Our world population numbers are all fake. Illuminati lies to keep us confused.

The amount of people who died in the Holocaust is also a complete lie created by the Illuminati (who organized it and carried it out). All togeher 1.5 Billion people lost their lives. Divided half in half between the European Holocaust and the Asian Holocaust we don't even talk about because the Japanese won't let anyone talk about it.

Gypsies where the most murdered group at 400 million
Slavs - 200 million
Poles - 100 million
Jews - 50 million

The illuminati, run by the Rothschild Jews, wanted to minimize the other groups and make the Jews into the primary victims (which they were already planning on using as a justification for the creation of Israel.) Even the official number of Jews killed in the holocaust has changed dramatically over the course of history since WWII.

And no one ever talks about the millions murdered by the Japanese in the Pacific Theater of war. A big reason for that is the Japanese have hidden all their concentration camps. Most of the Japanese concentration camps were in Northern Korea (which is directly across the water from Japan and also adjacent to China were many of the victims came from.) The reason North Korea is separated from South Korea and a no go zone for the entire world is because the Japanese don't want people seeing their Aushwitzs and Buchenwalds. They killed just as many people as the Germans but have never acknowledged it. Instead they pretend to be the victims of WWII, the little poor country that needed to be nuked twice before it realized it had lost the war.

The Japs murdered 750 million people as well in WWII:

Filipinos where the most murdered group at 400 million
Chinese - 200 million
Koreans - 100 million Okinawans and other islanders near Japan - 50 million

Now of course the Japanese, with the rest of the Illuminati machine, is carrying out a Holocaust that even dwarfs those numbers. They already murdered 10 Billion last year. 1.5 Billion were murdered in Mexico alone,

There is a third Holocaust during WWIII which is never discussed. The Vatican also targeted the descedants of Jesus Christ during WWII. The Pope was busy murdering as many descendants of Jesus as he could during the war. He was successful in murdering 500 million men, women and children who were descended from Jesus. The Vatican then stole all their money, like the Rothschild Jews did to the other Jews in Germany's holocaust.