitler as possible. Most of them died because Hitler was so diseased genetically, but some of them survived - like Roger Federer.

They even made a movie about the whole thing called the Boys in Brazil. It was nominated for an Academy Award.