The Nazis also have a hidden base in the Antarctic - which is close to South America which they took over after WWII. They also do research there but once again they haven't developed anything useful since WWII - and that was 70+ years ago. The research in Antartica is more serious than the alps place which is just a Disneyland for Nazis. Yet despite being serious about trying to develop a weapon that would let the Nazis take over the world, they never have.

The Nazis were never successful in their wildly fantastic war machine ambitions because God will never let them. The Nazis live in CRAZY LAND. That's why they lost WWII - the were out of touch with basic reality. Everyone knows that Germans are prone to mental illness. WWII and the Nazis were that mental illness displayed on a mass scale. The Nazis, like the Germans, were narcissistic, anal, drug addicts, mad with delusions of grandeur.

Sometimes the illuminati are referred to as Penguins. That's because of the whole antartica thing. They have a city underneath antartica. It's actually a series of cities connected by tunnels that holds over 30 million people. They call it Neu Schwabenland. After WWII the Nazis resettled in their underground city planning to come back later when the weather warmed up for Nazis.

Schwaben was a historical region of southwest Germany that originally included parts of present-day France and Switzerland. The heart of the Scwabia is Catholic Bavararia - the place where Hitler claimed to be from. New Schwabenland was a hollow earth city in Antartica that is not observable from above. You can't even see it with infrared because the antarctic ice blocks the heat signatures.

The Nazis have now spent 3 generations living underground waiting to take over the world. All they need is a super weapon but they haven't been able to invent one. They have become an isolated offshoot of weird Nazi values but with the internet. It's like a cold weird version of Man in the High Castle. The entire underground city is run like Adolf Hitler never died.

New Swabia is an actual part of Antartica. New Swabia is a cartographic name given to an area of Antarctica between 20°E and 10°W in Queen Maud Land, which is claimed as a Norwegian dependent territory under the Antarctic Treaty System. New Swabia was explored by Germany in early 1939 and named after that expedition's ship, the Schwabenland, itself named after the German region of Swabia.

New Schwabenland, the underground Nazi "country," as you can see in the map above, is accessible from either Chile, Argentina, or South Africa. You have to take a boat to reach it and the boats only leave from those 5 places. All of those places are heavily under illuminati Satanic Nazi control so they can make sure no one talks about visiting New Schwabenland.

The Queen of England also has a underground section of Antarctica that is connected to the Nazis via tunnels. Her section is called VictoriaLand and can also be seen on the map above. Victorialand an be accessed by New Zealand or Tasmania - both British Commonwealth countries. Australia is one of the most heavily controlled illuminati areas and the Queen has a historic claim to power there. New Zealand and Tasmania are offshoots of Australia that are even weaker than Australia because they are smaller. So the Queen makes sure that no one ever talks about Victorialand.

There is also literally a hidden city in the alps that is full of Nazi with SS, the flags everything. The higher up Nazi's of Europe know about it and they visit it occasionally and various children and grandchildren of major Nazis run the city.

The are trying to do things there like build space ships but none of them work. It's like Hitler's crazy period at the end never ended and these idiots in Switzerland are still stuck in history.

Whereas the Nazis in South America were forced to adapt somewhat and live where they could be exposed, the Nazi's in this secret Swiss city are completely free to be 100% crazy nazi. None of the men in the city have a dick or balls. Women are allowed only for breeding purposes and they are kept separate. The city's population are all super mentally retarded now from another 3 generations of inbreeding.

They all rely on Big Blue to keep the city functional. Big Blue makes them seem relatively normal and not complete mental retards but really they are all spinning their wheels. Big Blue knows they'll never invent anything. Big Blue just likes to keep them occupied so they don't cause other problems.

The European Nazis like to secretly boast about their city in the Alps but really it's a complete loser city caught in historical time. Because no one ever visits, no one knows how ridiculous the whole place is or how dumb everyone is.